RELAX IT’S SUNDAY – With some rambling’s about the last year.

So I have taken nearly a year off and thought that today would be the day to start posting again.  For the 2 or 3  people that read this stuff, your welcome.  Just as a recap RELAX ITS SUNDAY is merely a recap of the week that has passed and a short glimpse into the week coming.  I will talk about the self-imposed blackout (NOT A RACIST TERM), some things we have been up to, and posts that are forthcoming.  So sit back enjoy some breakfast, a hot cup of coffee, and some sweet sweet reflection.

Why the Blackout (NOT A RACIST TERM) you ask.  Maybe you didn’t ask but I am still going to tell you anyway.  The world got fucking weird and I got sucked in.  It has been an Orwellian 4th dimension type of year and I fell for it.  Slightly, not full-on drinking the juice fell in but enough to make me want to pull back the reigns some.  We have done a lot of reflection, failed on some goals, met some goals, and am still hacking away at a couple.  This is been a wild one but I think we made the best of it and at times the worst of it.

COVID – FUCK COVID It has not made any sense and I will leave it at that.  I have no fucking clue what will happen next, I’ll just adjust and move on. Trust me I’ll find happy don’t you fucking worry about that.  Please, no one talk about this part of the last year.  I get it, it’s been the centerpiece of nearly every decision made.  FUCK IT.

FAILURES – I want to start with these because I love them.  They are the driving force behind why we do shit.  Without them we don’t learn, without them, we can’t move forward, without them we can’t dream.

FELLOWSHIP – I really wanted to get into this fellowship this past year.  I knew it was a long shot because of my current career, lack of volunteer work, and age.  See the group really focuses on the upcoming leaders in our community.  Think late 20’s early 30’s.  I’m 40.  I went to the orientation interview and was ultimately denied.  NO WORRIES though.  A co-worker (ACTUALLY A FRIEND) was also going for it.  I told him beforehand that if I had to choose between the two candidates I would select him.  This wasn’t because I don’t believe in myself but because he is exactly what they are looking for.  He is an entrepreneur, highly motivated, works with a charity, has an extremely positive outlook, and isn’t afraid to fail.   STEVE BART you fucking rock.

MY BOOK – That’s right, in a drunken state (CLICK THE LINK  IT”S THE VIDEO WITH ME WEARING BUTTERFLY WINGS) last year I committed to writing a book.  Well, I am still working on it, so I don’t think we are going to make it onto the New York Times Bestsellers list this year.  I do plan on completing it but haven’t set a deadline just year. I will write this thing.

FITNESS – I haven’t met the goals I wanted to on this, and in a lot of cases fell for the COVID excuse.  That 100% on me.  The issue is now I am having issues getting started again.  I am making all the excuses I can to not do it.  I’ll fix myself soon enough.  My trainer is great not just for physical health but in many cases my mental health also.  Most positive human I know.  Give him a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

WINS – We have had a couple of these and I think some more in the wings.  I don’t focus on these as much but probably should put more emphasis on them.

BEACH PLACE – With everything being locked down for the most part over the last year we missed out on the beach.  This hurt, badly but we decided to buy a place, well a camper at an amazing campground.   We bought it just after the park closed in October, so we have yet to stay in it.  Come may though it is on like Donkey Kong.

READING – in 2020 I focus on reading at least 1 Book each month.  Well, we read 40.  I know right, crazy but it got so bad that if I didn’t read each day I began to feel a little off.  Like something was missing.  This was how I felt about working out in 2019 and most of 2020.  I need to restart that habit.  Back to the books, I will read almost anything these days.  I was for the longest time stuck just to Non-Fiction and mostly true crime.  Now it’s anything, I have read some weird stuff, some enlightening stuff, and some really really good ones.  Check out the His Vault Book Club Insta Page for everything I have read over the last year.  If you have any recommendations send them my way.

FAMILY – This last year has made us even closer as a family.  My wife and 2 girls have been amazing during this time and we have become even tighter than we were before.   I love it.  From family dinners to SUNDAY BREAKFAST (Which I am going to start inviting more people to) to the game nights, I couldn’t be happier with how close we are.

FRIENDS – As of recently, I have opened myself up to stop saying no.  Or finding a reason to not see people.  I value my alone time, but sometimes that is at the expense of seeing people.  This has to stop.  I fucking love hanging out with people, and the biggest joy is when I get to hear how things have been going with them.  The good and the bad, I love the individual stories.  I love being able to help, or hell just be an ear.  I have made some new friends over the last year and hope to continue those relationships in the near future.

