Deep-Fried Stuffing Balls

Deep-Fried Stuffing Balls 

These will change your LIFE!!!!

Amazing Appetizer – Hush Puppies ain’t got shit on these guys


I usually make mine the night before and put them into the fridge so they are ready to drop in the fryer.  They also seem to hold up better. I drop these in frier after I do my turkey. Just look for them to be nice and Golden in color.  The texture will be nice and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 


  • 1 -2  Box ‘s of Stuffing Mix
  • 1lb of Sage Sausage
  • HOT ASS OIL (Peanut Oil or whatever you use to Deep fry a turkey)




  • Cook Sausage  
  • Cook stuffing

  • Let cool enough so you can handle it with your hands.   You’ll want the stuffing just a little wet, don’t let it dry out.  You want to be able to form it into those balls.
  • Grab some stuffing and a little sausage and roll into a ball no bigger than a golf ball.   Mine are normally about the size of a small meatball.   Yes, this is messy but well worth it.
  • Deep fry those suckers. Only about a minute or two.   (300-350 degrees).