Culture Carton Review – Highly Recommend

Culture Carton is a Philadelphia based subscription box that has a slightly different twist to it than many of the other boxes that are out there. I have subscribed to BirchBox, Bespoke Post, Five Four Club, and Alpha Outpost, which all feel that they have just what I need. Culture Carton surprisingly was a fresh change of pace. They claim to provide enjoyable reads, great useful products, and breed a culture of self-improvement in men. If Decembers box is a representation of this, then I would say they do just that.

I will tell you that if you are looking for the perfect subscription box it doesn’t exist. In many ways it may be the combination of boxes or just the endless search for finding the one that fits your individual personality. Combining Bespoke Post and Culture Carton may be the best fit I have found for myself.

Birchbox was nice and gave me an introduction to many products through sample sized items. This was a great box to start with. Alpha Outpost gave me items that I found I wasn’t going to use. Fun products but not for me. Bespoke Post has been my go to with their best benefit of being able to skip months when I don’t like what they have. The products have been great and I have gotten great use out of all of the boxes I have received. They also offer some good reads but they have to be added on to your order and the library isn’t as in depth. Also the products may only include one to two items that I can’t use everyday. So after skipping two months, I came across Culture Carton.

The Stranger by Albert Camus

This is a smaller box with a few items that I immediately put to use. What really got me was that this box unlike most offers a book. I know nerd right, yet in the time of social media and zero attention spans, I am still an old soul in that I like holding a book in my hands and actually reading it. Yeah, I would read the newspaper if it were any good also. This months box featured a classic read, The Stranger by Albert Camus, leather products from Fionte, and sunglasses from Blender. All great products and put to use right away.

This may be the first time that all the items in a box got put to use the day I received them. I am excited to see what the next box will bring and what the book will be. This company fills a lot of my personal needs such as being from Philadelphia, GO BIRDS, providing great books, and awesome products that actually are useful and relevant for everyday use. Stop but Culture Carton and check them out, if you are anything like me you won’t be disappointed.