DOW (Drinks of the Week): Prost Brewing Company

This review is slightly delayed since I have taken a break from my debauchery for a couple of weeks. I had to let the mind and body heal after what I call eating season. That is a period from November to January in which I overindulge in food and drink. Prost happened to be my brew of choice to ring in the new year. I joyfully enjoyed their Kolsch and Dunkel. Here are the facts.


These guys are located in Denver Colorado.  Prost focuses on classic German Style brews or Biers.  They focus on the German Purity Law of 1516, what is that you might ask, well just click here “Reinheitsgebot.”  Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either. These guys are about as German as it gets and if you’re ever in Denver stop in and check out their Biergarten. Onto the brews!!!!

The Facts:  KOLSCH  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0126.jpg

ABV:  4.6%

IBU’s: 22

Style: Kolns Classic Style Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  I enjoyed this little guy while ringing in the new year with some awesome friends and family.  It was smooth with a little sweetness to it.  Three of these guys just weren’t enough.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Yes.  This is one that I would keep on hand.

The Facts:  DUNKEL This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0129-e1547488993528.jpg

ABV:  5.2%

IBU’s: 25

Style: Dark Frankonian Style Larger

WAS IT GOOD:  Yes, even though it sounds like one of those weird sex moves.  You know like a blumpkin.  You can see one of your boys now saying it, “Bro I totally gave her a Dunkel.”  It was probably your Boy Sqwee or Donkey Dong Doug saying it.  This malty brew was nice, not as tasty as the Kolsch but that is my personal preference.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Probably not, only because I don’t think I have ever craved a Dunkel, or blumpkin for that matter.

If your ever in Denver swing in an check these guys out.

Next week we try out Switchback Brewing Company from Vermont.


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