Bourbon Bourbon Bourbon.  There is nothing like a good Bourbon to relax with.  A few years ago when I started trying out more and more Bourbons a friend of mine suggested Angels Envy to me.  I had forgotten all about it until my brother got me some for X-Mas.  Well, the other day I cracked it open and tried it out several different ways.  I’ll be honest, It was pretty damn good.  Check out our thoughts below. 

NEAT:  Just a 3 Finger pour No Ice.

Look this is the pour you need when you want a glass to last for some time.  Maybe you’re reading a leather-bound book, or watching a classic screenplay the choice is yours.  The bottom line is that drinking it neat gives you the best flavor profile, unadulterated.  This started out smooth and just continued down the same path the whole time.

ROCKS:  Two Fingers (Ice Ball)

I generally drink most of my bourbons this way.  I let it sit for a bit just to let the ice melt enough to relax the bourbon.  Yes, you are correct it goes down a bit faster this way.  This is nice in a social setting if you want to have more then just one.  I was having a good night and enjoyed a few this way.

TONIC WATER: Add a splash of Tonic

This was suggested to me from a guy working at my local Liquor Store.  I originally tried this with a bottle of Red Stage.  Yeah, I time traveled after that fifth was killed. This really adds some sweetness to your bourbon.  If you are looking to see sounds and time travel a bit I would go this route.  Be careful though it makes it way to easy to drink and you can go through a bottle fairly quickly.  Drinking Angles Envy this way was my least favorite way to enjoy it because it disappeared too quickly.  I felt like it took to much away from the bourbon.

If you have a suggestion we would sure love to hear it.