DOW (Drinks of the Week) – Kennett Brewing Company

This Brew was gifted to me from a good friend Rob who also likes a good brew.  Kennett Brewing Company is serious about making serious brews.  They came into existence in 2015 and have been rocking out ever since.  The two brews that we got to experience are the “Shrunken Hsm” and the “Wee Wobbly”.

THE BEER:  SHRUNKEN HSM (Head Skull Mind)  img_0966

ABV: 6%

IBU: N/A but somewhere between 50-60

STYLE: American IPA

WAS IT GOOD: Decent.  A bit hoppy for me but the overall taste was pretty good.  It was nice to have this on the deck enjoying the sun.  I liked the citrus flavor that it had also.  Overall pretty good. 

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  For my boys that really like IPA’s this is one I would add to the fridge.  It’s got a small home available to it, but it would be short-lived. 


THE BEER:  Wee Wobbly Scottish 100 Schilling img_0976

ABV: 6.3%


STYLE: Scottish Style Ale

WAS IT GOOD: I would punch you in the Kilt for this fucker.  This joker was nice dark and smooth.  I sat back as the day began to break and let this one take over.  It didn’t cause me to break into a Scottish accent but that’s probably because I only had one.  Two or three of these guys and I would have fought the plant on my deck. 

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Yes, I will be buying this one again.  When I get up to KBC, if it’s still on tap, this will be the first brew I grab. 


109 South Broad Street, Suite 2,
Kennett Square, PA 19348