Crossfit – First 3 Months

I decided to dive into the Crossfit thing headfirst with a start date of 1 July this past summer.  All my old tricks weren’t working anymore, the quick weight loss, the fasting, blah blah blah.  I avoided CrossFit even though everyone who took it seriously had great results.  Instead, I sat back and denied the inevitable which is that this was probably the best thing for me.  Three months later I can tell you that this has been a great decision.  Here are some of the details from the beginning up to now.

Day 1:  I walked into  Cross Fit First State with my head held high, pride checked, and ready to get started.  Coach Dean, The master of punishment, had me walk around and conduct a few exercises.  By the end, I was pretty tired and feeling like shit because I realized this was just a quick assessment.  5 minutes later I walked outside and died a little.

This gym is different, something like I have never seen before.  Everyone is either working on their own plan developed by the coach or they are doing the workout of the day (WOD).  That’s CrossFit lingo.  There are folks that look amazing, like in ridiculous shape and over 50.  There flying up ropes, swinging around rings, and doing all kinds shit.  Here I am out of breath just walking through the damn door.  Shit, I go some work to do.

We are going to fast forward time a little here

Week 2:  After 4 days of working out I was ready for week two to begin.  That’s when I got a cold that would last nearly 4 weeks.  This made already difficult workouts feel ten times worse, yet I sucked it up and went in each day.  Most days I felt like I was going to pass out inside the gym.  My fat torso flopping around and me coughing like I smoke a pack a day.  All the while Coach Dean stays positive, yet I believe he’s got a thing for trying to make me die.

Pull-ups – You ever see one of those videos of a cat fighting for its life trying to no fall off the counter.  Yeah, that’s what I looked like doing pull-ups, I mean pull up.

There were times that I would be lying there on the gym floor thinking about all the bad decisions that I made of the years to lead to this body that I have.  Secretly I think Dean is a warlock trying to steal souls.

Roughly Week 4 or maybe 5 not sure.  I have discovered that EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) may be the most ignorant work out you can give someone.  Time has never moved so fast and so slow all at the same moment.  WHO THE HELL CREATED SUCH A TERRIBLE THING.

Week 7:  I am down nearly 30 pounds and feeling great.  Over the last two months, I have gained strength, lost inches, and feel awesome.   I think that this shit might black magic and the leader of these dark arts is non-other than the guy training me.   I will keep on eye on him just to ensure he isn’t casting spells.

The Month of September –  Dude The spells are working, the coaching is amazing, the meal plan rocks, I am hooked.  The personalized workouts are going great.  Nothing is easy, everything is a challenge the workouts have allowed me to progress at a great pace and everything is improving.  My body is looking and feeling better, I can do longer and harder sustained workouts, the rower is fun now.  F – that thing in the beginning.  Now by no means am I ready for any kind of competition level stuff.  There are some folks at this gym that are killing it and I can only hope to occupy the same space as them.

Three months down.  I really can’t see an end to this tunnel which is good.  The 5 am workouts suck but I always feel better when it’s done.  I feel like shit if I miss a workout.   I have some more dedication to give but with each passing day and the support of the wife I’m pretty sure, god willing, that I am going to be doing this for some time.

I’ll check back in at the end of November.  We are entering the eating season so I have to find ways to stay disciplined and not screw this up.

Big Thanks to Coach Dean at Forever Hungry Athletics for making this fun and slightly addictive.

STOP IN at Crossfit First State and change your life tell them that I sent you.  You won’t be disappointed.

Crossfit First State

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