Wing Pole – The Return of the Freak

Wing Pole 2020 will take place on 31 January and it marks the return of The Freak – Frankie Paul.  No longer in the Ring but back to the Chicken Wing, The Freak returns to eating in this year’s 2nd Annual Wing Pole in Philadelphia.  The Elsmere Enigma will be eating his way into your hearts and your Social Media feeds.  He comes early and often, Pun intended.  No doubt his Selfies will be coming long and hard all day.

Since his defeat in the squared circle, the Freak took a break from competitive sports.  He did manage to find himself in a music video during his absence from the Spot Light.

SHHH. He also doubles as Santa.

There will be of course a large cast of characters that will be not just in the competition but also in attendance.  The Freak will go against old foes like Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Paulie Moe Train, and Many others.  They will eat their way into legendary status on 31 January and The Freak Looks become king once and for all.

If you don’t have shit to do on Friday get your tickets by clicking this link “THIS LINK”.  Come up and grab a few Selfies with HISVAULT and THE FREAK at WING POLE 2020.  We will see you on 31 Jan.


2300 Arena, 2300 S Swanson St., Philadelphia, PA 19148