The Introduction of Her Vault

This is a small introduction to Her Vault the new contributor to   She is my partner in crime and my true drinking buddy, yup she is the wife.  I will be letting her tell you the rest on her first post.  Listen she has a lot to say and will contribute to this from a female perspective.  Plus is is going to be nice to have some back and forth on different topics.  She is going to focus on all the same pages, the biggest being DOW (Drinks of the Week).  Baby girl love her some wine.  We feel like this will be a fun opportunity to reach new audiences and expand on the fun.  Like everything we pretty much do it together so why not this as well.   We will add a section specifically for HER VAULT, this way she can have her own space as well.  Lord knows women need there own space.  Look bottom line is this is going to be fun and we can share all the crazy shit that we tend to get involved in.  The best being most of our conversations.  I will also use this chance to expand on the You Tube channel and our other social media accounts.

For those of you that actually read some of this thanks.  We will be looking for new authors and contributors down the road.  This is a new year and changes are abound.

She Quit!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a Tuesday afternoon like every other Tuesday.  I called to my wife since it was the end of the work day to find out what we were going to do for dinner that night.  I did not anticipate what she would say when she answered the phone, “I quit, I am so sorry but I quit.”  This cam with of course a lot of crying and that was pretty much the only tangible thing that I could make out.  I told her it was “Ok” and “No Worries.”   How could I be so relaxed, so nonchalant about this, my wife just quit a job she had been at for 8 years and cut our income in half in the blink of an eye.  How did we get here, how did she get so unhappy that the only thing she could think of was to quit.

Lets go back 8 years to figure out how we got to where we are now.  My wife was in between jobs looking for something new and fresh.  She wanted to find something that she could be excited about, something that she could be emotionally invested in.  For my wife it has never really been about money but more about the emotional investment from the company and something that she could be emotional about.  For her, when she goes all in she goes all in.  Her opportunity came to work for a company that had been around for a few years but was recently purchased by a young man who had talent and great vision.  He was a forward thinker and energetic but more than anything he was emotionally invested in the success of the company.  He was the son of the former owner when he purchased the company.  His vision was going to take the company to new heights.  My wife’s aunt worked for the company and was able to get her in working at an entry-level position.  She was excited and liked the idea of a smaller company and was happy to get back to work.  Once she got the job she knew that something was different about this place something refreshing something new.

It didn’t take long for her to begin to spread her infectious attitude throughout the company.  She finds the best in everyone and rarely sees their faults.  That job is left for me.  She would come home at night tell me how great here day was and was generally excited all the time.  She loved going to work and couldn’t wait to see what would come next.  Slowly she began to want more, she could see the company was growing and she wanted to provide more, she wanted to be a bigger piece.  For here she couldn’t figure out what she was going to do, what was she good at.  We talked and talked and she began to ask if I thought she was going to be good at sales.  To me it seemed like a no brainer.  Everything that I had ever saw was that the only natural talent you need to be a sales person was to personable and have the ability to network.  The light didn’t go off in my head it exploded.  I remember having conversations with her about how she was a natural at networking.  She didn’t know what I meant or how it translated.  Simply enough anywhere my wife goes she meets ten new friends, she as a way of making everyone feel important in the room and genuinely thinks everyone is awesome.  I explained to her that if she did the same thing over the phone then customers will come, the only she would need to do is learn the paperwork part, but gaining customers will be almost to easy.  Her boss was the one who originally saw some this and brought it to her attention.  It wasn’t much longer before they began grooming her to become a key player in the sales portion of the company.

Over the years she would come home either sad, frustrated, or excited about new opportunities.  We would sit and talk and figure out of to tackle her new objective.  If it was something she was struggling with we would game plan different approaches on how to over come it.  If she was struggling with being a women in a male dominated world, I would give her perspective on how man react and pursue things.  If she was excited we would toast and enjoy a great night-cap.

