DOW (Drinks of the Week) – Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing Company  has been brewing beers in Atlanta Georgia since 2006.  Brought to me by 302 Outdoors as he continues to travel and find amazing beers.  This week we tried 2 brews from Monday Night, “Han Brolo,” and “I’m on a Boat.”  These brews like most were enjoyed in the comfort of my deck.  This is where I do my best work. CHEERS!!!!!

THE BEER:  Han Brolo img_1846

ABV: 4.7%

IBU:  25

STYLE:  Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  It was okay.  I wasn’t all that juiced about this one.  This was my starter brew for the night and I was a little sad that it didn’t get me headed in the right direction.  Just another Pale Ale, nothing too crazy about it. 

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Not this go around.  

THE BEER:  I’m on a Boat img_1847

ABV: 4.8% 

IBU:  20

STYLE:  Golden Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  Oh yeah.  I really liked this one and it was a good rebound from the Han Brolo.  This really got us headed back in the right direction.  This is a good everyday brew.  I could have had about 20 of these. 

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  YES YES YES.  I really enjoyed this one.  


670 Trabert Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318