Philadephia Eagles – Let the Insanity Ensue

Let’s be honest here, there isn’t a single person that could have predicted this season. The highs and lows have been so dramatic that it almost doesn’t make any sense. Then when it all seemed lost in comes Nick Foles and the defense begins playing again. The city has no clue what is going on and many are beginning to wonder if we should move on from Carson Wentz and stick it out with Nick Foles. My head is spinning from all of the craziness that has happened.  

If anyone is curious I am 1000% in the Carson Wentz camp. We currently suffer from a really good problem in that we have the Great Saint Nick as our back up QB. Who seems to only make miracles happen. That isn’t all that true by the way, he had a decent game against the Rams, and yes had a great one against the Texans. What was masked by all this sorcery is that the defense has really played well lately and that the offensive line is looking healthy again, with the exception of Jason Peters. We are going to need him if we want to make any kind of run in the playoffs.

The illusion we are suffering from is that Carson isn’t as good as Foles. I can’t make heads or tales of why Foles isn’t a starter in this league, I also know that Carson is a hell of a young QB. Sure he hasn’t been amazing this year but how quickly we forget that he is a third year QB. Last season he broke the franchise record for TD’s in a season minus the last three games. He did that in his second season. The TOP QB’s in this league are all veteran guys, with the exception of Pat Mahomes who is having a very good season. The Veterans are at the top because of there experience, their ability to read NFL defenses, know when to move runners to pick up blitz’s, know when a blitz is being disguised. These are things Wentz’s is still learning yet he is still one of the best young QB’s in this league and doesn’t have the talent around him that Mahomes and even Goff have. We need to be patient, this kid is going to be great one day.

Look this team needed a spark and it came in the form of Nick Foles. The game plan hasn’t changed much he is just making different reads when throwing the ball. Foles has no fear of throwing the ball up and allowing the receivers to go and get it. He did the same thing when Chip Kelly was the head coach. Carson this season was checking down more or perhaps not getting through his progressions as well. This may be from the back injury, it could be a result of the knee injury from last year, it could have been from the bad o-line play at the beginning of the season. Who the hell knows, well Carson knows, but we aren’t going to find out any time soon.

I don’t know what the hell has gotten into the defense but they are playing a lot better the last few weeks. They had huge performances against the Rams and the Texans. They are getting stronger at the right time, plus they are beginning to turn the ball over more. The biggest improvement has been the front four. When they play at a higher level the rest of the defense benefits and Fletcher Cox and crew have been getting after the QB the last two weeks.

The Eagles will win the game this week, but we still need help to get in the playoffs. Hopefully the Bears decide they want to knock the Vikings out of the playoffs and not face them a third time this year. Maybe the 49ers find a way to beat the Rams and allow the Bears chance to get the second seed if they win. No matter what happens at this point the Birds have kept it crazy the whole year have kept the fans into to the very last day of the regular season.

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!