Relax It’s Sunday – Week of 10 May – 16 May

Another great week down.  I took part in some great conversations, enjoyed rising gas prices (Just Kidding), spent another week at the Camp Ground, played some cornhole, and enjoyed some new friends.  I believe that this was a successful week.  Let’s look back at what was, and then look forward to what will be.

Over the last couple of months at work, we have brought together a diverse group of thinkers to talk about some of our processes.  This group was only in its second meeting and yet you can see that there is potential there.  For me being part of this is enjoyable because I am fascinated with the way people think and come to different conclusions.  It’s like being part of a case study on business practices.  I look forward to learning the approach these individuals use to help build new processes for myself and maybe learn some new things.  There were a couple of extra people in there this month that weren’t there previously.  They jumped in and contributed immediately.  I look forward to our next meeting.


We purchased a place in a campground that is basically a small house.  RV with a Florida Room built on.  Our weekends are filled with bonfires, talking to great people, playing games, and just relaxing.  My youngest has a great time playing with other kids and my oldest finds the darkest place to hide and talks to her friends on her phone.  I try to remind her that there is an outdoors that she can explore yet she would rather sit and watch Anime on her phone.  I give her the guilt trip but it seems to not work.  Once the pool opens down here I know things will change.  Kid loves the water.  Plus it’s almost beach time as the temps are beginning to rise.  Love it.

I have played Cornhole a bunch of times, mainly on the beach or at a backyard BBQ.  The group at our campground is a bit more invested than I am in the game.  There was a local tournament going on and one of the guys asked me to jump on in the lower bracket as his partner had to back out.  At first, I said no but was easily convinced into giving it a try.

The day was amazing with the sun shining and the temps just right.  Plenty of people came out to have a good time.  There were two divisions playing that day one was for the serious competitors and the other for the newbies and backyard guys like myself.  As the matches went on we were getting a little more confident as the day went on.  My partner Jay said that we had a chance at winning the division we were in.  I thought awesome.  I was really only thinking that if I could just win back the cash I put in I would be happy.  As the matches went on we started to realize that we had a real good shot at winning it.   Then they announced the payout for first place.  300 bucks.  That meant that I would get 150 and my partner would get 150.  It was at that moment that I said to myself “Well fuck this we’re taking this shit home,”  So we did, yup we won, I mean sure we had to knock a couple of old ladies out, some dude Sam who couldn’t remember his partners’ name, Chuck the Commie Stomper and some others that were actually tough but in the end we got 1st.  I think I might retire on top now.  ALL HALE THE KING OF CORNHOLE.

The best part of the weekend is just relaxing and being around great people.  Everyone at the campground is awesome and just wants to get a quick break from the real world for a couple of days.  We celebrated a couple of birthdays, hung out well past sunset, had breakfast at Ron’s (Dude Cooks every morning and asks for nothing in return), and just enjoyed some great company.  I love being me.

I finished two books this past week. (For Clarification I am always reading one book and listening to another one in my car)

The Art of Pollination: A Year with the Irrepressible Jane Tewson by Martin Flanagan

Roughing It by Mark Twain – Audio Book.

I started two new books.

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

First Principles: What America’s Founders Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country by Thomas Ricks

This week is shaking out to be a bit of a mystery so far.  I think we have only scheduled one thing and then it will be right back to the beach again.  I am hoping to hear back from my University to find out if I am walking next week or not.  I finally finished my Masters’s Degree.  I am only walking because I think that it is important for my daughters to see it as one day they may also be completing their degrees.  One day they will realize the difficulty of completing this task and remember the long nights I had of writing papers once a day was done.

You guys Rock