DOW (Drinks of the Week) – Buffalo Edition

Recently the misses and I traveled to the lovely land of Buffalo, home of the original chicken wing.  We have friends that live in the area and yes they are Bills fans.  Terrible I know right.  They didn’t even jump through a table when we tailgated.   Why did we go there you ask, well to see the Eagles kick the Bills assess of course.   This was my first away game because I can’t count the shitty Ravens.  It was actually a cool town and we enjoyed some great beers and even had the chance to visit a couple of brewers while we were there.  Check out below on some of those delicious treats.  CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s start by talking about the town of Buffalo and the Buffalonians that reside there.  PSSHHH Unreal these people.  I mean let’s start off with how nice they were, like really no one is buying it Buffalo.  You let us outsiders come to your town and you really want me to believe that you will welcome us with open arms.  Hell, we even dropped the Eagles Chant inside the Anchor Bar, once again the home of the original Chicken Wing.


So let’s talk about the Brewers that we visited first.


This place had an 80’s punk bar feel to it.   It looked a bit disheveled and then all the millennials began to pour into it.  We quickly retreated to the upstairs and played skeet img_1998ball and waited patiently to get on the bubble hockey.  We were unsuccessful in this attempt.  The joint was pretty cool overall, the balcony had a good view of the area and on a nice day would be a great place to sit outside and Bullshit.

THE FOOD:  No Clue I didn’t try any.

BEER:  I had “My Girl Sasha” and American Pale Wheat that had 5.6% ABV. This was a decent brew that went down nice and easy.

I had a few others but not on location.


492 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222



This place had good food and good beers.  The place also had an upstairs which is where img_1992we sat.  I had a couple of brews while we were there.  The bartender was dressed as a sexy little kitty cat and one of the servers may have been a gay cowboy,  although I think he could have been straight I can’t tell half the time.  We sat and enjoyed a few then rolled out to another facility.

THE FOOD:  Damn Good, we chowed down on some apps and then rolled on out.

BEER:  I had a flight of brews “Low Bridge” a Golden Ale that’s a good everyday brew.  “Cinnamon Apple” Amber Ale nice a sweet, great for the fall or maybe a thanksgiving.  “Fantastically Crushable (FC)” Session Wheat IPA not bad.  “Hayburner” – and IPA that was good but not my bag.  I finished this visit off with a “Marzen” Their Oktoberfest beer, delicious.

Big Ditch Brewing Company
55 East Huron St.
Buffalo, NY 14203


I already know what the brews were like from Hamburg since we got to enjoy a couple last Feb, CLICK THIS LINK NOW and that thang out.  The big thing was actually visiting the place.  Almost to classy for this guy.  This place is perfect for sitting by a pond with a fire pit and just enjoying life.  What a relaxing joint you actually feel like you were in a log cabin.  This is the kind of brewery you can get married at, no shit it’s that nice.


THE FOOD:  Pizza, awesome!!!! Pretzels even better, sorry Kel’s I ate your last one or two, in my defense I was getting buzzed and you were sleeping in the car.

BEER:  I think I had an IPA, it’s a bit fuzzy.  whatever they make great brews.

Hamburg Brewing Company
6553 Boston State Rd.
Hamburg, NY 14075
(716) 649 – 3249



This place was the tourist hot spot #1.  All the out of town Bills and Eagles fans ended up there.  Impossible to get a seat.  img_2002The bartenders were great sports about all the outsiders invading their place but they stayed cool and so were all the patrons.   I did manage to score a chicken wing from a fellow Eagles fan and I was not disappointed.  Look it’s a good wing nothing to go crazy over but it was cool to enjoy one at the home of the original chicken wing.


BEER:  I think I had an IPA, it’s a bit fuzzy.  whatever they make great brews.  And I finished of Kel’s Cappuccino brew.


Original Location

1047 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14209



We finished the weekend off with going to the actual Eagles vs. Bills game.  Tailgating is on a different level there.  Unlike the Linc, which is in the city of Philadelphia, the Bills stadium feels more like a college town.  The fans are everywhere, I mean in every available parking lot, everyone’s yard, all over the damn place.  They are flying from buses and smashing through tables like the goddamn WWE main event.  It was cool, and the Eagle fans were there in droves as well.  Fun time, Fun People.

The Stadium is old but the view was great.  The fans were cool and only one guy gave me a hard time but was funny about it.  It helps that we won the game, kinda made the whole trip worth it.  The seats had neatly placed heaters, big hit, that made the game so much more comfortable since it was a bit overcast and rainy that day.  I had a blast and would recommend it to anyone to go up to Buffalo and have a good time.  The town itself was fun, there is a lot of history up there and the area is constantly changing.  If you take the family your not far from Niagra Falls either.  I enjoyed it so much I plan on making a second trip in the Spring so the kids can see it.  See some cute phots below.

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RESURGENCE BREWING COMPANY – I had their IPA – and Their Oktoberfest.  Good brews

FOUR MILE BREWING COMPANY:  Polynomial Pale Ale – The beers were blending a little by the time I got to this one so we will just assume it was good.

FLYING BISON BREWING “Rusty Chain” and “Buffalo Kolsch” – Both were great.  The Chain was a Vienna Lager – I like Vienna’s.  PAULA’s Peanut Butter Porter –  This was a collaboration of a Flying Bison’s Porter and a local doughnut shop.  Wild brew.

ELLICOTVILLE BREWING: Mimosa IPA – Weird but good.  FOGLIFTER – Geat brew to start the day off.  This was a Coffee Porter, great first thing in the morning brew.

THIN MAN BREWERY: TRIAL BY WOMBAT – The can made it hard to drink since it had what appeared to be an angry vagina on it.  Kind of a wild brew, it was an IPA mixed with Galaxy.  It was like drinking a star cluster.

12 GATES BREWING: – A West Coast Style IPA – I think it was good.