Operation – La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chiselito 44×5

Country or Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Tabacalera La Flor (LFD)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra (Sun Grown)

Binder: Dominican (Estate Grown)

Filler: Dominican (Estate Grown)

  1. Situation

*Disclaimer, pictures suck! * One of the things I enjoy most about writing and blogging is learning the limits of my tools and technology. iPhone 7 at night causes tons of glare, need to work on that in future reviews. Maybe His Vault will upgrade their operating budget and purchase a top of the line camera? I don’t know, one can hope right??

Now back to the goodness which is this chocolaty luscious La Flor Dominican Double Ligero Chiselito. I purchased this cigar locally at Cigar-ette City at their Peoples Plaza location. If you have never been to Cigar-ette City I’d highly recommend you check it out. They by far have the largest selection of cigars in the area. If you can’t find something to smoke there you should probably stop smoking cigars because you’ll never find anything you’ll like.

La Flor Dominicana (Dominican Flower) is a cigar company located in the Dominican Republic. La Flor was started and currently owned by Litto Gomez Diez. Litto is a jeweler-turned-cigar maker and is turning out incredible cigars. In 2016 his Andalusian Bull was ranked #1 by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

The Chiselito stood out right away by the way the head of the cigar looks like, well a chisel. I never smoked a Chisel so was going back and forth on how to cut it. At the end of my mind battle, I decided to punch it on one side of the chisel which gave for a unique and different smoking experience. The cigar itself had a Chocolate velvet wrapper with oils rubbing off onto my fingertips. For being such a small cigar, it had a pretty good heft to it in my hand.

  1. Mission Statement

The pre-light provided strong notes of chocolate, manure, and earth on the foot and wrapper. The cold draw was very earthy. Now I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on cold draws. Cold draws don’t translate to what flavors you’re going to get out of the cigar while smoking but I believe it adds another level of complexity and the ability to taste that raw tobacco.

  1. Execution

Grabbing my Zico lighter I headed to my front porch to put some fire to this little Chiselito.

First Third:

1/3 – Right away a huge black pepper blast mixing with notes of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. This is full body smoke right out the door and packs a punch. Would not recommend for a beginner smoker. Tons of earth and strong pepper on the retro hale. Being such a small cigar, I’m not expecting many transitions or updates. (notice how I cut the cigar allows me to rotate in my mouth for different smoke exposure)

The finish is long with a lasting pepper taste that stays with you for a long time after each draw

The Strength is slowly matching the body

Fairly even burn great smoke output perfect draw

Second Third:

2/3 – Pepper starts to die down just a little and a slight sweetness is coming through with slight hints of Nutmeg. The strength is now matching the body at full (I feel the Ligero hiccups coming on!) pepper has almost all but dropped off towards the end of the second third which really surprised me.

Final Third:

3/3 – Dark Chocolate and Cedar coming through, the pepper returns but not in mass like it was in the beginning.

  1. Service Support

Overall Impressions- This little Chiselito provided a pretty good smoking experience both in flavor and smoke output. It wasn’t quite strong enough to put me on my a$$ but it came close. Make sure you keep some sugar, honey or candy close by incase you start to get that nicotine rush.

I liked but didn’t love the way the Chiselito felt in my mouth. Kind of felt like it was lacking something. Maybe because I’ve been so use to smoking traditionally rolled cigars for so many years. Next time I smoke a chisel I’ll try a straight cut and see if that makes any difference.

Humidor Addition – It’s a cigar I would smoke again but would only seek them out in singles.

Rating – In the end its worthy of 7.3 knife hands out of 10

Front porch

Newark, DE

Time of Day: 2031-2121

33 degrees with light precipitation, winds coming out of the west at 4mph, 98% humidity.

Total Smoke Time- 50mins

  1. Command and Signal

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“Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar.” Mark Twain