DOW (Drinks of the Week) Outer Banks NC – Travel Edition

Easter week we decided to go to the Outer Banks for a little family vaca.  Nothing like relaxing and throwing back some great brews by the beach.  For myself it was the first time I had ever been to the Outer Banks and to be honest I can’t wait to get back.  We stayed in Avon and took a day trip to Ocracoke and hung out at Howard’s Pub and 1718 Brewing Company.  The rest of the week contained bad ideas, more beer, and some damn good times.  Onto the Beers!!!!!!

THE FACTS:  We are going to break protocol a bit for this one because we had to combine some brews, talk about different places, and probably go on a tangent or two  So stay with me on this one and hope you guys can get down to OBX and try some of these delicious brews out.

THE BEER:  Outer Banks Brewing Station ( Hugh Hefeweizen)   IMG_0749

ABV:  5.3%


STYLE: Hefeweizen

WAS IT GOOD:  Hell yeah, I always enjoy a good HEFE.  Plus this was the very first stop for a beer when we got into the Outerbanks.  Refreshing.  I didn’t like the gigantic windmill out back that felt like it was going to massacre everyone on the ground but a minor default that was overcome with great food and good beer.  Outer Banks Brew Station is a great stop on your way in for vaca or your last stop on your way out.


THE BEERs: Highland Brewing (Mandarin IPA)  & Champion Brewing Co.   (Shower Beer) IMG_0771

ABV:  Highland 5%  –  Champ 4.5%

IBU:   HIghland 35  –   Champion 35

STYLE:    (Highland) American IPA   –   (Champion) Czech Pilsner

WERE THEY GOOD:  I preferred the Champion over the Highland well because I don’t like IPA’s.  The Pilsner was tastier than the Highland.  I will say that the IPA was okay which probably tells me that it isn’t that good an IPA. My boy Jaime who really enjoys them and said that it was similar to a “Clockwork Orange from Blue Earl Brewing.”  I disagree with that point, I love Clockwork Orange.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  I’ll be bringing back 1 of each so I can daydream on Monday when it’s time to go back to work and all I will be able to think about is being back in the Outerbanks.  NOTE*** I did drink them a week later and daydreamed I was in the Outer Banks.  When I opened my eyes I realized I shouldn’t be drinking at work.****

THE BEER:  Weeping Radish Black Radish IMG_0775

ABV:  4.9%

IBU:  25

STYLE:  Schwarzbier (Black Lager)

WAS IT GOOD:  This Black Beauty was tossed backed while snacking on $1 tacos at Oceana Restaurant.  Once you go black you won’t go back and I stuck to just that guy.  This brew easily helped wash down some good tacos and seafood Nachos, oh-oh-oh and some Mahi Mahi bites.  Taco Tuesday at Oceana plus the Black radish, dude it’s a can’t miss.

Oceana Restaurant – This Joint on is awesome – $1 Taco Tuesday, 75 cent Wing Wednesday – Monday Prime Rib – Dude you can’t beat the price, the food, and the beer at the place.  The waitress suckered me into what she called 6 small taco’s.  Bullshit, Bullshit I say.  I could barely finish them.  If you are in AVON you gotta stop in there and get the most for your money.  LOVED IT.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Are there some hot chicks in the Outerbanks, Hell Yeah!!!!!! 

THE BEER:  This is a 4 banger here.  I had to do a flight at Howards Pub and Raw Bar.  This is a must go to joint on Ocracoke Island.  Dude the Mahi Mahi Blackened Sandwich IMG_0793is the tits.

1718 – Kolsch 5% ABV N/A IBU’s

Lonerider Brewing – Shotgun Betty (Hefeweizen) 5.8% ABV 12 IBU’s

Wicked Weed Brewing – Lunatic Blonde (Blonde Ale) 6.5% ABV 21 IBU’s

OBX Brewing / WInery – Lemongrass Wheat (Pale Wheat Ale) 4%ABV N/A IBU (untapped said 200)


WAS IT GOOD:  If I was going to rank them I would go 1718 (1) Lonerider (2) Wicked Weed (3) and LemonGrass (4).  I was more caught up in being at Howards Pub then anything else.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: For sure – minus the Lemongrass Wheat.  

THE BEER:  1718 Brewing Company Psycho Keller IMG_0800

ABV:  5%


STYLE:  Lager

WAS IT GOOD: Let’s start with a simple yes.  So in order to get to this place you have to take a Ferry (HEYYYYYY!!!) from Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke Island.  It’s about a 45 – 60 min ride in the Sound to get there.  You can easily sit at this brewer and just relax all day.   Easy to lose track of time while sipping on some good brews.  This has been the most remote brewer I have been to so far.

1718 Brewing Company

THE BEER: Mother Earth (Black Beards Booty) & Southern Pines (HEFE) IMG_0780

ABV:  4.9% (Black Beards Booty) &  4.8% Southern Pines (HEFE)

IBU:  N/A IBU’s (Black Beards Booty) & 13 IBU’s Southern Pines (HEFE)

STYLE:   Blonde Ale (Black Beards Booty) & Hefeweizen Southern Pines (HEFE)

WAS IT GOOD:  I sat on a dock next to the sound waiting for our ferry to be ready.  Enjoyed these two brews while just taking in the views and the tranquillity of it all.  It is not to just check out at times.  No worries, no cares.  Just beer and the sunshine.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Black Beard Yes – Sorry I didn’t care too much for the Hefe.  

OVERALL IMPRESSION – For my first time going to the Outer Banks I would say that I will 100% be going back.  One of the best trips for the money spent that I have ever taken.  Make sure you go with people you like.  Our housemates for the week couldn’t have been more perfect.  We all got, kids played great, slayed some fish (Puff daddy), and had one hell of a time.

The Outer Banks is a great place to chill, eat some good food and have some good brews.  The beach is never too crowded from AVON on down.  It’s especially nice at the point, and if you feel adventurous head over to Ocracoke and get stuck for the day.  There is plenty of good food and good beer to keep feeling right.