The Allowance Contract – Teaching my kids to Break the Chains of the Socialist Household and Live their Greatest Life in a Capitalist America.

Lets Simply begin that this is something fun between My Wife, Myself, and My Children.  I don’t care if you love or hate this country.  I don’t care if you love or hate Socialism.  I don’t care if you love or hate capitalism.  This is not something I am writing to sway people to one political party or another. This is 100% something we are doing to teach my children things that they will not learn in school.  Please read everything and you will see how this started and what we hope to achieve as a family.  This is not something that I am saying all families should do.  I don’t care how you run your house I only care I we run ours.

Okay, with all that shit out of the way, let’s have some fun and hopefully have some fun conversations.  The next few paragraphs will be fun, educational in ways, and ultimately a good conversation starter.  I am the father of two amazing girls just looking to provide them with all the resources I possibly can to give them the best opportunity I can to succeed.  What they do with those resources is completely on them, that’s free will.  I ain’t mad about that.  Hopefully, they succeed and reach the highest mountain tops, if not is will be merely based on the choices they made.  In the end, I only want them to live a long and happy life.

Okay, so I went on 2 tangents there, my bad.  So how did I get to the point in which I was going to convince my oldest daughter that signing an allowance contract was fun and a good idea?  For the longest time, I told my daughter that I was not going to pay her for the things she was supposed to do, like cleaning her room, picking up after herself, taking care of the dog and cat, and so on.  You know, all those little tasks that they should be willing to do.  I mean hell I gave them this awesome house to live in the least they could do is take care of it.  That is a joke, I hope we are beginning to laugh just a little.

The idea of not giving her money was all well and good until my daughter began to grow and so did her personal needs and wants.  These needs and wants do not align at all times with what my wife and I think she needs or should want.  This means we have come to a crossroad, do we continue to expand the power and control of House McCall?Do we continue to make decisions for her do we give her some flexibility to make her own choices.  The hardest thing was that I needed to convince myself or come up with a method that I could agree on to give my daughter a decent allowance each week but still teach her a good lesson. This was just any lesson but something that will last a long time and allow her to grow.  This lesson had to be another resource.

First I asked my daughter would she be interested in being hired to do some odd jobs around the house.  This was a wild idea that I brought up a family dinner time, but I had been thinking about it for some time.  I wanted her to first agree to the idea, then we could agree to terms and negotiate a salary ( No Longer an Allowance).  Once she agreed and thought this was a good idea, she is 11 years old by the way, I went to work brainstorming how we can do this and how much she should be paid.  My thinking cap was own and I personally was excited about the idea.

Fast forward about 2 weeks and it was time to sit down and discuss the agreed-upon terms of our new venture.  I explained to my daughter that we would sit and discuss tasks that she would complete on a daily basis, a weekly basis, and a monthly basis.   I had already predetermined time limits on each of these tasks.  The last thing I wanted to do was run my kid into the ground with un-ending things to do.  She is already busy with dance, play practice, tik-toc, and well being a kid.

I began the conversation by laying out some guidelines on choosing tasks and that daily tasks should take no longer than 10-15 minutes, weekly tasks should take no longer than 30 minutes, and the monthly tasks are something she can work on all month.  I also gave her credit for things she already does, like going to school, play practice, dance, and being an awesome sister.  There were three items that were not negotiable and those were tasks like making her bed every day (Thanks Jordan Peterson), read for 15 minutes,  and help take care of the animals.  This was going to be interesting to see what she would come up with.

We sat down at the kitchen table and I told her that we were going to brainstorm on things that she could do and when she would do them.  I explained to her that this was a negotiation between her and I and that we would come to an agreement at the end.  So the ideas began flying.  She came up with sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, picking up her things, dishes, so on and so on.  It was at this point that we had a list of things that she could do.  That’s when I told her that we need to take this list and break them down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.  We reached our first agreement, mutually agreed upon duties that she would complete.  Success thus far.

