POSTGAME: Eagles vs. Saints

That went as bad as it could go.  The crazy thing is that we still have a chance to win the division.  Insane to think about but it’s true.  The Eagles didn’t show up at all to play the Saints on either side of the ball.  The injury mountain keeps getting bigger, and they are struggling to overcome those shortfalls.  Let’s take a quick look at this one because lord knows we don’t need to beat a dead horse here.

So earlier this week we talked about some negatives on offense and defense that they would need to overcome in order have a shot in this game.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THOSE.  Needless to say, they fixed nothing and still looked disinterested.

Before I talk about the “O” and the “D” let’s be honest the Eagles have not been able to overcome the injuries.  Who the hell could.  Each week they lose two more guys.  It’s insane how bad it has become.  Losing that much talent is nearly impossible to overcome.


The kid had a bad game, it happens. We know he will go hit the tapes to see what he can do better next week.  Put this one behind you Wentz.

Three and outs in the first continue to be an issue.  Even when they had great field position they did nothing with it.  They have got to figure this out.  The first 15 plays have got to be executed in order to have a chance.

On the plus side, Josh Adams looked good.


We all know what is going on here.  I am not going to waste time pointing them all out over and over again.  There is zero depth on an already bad defensive roster.  This is going to be a long rest of the season if they can’t get real creative over the next few weeks.   Find a way to win the division games.


Currently, our best defense is going to have to be a good offense.  What do I mean by that, well the offense in these divisional games is going to have to find a way to keep their own defense off the field.  Long drives and low scoring games are going to be the key to getting some victories over these last few weeks.  Every game is going to be hard to watch and we will probably continue to be on the edge of our seats each week.  With the Alex Smith injury, the Redskins are in trouble, the Giants are who they are, and Dallas is only playing slightly better than us right now.  We continue to beat ourselves each week and that has to stop.


  1.  Doug Pederson isn’t going to be fired nor should he be fired.  It would take a monumental collapse over a couple of seasons for him to get fired.  It’s hard to win with second and third string players.
  2. Carson Wentz will not be benched for FOLES.  Not happening, no way, not never.  The Kid will be the QB here for a very long time.  He is a third year QB, let’s remember that.
  3. NO YOU DON’T TANK THE SEASON IN ORDER TO GET A GOOD DRAFT PICK.  That’s not what winning franchises do.
  4. Yes, we miss Frank Reich and DeFilippo.  That’s okay they have to find a way to overcome that.  Good teams lose good coaches.
  5. Yes, Jim Swartz should move on at the end of this year.  Someone has to be fired and he should be right at the top of the list, followed by Mike Groh.

Not all is lost.  The Eagles can still win the division, it’s a stretch but can be done.  They have to beat the Giants next week.  Take it one week at a time and see what happens.  Put this game behind you and move forward.  YADA YADA YADA.

Bottom line is the need to man the F&^% up and make a run in these last few games.  Each week is a playoff game now.

Check back later this week for the Giants review.

LET’S GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!