Eagles : The New Green Bay Packers?

Since the 2010 Super Bowl where Aaron Rodgers became the most loved QB in all of football, the Packers have struggled to get back to the big dance.   Yes, they have been close and yes each year Rodgers is healthy they have a shot but that’s just it, it’s a shot.  The year following their Super Bowl they went 15-1 and lost in the playoffs.  They have been up and down since and Aaron Rodgers has struggled to stay healthy.  It shows how difficult it can be to get back.  I am greedy and want to see more Championships while we can.

The Birds may not be the Packers but if they don’t get things figured out in the next offseason then it could turn out that way.  What the Patriots have done over the years has set an unrealistic expectation for the rest of the league.  The Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and even the Falcons have shown that your window is small and it doesn’t stay open very long.  If Wentz is the next great QB in this league the Birds are going to have to figure things out quick and in a hurry.

News was released this week that the second year pass rusher Derek Barnett will be placed on IR with a shoulder injury.  At this point, the Eagles have just lost too much and gotten too old in to many spots to realistically make a run at a second straight title.  As positive as I want to be it just isn’t going to happen this year.  So I guess the real question is what do we do now?

The good news is that the division isn’t all that good and the Eagles can still win in the East to get into the playoffs.  They need to find a way to squeak out 6 more wins with the majority of those coming from within the division.  It’s going to be difficult, almost impossible.

I don’t think the Eagles should overvalue trades ( Cowboys with Cooper) in an attempt to make a half-hearted run this season.  You don’t want to get locked into deals that will hurt you over the next 3-5 seasons.  There are just too many leaks to patch in one shot.  Finish the season strong yet start to analyze the offseason targets and needs.  Scouting is going to be a priority, the Eagles need to hit on this draft with their later picks.  It’s those role players that you find that make the difference.  We tend to get caught up in those shiny objects sometimes and miss key players that make the machine move.

I don’t think the Eagles are going to be the Packers, I do believe they are more like the Steelers in that we can make it back a few more times, and hell I’ll take that.



Eagles 2016 – 2018 (Pederson Era) Drafted players

The Eagles have drafted 21 players of the last 3 seasons.

  1.  Carons Wentz clearly the best of the 21.
  2. 2016 Class 8 Players selected – Carson (great) then it falls dramatically from there.  Jalen is more hype then production, Seumalo, and Big V struggle when on the field, and Smallwood is a complimentary back at best.  The other 3 picks aren’t on the team anymore.
  3. 2017 Class produced another 8 picks.  Derek Barnett the best of those picks but is out for the season now with an injury.  Looks to be a good player for some time.  Sidney Jones can’t beat Mills for the starting job, Mack Hollins 9 (injured), Sheldon Gibson, Rasul Douglas,  and Nathan Gerry (6 tackles this year) can’t get on the field, Pumphrey was released and is now on the practice squad, Elijah Qualls is no longer on the team.
  4. 2018 Draft class had 5 picks.  Dallas Goedert appears to be a good receiving TE, Avonte Maddox, Josh Sweat, and Pryor barley contributes and Jordan Mailata is a long-term project.

Of these Players, only Carson Wentz has been chosen for the pro-bowl (was injured and couldn’t play) It doesn’t appear any of the guys from this year draft will even get close.

They have done well in the 1st round with Carson, Barnett, and Goedert.  Give Barnett and Goedert at least 3 seasons to come into their own.

Free agency has been hit or miss in a lot of cases.  Being hamstrung with the CAP this year has made things difficult.  Last year was an amazing year for trades and free agency.  We can’t expect that every year.

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