TAKING MY OWN ADVICE – I tend to give good advice but don’t always follow it myself.  The biggest one is that “we don’t get time back”.  This applies to not just seeing people or not picking up the phone, or not hitting the like button on a post.  Yeah, some people just need you to hit the like button, that way they know you’re still watching.  I have been working on this and trying to be better.  I have made some small steps, that’s why its in the win section for me.

Now I will move on a looking forward.  What do we want in the future?  In Jan 2020 I wrote down some of the goals I want to hit in the next 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years.  Some we have started hitting others need more time and patience.  I have also found some new goals.  I will make another post about the goals so we can get folks caught up on those.

PODCAST – One thing I want to start is a podcast.  I think it would be a great forum to talk to people I know and get the spin on things.  I would keep it to Vices, Sports, Good Times, and Personal Success, Manly Shit, Lady Shit, Weird Shit it doesn’t matter, I am open to almost anything.  Except for Politics (I have to stay clear of this one, at least for now).  If anyone thinks this is a good idea or has some ideas, let me know.

Exploring the next Career – ultimately I will work for whoever pays me the most, but I really want to do things on my own.  Being a realtor is the next craft i would like to learn.  This year I would like to attempt to get my real estate license and start working on that portfolio.  I have watched some people who have killed it and want to sit and get some advice from them.  I gotta know if it’s for me or not.

Volunteer Work – I want to get more involved but can’t find something I am passionate about.  Like the reading, I may just have to try everything.

Week In Review – 22 March  – 28 March  

It was a good week.  I may be going through a mid-life crisis.  Well not really, it’s more that I am looking at the landscape of my individual career and realizing that we are quickly coming into the last 5 years.   That really exciting, but what the hell do I do after that.  Some of you are saying that’s plenty of time, others know that it comes a lot faster than you think.  I spent a lot of time this week reflecting on the future and what lies ahead.

School for the kids.  My girls have started going back to school 4 days a week this past week.  This has made for a much happier working mom, my wife.  She has been amazing over this last year with the constant changes and unknowns with these schools.  Plus for the kids need to be in school.  They need to be around other kids that are developing the same way, growing the same way, learning the same way, bullying the same way, and just being a kid with other kids.  Yeah, I put bullying in there, it is a key factor to development, not overt physical bullying but going through hard times to know how to come out on top.  You have to face adversity to be able to overcome it when life gets way harder.  The lessons learned in school and from your peers can’t be replaced with positive memes and dreams of a utopia.  When you grow up it gets hard and adversity will come knocking.

VACATION – We are packing for vacation this week, going to the Outer banks again.  Love that damn place.  I will finish a post while I am down there.

What’s Coming back – DOW – hell yeah We are going to bring back the Drinks of the Week (DOW).  How I have missed those.

Random Thoughts and Ramblings – This will be where I can just go off on something.  It will be sporadic.

As I was righting that something funny happened.  I took a bite of sausage that I made this morning and thought that at that moment I will breathe in deeply, yup a piece of sausage got lodged into my throat.  My wife is upstairs and I begin to cough violently and all I could think about was “Well this is it you fat shit, you’re going to choke to death on a piece of sausage.”  Needless to say, I successfully defeated the anarchist piece of pork and am now back to complete this moment of rambling.  You are Welcome.

Advice not just from me but for me.  This is where I may post about something and hopefully, someone I know can benefit or school me up on it.

I am looking for to tomorrow.

Listen, Relax Today, It’s Sunday.  Talk to your kids, pick up the phone call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and ask how their week was.  Case in point I ran into a buddy who was loading up his truck full of food and brews when I spotted him.  The only thing he could do was pull me closer to show me his amazing granddaughter.  She was beautiful.  He was also loading up to have a watch party because his son was playing out of state for those fighting blue hens.  have you ever seen someone who had generational happiness.  He is hanging with his wife, prepping to watch his son play college football, and is head over heels in love just being near his infant grandaughter.  This interaction took less than 3 minutes.  it changed my attitude for the next 5 hours. Thanks Mike and Donna.

Reflect on what was and look forward to tomorrow.  I could go on and on today but I will stop here for now.