COVID 19 – 2nd and 3rd Order Effects

Today we I want to tackle the argument of choosing the economy over deaths.  This I believe is an incredibly bad argument and the media is complicit in its’ application.  This isn’t going to go the way you think.  When we choose the economic collapse over COVID deaths we are still choosing death over death.  Some of you are saying what the FUCK is he talking about.  We as a world have been pitted against choosing current deaths over future deaths.  Not the death of the economy but potentially millions around the world.  Now some are saying that can’t be we can just turn the global economy back on when this is all over.  NO WE CAN’T.  There are 2nd and 3rd effects that will come as a result of this, and ultimately will lead to numbers of deaths that could dwarf the amount of deaths suffered during this shutdown.

Think about this we have been told to choose the lives of COVID patients over all other life.  ALL OTHER.  How so you may ask.  Lets look at a few things.

  • Not being able to get elective surgeries done.  This reduces individuals heath and can lead to other complications down the road.
  • Not getting the proper physical therapy that is needed in order to sustain a healthy and lasting life style
  • Lose of agriculture to feed not just Americans but individuals around the world.  The crops can’t be grown over night, the animals can’t be duplicated.  They are gone and will be gone.  Areas of the world will see famines.
  • Hospitals and medical facilities are closing all over the world.  People aren’t able to get the proper medical treatment when needed.  When time is precious traveling another 10, 15, or 20 miles will lead to death.
  • Blood donations are down.  People who need Transfusions, Dialysis patients are being put at risk.
  • The list goes on and on and on.

We have been duped into thinking that when can just turn the economy back on and everything will be okay.  In fact if you turned it on today it will not be okay.  If you turn it on tomorrow it will not be okay.  This is a lie.  You can’t just go back and recreate everything that was lost.  Plus we still haven’t truly felt the effects of the collapsing economy.  This will carryon for years potentially.  The federal government gets about 4 trillion in federal taxes each year.  We have already spent 2.5 of that and more.  Well next year unless taxes are raised to unprecedented rates the amount of taxes the government will collect will be even lower.  This means that programs will have to be cut, aid will be reduced, assistance around the globe gone, yet the debt will still rise.  Families will suffer.  The more the 23 million people out of work, will not all return to work.  Many of those will be in the lower income areas like the cities and the more rural parts of this country.  That will have a massive impact.

We have been told to stay away from hospitals out of fear of contracting COVID 19.  People are dying as a result.

Other lives to consider.

  • Unreported Domestic Violence.  People are trapped with their assailants.  This will lead to suicides, homicides, and long term mental health issues like extreme PTSD.
  • Child Abuse – Again trapped with their assailants.  The results of child abuse physically, mentally, and sexually results into a myriad of problems for these children.
  • Suicides – by those trapped with their assailants and those who are losing everything and will continue to lose everything over the next year or two.  Just opening this the business back up doesn’t mean the customers will return.  The entire landscape has been changed as a result of what we are doing.

I am frustrated because we are constantly being pitted against one another with choosing life over money.  Families are breaking apart over this.  People are taking advantage of these troubled times.  Regular citizens have no clue what information to follow.  Take for example

  • We have been told over and over again that the mortality rate is incredibly high for this virus.
  • Yet if the study out of LA is found to be accurate once it is fully reviewed, the mortality rate may actually be less then 1 percent, and it could be found that the virus spreads at such at rate that there is nothing you can do to decrease it unless you did a 1000% no movement order, which is completely impossible to do.


Look at it this way if possible we are  CHOOSING LIFE OVER LIFE.

The lives that will be lost (DEAD) and the nations that will crumble, and people that will lose everything cannot be replaced.  The 2nd and 3rd Effects could be far worse then what we have currently done.  I hope I am wrong but the evidence is being to point in that direction.

This is an incredibly bad natural disaster that is occurring .  Yes natural.  We have been told that the virus naturally formed.  Yet the man made disaster will be far worse.


Other minor points that are driving not just me but other people insane.

  • False death numbers.  More than enough reports have come out that deaths are being counted when individuals actually never tested positive for the virus.  New York added more than 3000 people on the premise.
  • Pennsylvania Removed 200 people from their list as it was determined that they did not have COVID 19.
  • How are the people supposed to trust those in power when they are being feed false information.  Terrible.
  • Their are a lot of seemingly unethical things we are doing in this country right now and I hope it comes to an end soon.
  • The amount of civil rights law suits that will come from all of this will be on a level that we have never seen before.  If you think lawyers are sitting back and watching the violations that are taking place and will not do anything about it, you are blind to how things work.
  • The Collapse of the oil industries will destroy entire communities, towns, and counties around the world.  Imagine the issues that will come from that.

I understand it is difficult to look down the road, I hate that people are passing away, I just hope that people begin to understand that what happens in the near future could be far worse then what is happening today.

We are choosing death over death.  We need to choose life over life.  It is an unfortunate matter but something we have to discuss.

Please leave comments.  Again if you do I hope that you can keep it cordial and non political.  Bring something to the table, have real discourse, have a real conversation.  If you hate the democrats I don’t Care.  If you Hate Republicans I don’t care.  Try to remove them from the conversation.  Lets talk like neighbors and friends not enemies and villains.