Frankie “The Freak” Paul aka Talabisco

D-day once again for the man who has become an urban legend in Delaware.  The tales of Tal can be heard in the far corners of Elsmere or street corners.  This man, this mythological beast has tempted his fate time and time again and once again will get into the squared circle to practice the sweet science once more.  How did we get here, how did we get blessed with this legend, where did he come from?  The legend grows faster than the un-vaccinated measles outbreak.  Like measles, we are all in danger of catching the Talabisco fever.


Legend has it that he was born to a Marine Corps god and an Italian beauty.  Their boundless love and anger produced the demi-god we now know as “The Freak.”  He IMG_0916mastered the trials and tribulations of war, the mean streets of Elsmere, the oceans like Maui.  The Lewes legend is more the un-elected mayor of downtown Dewey then mere mortal.  He is everywhere and now where, if you invite he appears, un-invited he still appears.  He is Aqua man without the height and situps, he is the Child of Zeus, like the one he didn’t tell anybody about, he is the nicest person I ever met yet says things that scare the shit out of Jesus himself.

The man’s life has been more comic book than reality but I can tell you the stories are true.   He fishes with a sixth sense IMG_0914taking in win after win (Recent Article).  He has over 20 years of Military Service, Wing Bowl Contestant, Hunter, Actor, Enigma, Legend, Demi-God, Lover, Friend, and Undefeated Fighter.

This weekend head out to the Hockessin PAL Center to watch the Legend Himself Slay yet another Mortal.  Watch as he throws his left hand like the Mallett of Thor, striking his opponent with the might of HELLBOY.  You will not be disappointed.





Doors open at 6:00 p.m. people start getting their asses kicked at 7.

Tickets prices:

General Admission $45 in advance ($50 at the door) (The Place isn’t that big, get General and use the extra money for a case of beer cause this shit is fun.)

Ringside $60 in advance ($65 at the door) (If you’re into getting spit on, some folks are kinky then others)

For more info contact: Promoter Diane Fischer 609.868.4243, Matchmaker Nick Tiberi 302.540.7203 or Joey Tiberi 302-650-8678. ( I think these people can give you tickets in advance or go to this facebook page