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Shoot, Move, Communicate – The Event I Didn’t know I Needed.

You ever do something and find out after the fact that it was exactly what you needed. Shoot, Move, Communicate was that event for me. Vets, First Responders, and Warriors getting together and sharing more than just old war stories.

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Relax It’s Sunday

It’s like 3 O’Clock in the afternoon and I am just getting to this.  I wish I could feel my face.  So as it goes, I drank a bit last night.  Wait before you start to judge me I did attend a Fancy Ball.  That’s right I am a bit sophisticated.  We got to see some awesome friends, the governor, and had us a great time.  We left after the social and dinner so we could bar hop a bit.  For all those parents out their having a night with no kids is F@#$ing amazing.  Sorry I love my kids but damn they are needy little humans.  Here is a look back at another great week.