Relax It’s Sunday – 17 May – 23 May

Hell Yeah, another week down.  I can’t get enough of this stuff.  I love me some me.  The week was filled with meetings and being on the road most of the week until we got to Friday.  Once the kids got out of school it was off to the beach again.  I am going to cover some things I missed last week and hit this week up.  So let’s take a look back a the week that was and then look forward to the week that will be.

In the following order, I will quickly wrap up some items from last week.

1.  Did I tell you I won at Cornhole, Here is some proof.

2.  Slapped some stickers on the Golf Cart.

3.  Got to rock my Love Punch Tsunami Coffee Mug.

Again the Monday -Thursday of this week was uneventful.  WORK blah Work Blah.  No Fun.  Friday once the kids got off from school it was off to the beach again.  Friday night was a fire and chillin.  We turned it in early cause we wanted to get on the beach early on Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning – Yoo Rise and shine its Mother Fu$%ing beach time.  First time for the Grand Cherokee to be on the sand.  We left around 7 am to get a decent spot down at Key Box just south of Dewey Beach.  Some good friends came down also.  It didn’t take long to get the Rods in the Water and the kids enjoy the rising temps.  I, like always, caught no fish.  Well to be honest I don’t know if anyone caught anything all day.  My youngest did enjoy trying to throw her smaller rod in the water, you know one of those little push button rods.  So fun.  My oldest, not knowing we were watching, spent zero time on her phone, fucking miracle.  Anyone with a kid above 10 knows this feeling and pain.

We packed up around 4 and headed back to the camper.  We were starving, so we threw some pork chops on the grill and feasted like cavemen.  I didn’t use a fork, just grabbed that meaty little sucker by the bone and went to work.  Something internally just feels right when eating meat this way.  After filling our bellies it was off to hang out.

Saturday nights are great at the campground.  Everyone is just hanging out playing backyard games, drinking, and just having a great time. The hours fly by the memories are slow and easy.  We drank, I did a couple of shots and threw some bags.  I got better as the night went on but in the end, was defeated by the very guy I won the tourney with.  Damnit JAY.

We went to bed late but slept great.  Well, except for the God damn dog getting me up at 3 am to take a shit.  Realy bro.  You haven’t experienced rage until a dog gets you up in the middle of the night to shit, but not like just run out and shit, like walk around smelling every fucking blade of grass type of shit.  I air punched the fuck out of the midnight sky.  Jacky Boy is likey I like him.

Sunday was Sunday – breakfast, chilling, pool, and working on some memories.  Thinking of going to the little pond and doing some fishing.  If we catch anything I put it in next week’s write-up.

I almost forgot – Fuck – the damn dishwasher is no longer in working condition.  It already had some intermittent issues and when I slammed it too hard I may or may not have broken the latch.  OOPS.

The upcoming week looks lame until about Thursday.  We will head down to the beach Thursday night to get a jump on Memorial Day Weekend.  Freedom Weekend. Get your red white and blues out slapped some meat on the grill and grab a cold one.  It’s going to be a great weekend.

BOOKS – I could use some more book recommendations.  I got a few lined up once I finish the ones I am working on now

Send your recommendations my way.  I could use some new Brew Recommends also.  Looking for a couple of new ones for Memorial Day Weekend.

You Guys Rock  Enjoy your week.