POSTGAME: Eagles vs. Cowboys

Well, they blew that one.  The Eagles fell to the Cowboys 27-20 last night.  The score is not a representation of effort or good play calling last night.  The Eagles failed to establish anything good last night.  They went 3 and out on the opening drive just to follow up with a pick on the second drive.  My boy DP put it best last night that the Eagles lack a true identity this year.  They are not a Team that can put up a ton of points, they are not a team that can pound the rock, they are not a solid defensive team.   So what are they?

They are bad!!!!!!

If last night was any indication of the mindset of this team then it tells me they are just here to get by.  They can give the company lines, and feel good stories of “we are just missing on a lot of little things,” but the reality is that they are not good.  The injuries are too heavy of a load to overcome and they can’t stop anyone.  The report came out today that Darby is now out with a torn ACL.  The offense can’t pile on the points this year to cover the deficiencies of the defense.  Oh and I don’t care if I haven’t played the game before, this shit isn’t rocket science.  When it is 3rd and 2 and you need you to get a first to stay alive in a game you run the damn ball.  If it takes you 2 downs to do it, you run the damn ball.  You put faith in your line that they can get you the first.  Not run a screen play where the back catches it 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.  I got it, that it is easier to say it after the fact but that isn’t the case.  I was screaming it from my seat to run the DAMN BALL!!!!! It’s not hindsight, I will say it again it’s basic football.  Just like when the Cowboys were on the goal line and they overpowered our defensive line as Zeke easily punched it in.

Its pretty simple you can’t run play-action or the RPO’s if you aren’t running the football.  They are getting 4 yards a carry but are near the bottom in attempts.  They are 11th in passing attempts.  That’s 352 passing attempts to 224 rushing attempts.  They are at a 60 – 40 pace for the season (More like 62-38).  Out of the 8 Division leaders, only the Steelers are on the same pace and 7 or the 8 teams are in the top 15 in rushing.  There seems to be something there.  Now sure, 5 of the 8 teams has a top 15 back as well.  The best is that 4 of those teams have a rusher in the top 5 in rushing TD’s, Saints (Kamara), KC (Hunt), Rams (Gurley), and the Steelers (Conner).  All those teams are except for the Steelers are running more balanced offenses.  They are all known or highlighted for throwing the ball, but the numbers tell us something different and that is that the run is setting up the pass.  We have all heard that before.

I will say it again, this isn’t rocket science.  If you want to be a throwing team you have to run the ball.  It’s the threat of the run that makes it happen.  On the Eagles second possession, they went empty backfield and Carson threw a pick.  They only ran the ball 16 times in the game for 71 yards only 27 percent of their plays were run plays.  They were never down by more than 10 yet they ran a panicked offense and were never able to balance out the game.

I am not saying that Swartz should get fired this week, but somebody needs to be a scapegoat.  Something has to be done to show that what is happening is unacceptable.   I don’t care if it is a DB coach or a line coach, I don’t care.  When the Eagles have some momentum going and it’s 20 – 20 you can’t have your defensive give up a late touchdown.  Once again they D doesn’t show up when it needed to.  And for the love of god stop playing prevent defenses on 3rd and long just to give up the middle of the field and easy first downs.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that the Eagles may be the new Packers, well low and behold we have nearly the same record and the same inconsistent play.  The Eagles keep relying on Carson to try and get it done just as the Packers live and die by Rodgers.  That is a formula that will not work.  Their numbers look nice but it isn’t resulting in wins.

The bottom line is that the Cowboys wanted it, and the birds didn’t.  They showed up and we didn’t.  The Eagles now have to go and face the Saints in their home.  It will take a damn miracle for the birds to stop them.   That game will not be pretty and I would expect the Eagles to get beat and beat bad.

If the Eagles want to have any shot at the Saints next week they will have to find a way to run the ball and keep the Saints offense off of the field.  If they don’t then it will be a long day for the Eagles.  The report came out today that Darby is now out with a torn ACL.

Check back later this week for the breakdown on the Eagles vs. Saints.