DOW (Drinks of the Week ) Hamburg Brewing Company

This past week plenty of beer was needed and needed badly.  We were able to get our hands on two brews from a Western New York brewer in Hamburg Brewing Company.  This week we took the edge off with their “Hoppenstance,” and “OMS” brews.  If your ever in the Buffalo area just travel about twenty minutes south and check out one of the nicest breweries around.  Let’s get on with the Fact’s, CHEERS!!!!!!!

THE FACTS:  This Father and Son operation opened its doors in 2013 in New York.  No, not the city, don’t be selfish there is a lot more than just the city.  This place offers amazing views and the massive model train set that stretches over 800 feet.  If you’re not into the train thing then try their awesome brew selection

THE BEER:  Hoppenstance 

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 75

STYLE:  Double Indian Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  Holly Strong!!!!  Mouth and body had no clue what to do with this one.  Not what I was expecting.  I should have looked at the numbers before partaking.  This is a one and done kinda brew.  Too many of these and you will easily time travel.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  No, because of the one and done factor.  This is the type of brew that you keep on hand to have your buddies try out.  This shit might make punch a baby. 


ABV:  5.3%

IBU:  22

STYLE:  Oatmeal Milk Stout

WAS IT GOOD:  Damn Good.  Maybe it was the mood just being right, but this was easy to just sit back and enjoy.  The coffee and chocolate flavors blended well together.


Talking to my buddy Adam who is from the area, the Sorrento Family has not only created great cheese but created an amazing craft brewery with an amazing environment.  Next fall I will be in the region and will be sure to swing by.

NEXT WEEK we try O’SO Brewing Company from Wisconsin