DOW (Drinks of the Week) – Service Brewing Company

This week we got to enjoy a veteran-owned brewer in Service Brewing Company.  This beer was launched in 2014.  Veteran Owned businesses are booming and everyone should get behind these guys.   This couple came together with a great idea and started rockin out some awesome brews.  Thanks to bro Sean I was able to get my hands on two beers from Service Brewing, “Rally Point,” and “Ground Pounder.”   Cheers!!!

THE BEER:  Rally Point img_1795.jpg

ABV: 4.6%

IBU:  35

STYLE:  Pilsner

WAS IT GOOD:  Shit Yeah.  I would love it if this thing came with a classic MRE, like the 4 fingers of death, the hotdog MRE.  You would have to have had it to understand.  Well enough talking about shit that people don’t understand unless they served, this brew was delicious.  The night was awesome because this guy leads the way.  

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Fortified right in the front. 

THE BEER:  Ground Pounder img_1790.jpg

ABV: 4.6%

IBU:  37

STYLE:  Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD: Not as great as the Rally Point but still good.  The combined efforts of these two brews made for a great evening.   The flavor was good, and not too overbearing.  

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Maybe not ahead of the Pilsner but there could be a spot for it.  


Address: 574 Indian St.
Savannah, GA 31401