Beer Olympics – Best Bad Idea Ever

We made an amazing decision to attend the 1st of what hopefully will be annual events that we will simply call the Duke Beer Olympics.  The photo is not a homeless vet looking for pocket change but me losing an event in which your partner had to sprint a beer to you and then you chugged it while laying on the ground.  At least that’s what I thought was happening.  Cheers to the 1st Annual Beer Olympics.

The games involved many two-man teams squaring off against each other like out of shape gladiators.  These events didn’t require physical strength or even mental strength at that.  Oh no, this was a feat of liquid strength, many of those who participated had been unknowingly training for this day most of their adult lives.  This was it a place in which I could finally show off my amazing skills at bar room ring toss, flip cup, beer pong, corn hole, and something called canoe races.  Oh yes, I was home and was ready to take down the competition.  Teams came from far and wide with such names as Chugg Norris, Liver Let Die, Drunkin Grownups, Bru-Tang Clan, and many more.  These people were serious and the all looking to take home one of the vaunted trophies.


The Wife and I came as Liver Let Die and started off hot winning the first three events we participated in.   We were riding high and looking to sweep this thing.  Then it happened, the tide began to change and the other teams began to take notice.  This Shit just got real.  First, it was flip cup, then canoe races, then tug of war.  The twins had come and they were wrecking shop.   These brothers were running through the competition, well more like walking at a slightly faster pace I don’t know if anyone was doing any real running at this point.  IMG_1468

The above event I can’t even remember the name of.  By this point, I couldn’t spell my own name anymore.  the wife and I had started out great but slowly began to lose the lead after each new event.  Apparently, we don’t perform well when drunk.  Shame.  The Olympics slowly began to die down and the clear cut winners were going to be those damn twins.  For me, I was thinking about my Irish goodbye and how I was going to pull this off.  I found a leather couch that reclined just enough to put me to sleep, at like 9 pm I think.  Shit, it could have been earlier for all I know.

Well since I don’t remember much more, and I have to keep the true names of the participants a secret to protect the innocent, here are some photos to enjoy.

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