DOW (Drinks of the Week): Fordham and Dominion

I am bringing this one to you late as all hell.  My bad its kind of been a long week.  I drank a shit ton beer, went to the Monday night football game, and battled the shits all week.  My bad, I apologize to the three or four people that actually click the link for this.  Last weeks DOW was from Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co. straight out of Delaware.  That’s right bitches, the first state.  I love their pin-up girls so this week we went with Candi and Morning Glory.  ONTO THE FACTS!!!!!!!THE FACTS:  CANDI

ABV:  10%

IBU’s:  31.7

Style:  Belgian Tripel

WAS IT GOOD: Your Goddamn right it was.  I once dated a chick named Candi.  She was something else, she could do things……………  I can’t continue with that story because my wife is giving me that look.   This has been one of my favorite brews for some time.  Too many of these and your ass will definitely time travel.  You can see sounds after about ten of these.  All seriousness though if you want a good brew this smoking hot blonde is for you.

Garage Fridge Addition:  HELL YEAH.  Every now and then I just open the fridge door and asks if she’s okay.  BEERS HAVE NEEDS TOOO!!! Judgmental F%^&ers


ABV:  8.0%

IBU’s:  35

Style:  Espresso Stout

WAS IT GOOD:  Yes Sirrrrr.  Fordham & Dominion make some damn good beers.  These dudes never disappoint and for a guy that isn’t a huge Stout drinker I easily put this girl down.  This is a relax and sit back kind of brew.  Get that fireplace going, lights dim, a good movie on, and a tall glass of this brunet bombshell.  Drink too many and you’ll fall in love with her.