Now me being the boss I got mom to sign off that my daughter would not have duties to compete, outside of the non-negotiable duties, on Tuesday or Thursday as these were her two busiest days of the week with dance and play practice.  She would be given credit for those efforts.  Sunday was different also, this is family day so if we don’t clean no one cleans, if we clean then the whole family helps.  The biggest task on Sundays is that we normally cook a big family breakfast.  My youngest loves Bacon in an un-healty way.

Once we completed the list we put them into the contract.  Below is the layout of duties that were mutually agreed upon as a family.  The majority of the tasks were chosen by my daughter.  C.C.R is the name of here company (Cleaning, Chores, and Responsibilities)


(These were agreed upon duties between C.C.R and the Parents) 


DAILY –  These tasks will take no longer than 10-15 minutes each day. 

MONDAY – Pickup Personal items from around the house and your room. 

TUESDAY – OFF – You will receive credit for school and dance (School is from 0800 – 1600 and dance from 1630 – 1900) 

WEDNESDAY – You will gather the trash from the bathrooms and kitchen and place it in the outdoor trash can. 

THURSDAY – OFF – You will receive credit for school and dance (School is from 0800 – 1600 Play Practice 1600 – 1700 and dance from 1730  – 1945) 

FRIDAY – Sweep the kitchen, dining room, bar area, and the foot of the steps.  All the hard surfaces. You will also receive credit for dance (2000 – 2030 ) 


  • Every day no matter what you will be expected to make your bed, feed the animals and read for at least 15 minutes (at your discretion) 


WEEKLY – These tasks will take no longer than 30 minutes each day. 


MONDAY – You will do her laundry.  If there are clothes in the laundry machine you will switch them out. 


WEDNESDAY – Scoop the Cat Litter 


FRIDAY – Vacuum Your Room

SATURDAY – Clean Your Bathroom 

SUNDAY – Reserved for family time. ( This could include cleaning the house ) 


MONTHLY – As of this contract you have agreed to the terms in which you will develop monthly tasks beginning in April 2020.  There will be 3 options presented and 1 mutually agreed upon task will be chosen for you to complete.


Once we had created a list of tasks and put them in an organized and agreed-upon list then we needed to negotiate salary.  I couldn’t wait to hear what my daughter would say, I expected her to come up with some insane number to which I had a counter-argument.  If the number was to low I had a counter-argument for that as well.  I was more interested in hearing how she came up with the number and what her counter-argument was going to be once I countered her.  Again the goal was to come to an agreed-upon amount through negotiation.  The wife and I already had a pre-determined dollar amount and I was going to get to that no matter what, but my kid didn’t know that.  I was taking advantage of her young mind.  HAHAHAHAHA

So I asked her how much does she think she should receive each week for completing the agreed-upon tasks.  I also explained to her that she could talk if over with her mother so that she would make the best decision without my interference.  So she came back smiling and said that she thinks $20.00 dollars a week is a good salary for the things she was going to do.  DAMNIT, this is the exact amount the wife and I agreed on.  That’s okay I had a counter prepared.  I explained to her that on average a child is paid 1 dollar for each year of life.  This meant that she would receive 11 dollars a week based on her being 11 years old.  In all honesty, I was going to give her the 20 but I really wanted to see what she would say when I low balled her.  She took a moment to think about it, she really was trying to digest what I just said.  She came back with 20 dollars again.  I then asked her why I should pay her that.  She explained that based on the number of things she was going to do that 20 dollars was a reasonable amount to be paid and that 11 dollars wasn’t enough.  Well, shit, I completely agree, once again I didn’t let her no that right away.  I sat for a moment looking over the agreed-upon tasks and how much she was doing letting her think that I was really debating the proposed amount.  Within a few minutes I told her that she presented a fair argument and that we had reached an agreement.  We were both happy and shook on it, time to sign the deal.

