Eagles vs. Giants: Screw the Stats, It’s a Battle of Will at this Point

Look, there isn’t any one thing this team can fix other than wanting it more than the other team this week.  Malcolm Jenkins talked about it this week, check out the video below.  The football gods have given us yet another chance to get back into this damn thing.  The Cowboys knocked off the Redskins on Thanksgiving putting us just a game back if we can win this week.  It’s time to step up and take care of business.

Knowbody is talking about this team winning the Super Bowl anymore.  The mountain is just to hard to climb.  With that being said this team can still make a run at the playoffs and maybe make some noise.  Over the last few weeks, the team has looked as if it is disinterested.  We talked last week that if they lost but showed up then it would have given more hope to fans that this team is turning it around.  Instead, the offense regressed, and the defense got even worse.  I got it that it was the Saints, but they had the 31st worst defense against the pass and we turned it over three times and couldn’t move the ball.

It’s easy, the Eagles have to win this week or the season is basically done, unless this the Cowboys and Redskins lose next week.  I don’t know how many chances this team needs to get back into it but they keep coming.  They have got to find a way to get it together to win this week.

The Giants have won two in a row and are picking up steam.  Neither team is playing like the two teams that met earlier this season.  Trust me there is no fear coming into Philly this week.  They are coming here to beat us because we are beatable.  The Giants, because of how bad this division has been, thinks they still have a shot at winning it.  Guess what, they do and they have been playing better football in the last two weeks.

This game won’t be easy this week, Barkley is one hell of a player and the birds haven’t been good against the run the last few weeks.  The Giants will look to exploit that and when we think we got them they are going to try and to attack this week secondary.  This game could be a wild fight.

If the Eagles don’t win this game then it will be difficult for them to salvage this season.  They will need to really begin to evaluate where they need help going into next season like the secondary, and their defensive coordinator.  I don’t know how I feel about this game, the temperature should be nice and hopefully, they are ready to play.

Final Score 24- 17 Eagles.  (They are making this tough on me though)

If last weeks team shows up look at the score being 31-24 Giants.