Eagles vs Jags: Failure is not an Option

Doug Pederson made statements recently that the pressure was off. That they can get back to just doing what the Eagles do. I couldn’t disagree more. If the Eagles lose this week in London then they are in some serious trouble to not make it back to the playoffs. Doug Pederson has to find a way to right the ship and show that this is a talented team that will make championship runs now and into the future.

I biggest argument for turning the season around is not to make it back to the super bowl. I am thinking bigger picture further down the road. If you want to attract top-tier free agents next offseason you are going to have to prove that this team is still headed in the right direction.

Let’s be honest, there has been way too many loses on this team this year to realistically think they can make another title run. Finish strong and show there is a good foundation here. Keep Carson healthy. Players will take notice.

This week will be difficult as the Eagles aren’t used to playing in London. For the Jags it has become a second home for them. The good news is that Eagles fans travel well and have taken over London in support of their beloved birds. That alone should be incentive enough to get the W.

The Jags stink offensively. I hope. The birds will rally to get a big win this week as they go into the bi-week. They can rest and reload for the second half of the season.

Birds with a good one this week 24-10.