DOW (Drinks of the Week): Twins Lakes and Rogue Brewing

We bring you two different brews this week with Twin Lakes Fortify IPA and Rogue Brewings Dead Guy Ale.  These brews come from both sides of the Country.  Rogue hales from Newport, Oregon, and Twin Lakes resides in Newport, Delaware.  Wait, WTF, is this some kind of travelers parallel universe.   I not sure on how to proceed with this but go into the review.  CHEERS!!!!! ONTO THE FACTS!!!!!


The Facts:  Fortify by Twin Lakes

ABV:  5.8%

IBU’s: 45

Style: New England India Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  I have had better.  It wasn’t bad but it didn’t blow me away either.  I went for this because it was a limited release.  Fort DuPont has a ton of history and recently has been slotted to have a major overhaul.  The old military grounds will look very different over the next few years.  Fortify was a good homage to the old grounds.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Nope because it isn’t available anymore.  It disappeared quicker than my memories when I get black out drunk.


THE FACTS:  Dead Guy Ale by Rogue

ABV:  6.8%

IBU’s: 40

Style: German Maibock

WAS IT GOOD:  Damn Straight.  It makes we want to join Rogue Nation.  The Dead Guy Ale was great and the glow in the dark black can was awesome.  used this little guy as a pre-game brew before going and watch my beloved Eagles get their asses kicked.  I can understand why this particular brew has won multiple awards over the years.  Cheers ROGUE.  You were the better of the two this week.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  I still have some left and yes they will be added to the fridge.


Not Featured by Enjoyed:  Verouca Stout by The Legends at Stewarts Brewing Company ABV: 6.0% – Damn Good