DOW (Drinks of the Week) – Coastal Empire Beer Co.

You ever drink so much that you time travel and wake up in a mystery room in your own house.  Yeah me niether.  Clearly, I am lying, after a wonderful Friday night I found myself snapping awake in the third bathroom of my house.  I generally don’t use this one but there I was standing in the dark with no clue where the hell I was.  First things first I shuffled my feet on the floor trying to identify what room I was in, then I began searching for a light.  Light found, the room lit up and I was like ” What the Fuck am I doing in here.”  Yeah, that happened.  it wasn’t due to the Coastal brews but the other 700 beers I had that night, and a cider provided by Tim the neighbor.

Anywho enough about me and my time traveling expeditions, this week’s brew comes from the great state of Georgia.  Coastal Empire Beer Co. comes from the amazing Savanah Georgia.  These like so many others were brought to me by Sean from 302 Outdoors.   I was lucky enough to try Coastal’s “Tybee Island Blonde” and “Southern Delight Praline Amber.”  Heres to you Coastal, Cheers!!!!

THE BEER:  Tybee Island Blonde img_1900

ABV: 4.7%

IBU: 17

STYLE: Kolsch 

WAS IT GOOD:  I need to have this one again.  The can was a little soft and the brew was a little flat.  With that being said it still wasn’t terrible.  It actually came through okay just not as much carbonation.  I will say yes for now, but that is a soft yes.  

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Not today, but if I am fortunate enough to try it again, I may change my mind.  Based on the sample I had, I can tell you that yeah it will probably make it in there. 

THE BEER:  Southern Delight Praline Amberimg_1901.jpg

ABV:  5.2%

IBU: 19

STYLE: Amber 

WAS IT GOOD: Yes it was, although I didn’t get that sweet candy flavor.  I also don’t have a refined palette, so there is that.  I just like drinking beer.  This definitely was better than the Blonde and offered some great flavor.  Good work Coastal. 

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Yup, this Southern Belle can find a home in there.

Coastal Empire Beer Co.
79 Ross Rd. · Savannah · GA 31405

P.S – I may have tripped out a bit in my earlier time travel description from the Cider that Tim the Neighbor brought from Georgia.

Check back after this weekend when we head off to Buffalo.  Damn right, Anchor bar, Hamburg Brewing Company, thin man, and who the hell else knows what I might get into.