Cornelius & Anthony “Cornelius” in Robusto 5×52



Cornelius & Anthony “Cornelius” in Robusto 5×52

Country of Origin: USA

Factory: El Titan De Bronze

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic

1)     Situation:

I received this cigar in a Cigar of the Month Club box from Privada Cigar Club. According to Cornelius and Anthony’s website, the Cornelius pays tribute to Cornelius Bailey, Steven Bailey’s great-great-grandfather. Cornelius was the first of 5 generations of the Bailey family to run the family’s tobacco company. Each box displays an illustration of Cornelius Bailey on the lid.

The first thing I noticed about the Cornelius was the Carmel buttery smooth wrapper.  It has a triple cap, very minimal veins with a flawless pack and roll.  This cigar was rolled at the El Titan de Bronze factory in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami which boasts that each cigar rolled at the factory is rolled entubado. If you’re new to cigars you may be asking yourself what is entubado?  Entubado refers to the way that the filler leaves are prepared and bunched prior to being covered by the binder.  Entubado is a traditional Cuban style of tubing the filler or rolling each filler leaf into a tiny tube.  This helps with the draw and burn but is very time consuming and usually done by an experienced roller.

2)     Mission Statement:

Prior to lighting the cigar, I was getting light-barn yard smells on the wrapper mixing in with slight hints of graham cracker

Cold draw – molasses sweetness with a little pepper spice

I used my trusty Cuban Crafters cutter to knock off some of the cigar head and brought it to life using my Zico lighter.

3)     Execution:

First Third:

1/3-The Cornelius started off with white pepper, nuttiness, tons of Smoke and a great draw. Medium body mild in strength, very long finish lasting to the next draw.


Second Third:

2/3 – Carmel sweetness, dropped the pepper, creamy and smooth, dryness towards the back of your throat.  Burn is impeccable even outside with a slight breeze.  The Cornelius has remained steady at a medium body, but the strength has come up just a tad too mild-medium.

Final Third:
3/3- entering the final third some notes of hay, almond on the retro-hale, dryness is still present, the start of an uneven burn, breeze? Graham cracker becoming more prominent still has the Carmel sweetness. Towards the end dryness has faded and developed into a creamy lush smoke.

4)     Service Support

Overall impressions– You can tell whoever rolled this cigar knew what they were doing. From the very beginning, the draw and burn were impeccable. At times the burn became uneven however I contribute that to the light wind. The flavors were rich but not one ever overpowered or took control of the cigar at any time. The ash was beautiful and holding on about an inch at a time, again may have been able to hold on longer but with the wind, I didn’t want to take a chance. The Cornelius bellowed smoke from the beginning to the end. This is my first time smoking this cigar and I was highly impressed. I would recommend this stick to anyone from beginner to experienced smoker. I look forward to reviewing more Cornelius & Anthony cigars in the future if they even come close to the smoking experience I had with this cigar.


Outside back patio

Newark, DE

Time of day: 1300-1358

44 degrees with a slight breeze 9-10mph SW 48% humidity

Smoke time – 58mins

5)     Command and Signal:

  Peanut Butter Mustache:
I’m a lover of all things peanut butter, bacon, cigars, and alcohol. I’ve been smoking cigars for over 16 years. I currently serve in the military going on 24 years strong and have deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’m the co-founder of the Food Bracket Challenge and the lead reviewer of cigars on

“Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar.” Mark Twain