Privada Cigar Club February 2019 Unboxing

Privada Cigar Club offers something that other clubs don’t………aged cigars. Not only do they offer cigars that have significant age on them they also focus on cigars with smaller ring gauges like Lancero’s which are right in my freaking wheelhouse!

This Cigar of the Month club speaks to me. I’m a Lancero guy, and I feel that we are a dying breed. I know that for the most part Lancero’s don’t sell well in shops and a majority of today’s consumers want larger ring gauge cigars. So, when I stumbled upon Privada Cigar Club, thanks to Cigar Obsession and Boveda who share of Lancero’s, I was all in!

The box itself arrives pretty plain, which is a good thing cause I wouldn’t want anyone to run off with my monthly treasure that’s located inside that baby!

Popping the seal, you will find the Privada imprint on the flap of the box, a note sheet that the owner of the company Brian Desind personally writes every month and a sticker. (However, I believe the stickers may be going away)

As with every reputable cigar of the month club, each shipment is sent with Boveda humidity packs to keep your sticks nice and fresh during transit.

The three cigars that I received this month are:

  1. Room 101 – Privada Cigar Club (PCC) Exclusive
  2. Padilla – Finest Hour
  3. Kristoff Maduro Lancero (Aged 3.5 Years)

Overall Impressions:

I first heard about Privada Cigar Club on a Cigar Obsession YouTube video and it intrigued me enough to try the service out. Now, for anyone who has been following me and reading my postings knows that I’m a small ring gauge / Lancero guy and this Monthly Cigar club speaks to me. You get three cigars a month and they are mostly smaller gauge sticks. You are also getting at a minimum one aged cigar per month in your box. That aged cigar could be aged from anywhere 1 year to 11+ years. I dig the write up on each stick which is done by the owner of Privada, Brian Desind as he gives a brief background on each cigar and how he acquired it. He is also working diligently to acquire club exclusives and this box contains the first club exclusive cigar done by Room 101 and Matt Booth. If you follow Privada Cigar Club on Instagram, you will also see into the future of the club and the exclusives that will be coming very very soon! This is hands down a great monthly subscription cigar club and can’t recommend them enough. If you’re a cigar fan and love trying new and different brands give Privada a try. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed not to mention a price point of just under $30 per month. Below are two links, one to an Interview that Brian Desind did with Cigar Obsession Live and one to Privada Cigar club.

CO live w. Brian Desind of Privada Cigar Club

Privada Cigar Club

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