Now that all that was done it was time to get back to the parenting piece of all of this.  So we sat down and I explained to her that she was going to receive 20 dollars in hand each week, but I was going to give her an earning statement twice a month to show her what it looks like to pay taxes, health care, and maybe even social security.  I also offered her e retirement plan (401K) that she could pay into and she declined as retirements are so far away.  Little does she know.

When I give her a pay statement on the 1st and 15th it will read this way.

Gross $61.00

Fed – 10.00

State – 6.00

Medical – 3.0

Dental – 1.0

Social Sec – 1.0

Total is 21.00 dollars.

NET Payment $40.00

I simply want her to understand that when she goes into the workforce one day that the number she hears isn’t the number she will receive, and that’s why it is important to sit and agree on salary and ensure you are getting paid reasonably for the job you are doing.   The other side is that the company you may be working for, or your own, has to decide on a reasonable salary for its employees as well.

No class that she will take any time soon will teach her these lessons.  That is on the parents.


This will be fun for me not so much my kid just yet.  So as the title reads “Teaching my kids to Break the Chains of the Socialist Household and Live their Greatest Life in a Capitalist America,” we will dive into this but first, let’s get some background I how I began to think this way and what my approach is.

When looking at my kids, and my kids alone, I see that they live in a Socialist household.  How so you may ask? Well, her mother and I write the laws, make the laws, and enforce the laws.  We provide them with education, food, housing, medical care, anything they need without them having to contribute nothing at all except for being awesome kids.  With that, they don’t get much of any say in any of these things.  They eat what we buy, they live in the house we chose, the go to the doctor we pick and live by the laws we create.  When I put it on paper I am one hell of a dictator.  This is all well and good until they reach an age or time when this is no longer sustainable.  They will either have to go out on their own or we risk the collapse of the entire household.  This means that as they get older and their needs grow and eventually their own families grow the method of us providing everything will only lead to a substandard of living.  This no way to live.

The first successful teaching was when I told my daughter that she would have to give her sister 5 dollars of the 20 dollars she just earned and that she would have to do almost nothing to get that 5 dollars.  My daughter looked at me like I was crazy and asked why she would agree to that.  I told her that it wasn’t fair that she was earning more than her and that it was only fair that she give her some of the money she earned.  She once again looked at me like I was crazy, and she immediately rejected the idea.  She said she wouldn’t work as hard if she had to give it away to some else for doing less.

Capatilism 1 Solcialism 0.

Ultimately I want my children to understand that it isn’t wrong to make a good living as long as it was done through hard work and honesty.  I want them to one day become great members of society.  I want them to understand that when people start companies and make tons and tons of money that this isn’t wrong.  They also employ people and change lives through the jobs that were created.  That when there is no incentive to achieve then everyone will be affected.  They provide opportunities to people that otherwise may have never existed.  It is natural to want to be rewarded for doing amazing things.  Plus many of these people have charities that otherwise would have existed if they didn’t do great things.


I have a few ideas that we will discuss as a family.  The first big one will be to create a summer contract.  When school ends the tasks she has will change as well.  So we will need to agree on different things that can be accomplished over the summer.  Also, I want her to think about employing her sister to help take off some of the burdens from her workload.  This will increase her profit line and also create an opportunity for her sister.  I really want her to think about what she can do around the community to earn more as well.  Young men and women have been doing things just in their local neighborhoods to make money all the time.  Whether this is helping with yard work, babysitting, or helping someone clean things up.

I have also begun planting the seed that when she gets old enough to babysit maybe donating that money to a charity with a portion of that money this way she could get the good feeling of helping people out.  The possibilities are endless.

In the end, this will only go as far as my daughter wants it to go.  I know there will be days or even weeks where she will want no part of it.  I also know that she will have wants and needs that will motivate her to work hard.  We will stick to it as long as we can and we will constantly negotiate the terms.  This is a good thing.

Please follow along as I attempt to post updates to this.  Maybe in the future, we will do some videos with my oldest and myself to see how she feels about it all.

Thanks for reading.