DOW (Drinks of the Week ) Wyndridge Farm Brewing Company

Nestled in Dallastown, PA you can find Wyndridge Farm and Brewing Company. The Couple running this place turned 77 acres of farmland into one of the nicest places to eat, drink, and enjoy the outdoors.  It’s wild but this couple is doing it all from making hard ciders, craft beers, and what appears to be some damn amazing food.  We have two of their farm-crafted beers this week in, “Barn Dog,” and “Handsome Bull.”  Let’s get some facts and some good conversation.   CHEERS!!!!!


ABV:  7.0%

IBU:  20

STYLE:  Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Porter

WAS IT GOOD:  These guys are making some good beers.  I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  I was shocked that the flavor profile didn’t match that of everyone else.  I think they are doing some good things Dallastown.



ABV:  8.3%

IBU:  75

STYLE:  Double India Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  I keep punishing myself for some reason thinking that I am going to come across an IPA that I actually like.  Well F#$% me it just so happens to be the blue can with a cow smoking a pipe.  I actually enjoyed this guy.  I think it had something to do with the awesome balance of Citra and hops.  I couldn’t believe it.  Crazy




Howie Roseman the GM for the Philadephia Eagles may be an evil warlock.  This guy somehow some way keeps making moves that seem impossible.  This week alone he was able to get a top tier running back in Jordan Howard for a 6th round pick.  Are you F$%&ing Kidding me.  To add on to that it was from the same team you beat in the playoffs just a couple of months ago.  He has to be casting spells on people right.  This guy took a cap heavy team got to nearly 25 million under the cap and has added depth and the needed running back.   I would like to see them address the LB position and get some youth on the O-Line.


For starters, anyone who booed Bryce Harper on opening day can go choke themselves.  Really its baseball.  There are 162 games with a success rate when batting of 30% or worse.  So yeah the dude is going to strike at sometimes.  Also for those who said it didn’t do anything, you are not looking at the bigger picture.  Everyone else benefits from him being in the lineup.  Hoskins jacked a grand slam, Franco gets a homer, hitting in a less stressful spot in the lineup, and of course, there is McCutchen.

I think Andrew McCutchen the most underrated move in the offseason.  Hell, the promo adds on WIP didn’t even include his name.  The guys is the driving force in that leadoff spot.  The team will go as he goes.  This is a lot like when Rollins was on the squad, by the way, the best player on that 08 World Series team.  Somehow he flew under the Radar and then on opening day made the best statement he could, a leadoff homer.  My DUDE.


I just want to get to the Playoffs already.  The only thing I got this week is that when Joel Embiid Wants something, he becomes the most unstoppable force in Basketball.  He has touch, good feet, good hands, and can dominate the paint.  When the game starts to slow down for him, he will easily be the best player in the league.  Now, let’s hope Sac Town gets the number 1 Pick in the lottery so it comes to us and we get the monster known as ZION.



NEXT WEEK we try out FRANKENMUTH Brewing Company.