COVID 19 – The Reason I am Confused

Let us start by getting a couple of things out of the way.

  1.  To all my friends in the medical field.  Thank you.  You guys are doing your best to educate the rest of us.  You are also the ones tackling this issue every day.  Its hard work carrying the burdens of the world even when we can’t see it.
  2. Everyone just needs to be patient and understand that this is real and we need to find a way to stop it.
  3. I do believe in the United States and its ability to create miracles.  I believe there will be a medical breakthrough soon and the ability to treat this virus quickly will lead too long term success and we can then put this all behind us.   If we don’t this will not go away and people will have to take the risk of going back to work and potentially getting sick.

I initially titled this “The Reason We are Confused.” but changed it to just reflect my own thoughts.  I don’t want to speak for others.  Maybe I am just confused about all of this.  Or perhaps others are feeling the same way.

I know I am not supposed to compare this to other illnesses, viruses, pandemics and the such but what the hell am I supposed to compare it to.  The average person isn’t getting it because the numbers don’t currently make sense to most people. Again this is why I am so confused.

The world population is over 7 billion people and less than 400,000 have had the virus.  More than 100,00 have already recovered with around 244, 000 active cases.  The big number is obviously the death toll of over 15,000.  Terrible I know.

More than 100,000 people have died this year from the seasonal flu.  It’s estimated that a range of 290,000 to 650,00 people will die around the world from the seasonal flu over this full year.  No lockdown.   As I am writing this the death toll for the day is nearly 700 people.  That’s not an argument that we shouldn’t do anything but I hope you can see how that can confusing.  I also know that COVID 19 isn’t the flu and can potentially be far more dangerous.  It is hard to wrap our heads around an enemy we can see.


Why are more densely populated Nations seeing so little of the virus (India)?

Because of the slow incubation period (Some estimates are up to 5 days) and the slow rise of symptoms of 2-14 days after exposure, theoretically, this thing will never go away.

Currently shutting everything down and telling everyone to stay home isn’t going to be sustainable.  There are only so many dollars that can go around.  Those individuals that live in more poverty-stricken areas are not going to be able to just stay locked down.   Denying people the ability to get basic resources and needs will only last for a short period of time.   Then what.

What about more impoverished nations and if this thing begins to hit them hard.  It will never go away and they can continue to just keep recycling it around the world wave after wave.  Its scenarios like that which make this so confusing.

As I am writing this an article on CNN just showed that Hong Kong let their guard down and their caseload doubled in a week.  A new wave of cases.

Personally, I am worried about the little people in this mess.  The single mom who has been busting her ass at waiting tables to take care of her kids.  A stimulus check is a bandaid she needs steady income.  Yes at some point we will have to take the risk of getting sick in order to maintain our way of life.  This virus may have to run its course.  The current method will only work for short term suppression it will not create long term success.

Some of the people who have been out and about are people trying to hold on to their dreams in some cases.  Think about it, if you just opened a business a month ago and now you are forced to shut down before you even made your first real profit, that’s a killer.  Many of these businesses will not return and neither will some of these jobs.

I could bore the hell out of you with endless talk of how many people are going to have issues arise from this.   I worry that suicide rates will spike, violence and crime as people begin to run out of basic items.  I hope this gets cleared up quickly, I hope that mainstream media (ALL networks) begin to act more responsibly in the way they broadcast numbers and information.  Drive a narrative of HOPE, not DESPAIR.   For once they can play the part of the hero and I am afraid they will miss out on their chance.  

Speaking of heroes, I will continue to take advice from all my friends in the medical industry.  You guys are 100% on the front line and 100% getting my full attention on this.  I hope people can just understand that for those of us not on the front line we are very confused by this and that isn’t going to stop either.

I know I am going to here shit overwriting this but that’s okay I just hope that we can have a good conversation and not once sided argument.

Sorry for rambling on this, I just jumped on a typed something up.  I hope this ends soon and we can get back to fighting over politics again.  LOL.  Personally, I want to get back to fighting over why some people only eat the flat wings and not the drums.


Every Nurse friend that I have

Every doctor I know.

Every aid, tech, clerk, and janitor, anyone that has to step foot inside a medical facility and deal with not just this mess but all the messes that come in there.

To the patient people working at the grocery store, its times like this you get to deal with the worst of us.  We can be terrible people.