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Food Bracket Challenge – FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD. This was a group of guys that loved the culinary world, and loved putting local foods up against each other. From Tomato Pies to Cheesesteaks you never now what you’ll get. This page will show some great food from local restaurants, backyards, to someones kitchen. It’s all about the grub.

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So Friday Feb 2nd was the day, Wing Bowl finally arrived. The contestants through down the best they could. How did the Freak do you ask, well he was able to cash a thousand dollar check. So he didn’t win it all but did well for a rookie performance. Wing Bowl brings out the best of the best. Molly Schuyler killed it with more than 500 wings. She’s a beast.  Check out some of her finest work on YouTube.  Molly Schuyler