Eagles vs. Saints: Foles Last Ride

Here we are again, the Birds and Big D*&$ Nick just keep getting it done. This time around should be, will be different than the last meeting between these two. The Eagles are hungry and getting healthier by the day. This game will be fun and be decided in the 4th. Final score prediction is 31-24 Philadelphia.  


Look they have to control the clock and keep Brees off the field.  Their best defense will have to be their offense today.  Limit the number of chances Drew Brees has to beat you and you can win this game.  Easier said than done, right?  Long methodical drives will wear down the Saints D.  It will be the fourth Quarter when the birds can begin to pull away and get ready for the Rams.

The defense has got to get after Brees and make him uncomfortable.  This is not an option.  If they don’t get pressure with the front 4 that dude will pick them apart just like the first game.   Blitzing doesn’t always work either against Brees.  There isn’t a blitz he hasn’t seen, so if he picks it up then he will shred the D again.  Pressure up front, and getting off the field quickly will be huge in this game. 


Look the odds are against us.  If they don’t get out to an early lead then we could be in trouble.  The last thing we need is to go down early to the Saints.  It will be tough to play from behind against these guys.  I am good with getting into a shootout but prefer not to.  

If the D doesn’t get after Brees this will be a long painful day.  In the words of Forest Gump, “That’s all I got to say about that.”


Lets put this to rest now, win or lose Foles will not be here next year and Carson Wentz is the QB.  I know, I know, he is the miracle worker, SAINT NICK saves us again, and all that stuff.  Let’s just enjoy this run.  No one will ever forget what this guy has done for this city and team, but the future lies with the kid who would have won the MVP last year.  


The one factor that separates Foles from Wentz today is the experience.  Foles gets rid of the ball faster because his pre-snap reads are better.  He is able to determine which read is going to be open based on the defensive set prior to the snap of the ball.  This is something QB’s develope over time.  Wentz will get there in the next year or two.  His reads tend to happen post snap and that is why he holds the ball longer.  He has to work through the progressions as the play develops. The is a reason that the best QB’s in this league all have 5 or more years of experience.  Sure Mahomes is having a great year but he is the exception to the rule, just like Wentz last year.  

Eagles are rolling right now, and it’s time for some payback.  FLY EAGLES FLY.