DOW (Drinks of the Week): Switchback Brewing Company

Last week we tried out Switchback Brewing Company from Vermont. We got down on two of their Brews, the Switchback Ale and the Citra-Pils. Like all craft brewers, these boys are looking to make great beers that bring people together. Well, let’s see how they did.

THE FACTS: Switchback was born in 2002 in Burlington, Vermont. Since then they have been making some great brews. Two longtime friends, which seems to be common with craft brewer’s, set out to simply make good beers. Their big thing is that they make Naturally Carbonated Beers.  So Naturally, I gave two of those brews a run, let’s check em out.  CHEERS!!!!! 

THE BEER: Switchback Ale

ABV: 5.0 %

IBU: 28


WAS IT GOOD: Hell Yeah. Look I don’t know what kind of voodoo goes into having a beer naturally carbonate itself but it worked. This beer lasted about 3 seconds. The first sip was like “DAMN,” the second gulp was like, “Shit I’m Almost Out,” and the third sip was like “F*&$ I gotta find more.” So yeah I liked this one and I think that this would be a great everyday brew.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  I have to send my buddy back north who keeps bringing great brews.  If you can get this locally add it to the fridge. 

THE BEER: Citra-Pils

ABV: 5.1%

IBU: 36


WAS IT GOOD:  I really wish that I had this one first.  I think having it follow the Ale was a mistake.  I enjoy a nice Pilsner, and I figured the added Citrus was going to be a good touch, yet I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Ale.  Clearly, you could see my excitement for the first brew.  This wasn’t bad, It was good but I think I would have needed a couple of more.  Plus anything with Citrus I really need to enjoy in warmer weather.  

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Not today, that doesn’t mean I may change my mind in the near future though.  Maybe if they send me some swag I could be persuaded.  

I really need to find more beers that are naturally carbonated.  I’ll be honest I don’t know how many brewers are doing this and if there are too many to compare Switchback.  If these two brews speak for this place then I am sure they make great beers.  

Check back on Friday when we review this week’s DOW: Bronx Brewing Company