The times that she was frustrated was due to various factors, interpretations, or interactions.  One of her biggest gripes with he new-found job was that she felt like she always had to prove herself.  She felt like because she was a women that she always had to do more, always had to sell bigger, always had to be louder, always had to ensure that when something was done people knew she did it.  I didn’t really understand this too much, well because I am a man.  I didn’t have the advantage to see it from her angle so it was hard for me in the beginning to help her.  I would give her advice that I would give another man.  I started to realize that I am showing her how to do things as a man, this is counter productive because she isn’t a man.  You see if we both picked up the phone today and tried to sell the same thing to the same customer the interaction would be incredibly different.  Say the customer was a 45 plus year old man, instinctively in many cases the man will immediately reject the female voice for being unintelligent and weak.  He may try to outsmart her right out of the gate or in some cases be little her.  Same phone call and he hears a mans voice, he most likely will listen for some time and be more passive.  This is society, this is something that isn’t going change anytime soon.  So how do we work around that, she had to become smarter, quicker, and better on the phone.  She began making people feel important, got to know them personally, she began reading and learning new techniques.  She was in love, in love with the company and the vision, and the growth.

As time went on she began traveling more, becoming bigger part of the company, yet a hole began to grow.  She still felt like she had to prove herself, felt like no matter what she was always going to be a step behind, yet the path was invisible.  She couldn’t see where it was going, who was in the lead or how to catch up.  This invisible path was distracting, it made her unhappy, and she didn’t know how to put into context what this path was doing to her.  As the company began to grow to new heights, more employees, and more money, she began to felt the path getting longer, steeper, and more difficult to climb.  The personal conversations with her boss began to diminish, tempers from both sides began to increase, and the excitement dwindled.  The women who was excited to go to work everyday found that she didn’t want to go anymore.  Found that the invisible path was getting to steep, to hard to climb.  Her greatest champion now her hardest competitor.  She was constantly under the strain of ” Getting the Whale” but was not getting the guidance of how, but more the question of when.  She has customers lined up with major projects going forward yet it was time-consuming and never in her full control.  This makes it hard to succeed but the future was bright.  She was coming to a conclusion though that it didn’t matter now, the excitement was gone, the emotional investment was becoming to painful, she was unhappy.  This was never about the money for her, it was always about the emotional investment.

Just days before she quit her job the company had celebrated 25 years of being in business.  This was a major milestone for the company, it had survived some terrible economic times and was at its height, and on that night everyone smiled.  Even she smiled.  The smile seemed weak, and forced though.  Something was gone from inside, the spark had vanished, her time was coming to an end.  Just days later her and her boss would have an argument, not uncommon in the business world, but it was at that passionate moment she said those words, ” I QUIT.”  She cleaned out her office packed up her car and began to drive home.   The pain that she felt was almost the same pain you would feel if you had just split up with a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, you knew it was going to hurt but it was the right thing to do.

The next day she would attempt to go back to the company, but it was over.  Things changed on both ends and the split would become mutual.  The pain on both sides will be there for a bit but both will overcome and move on.  She felt the initial pains, asking questions like what are we going to do, where am I going to go, what will I do next.  So now we plan, we take our time.  I consider her time at the previous company he education, she learned what it takes to succeed and fail.  Failure is a critical part of becoming succesful and now she has seen it.  Her next job has to be something that excites her, makes her passionate, and provides her emotional value.  Her biggest hurdle going forward will always be chasing the Invisible Path, chasing the challenges that she can’t see.  I know she will be great again, I know she will find her way, I also know that her infectious love for people is what will continue to make her amazing.  Her education at the former company didn’t just make her great, but taught me a lot as well.  It’s what drove me to write this, that I can see past the physical and gender differences that exist and try to find what is in the whole package not just how it’s wrapped.

Keep Challenging the Invisible Path, Keep Challengin Your Self, Always try to Fail, In the end you will Succeed.

Relax It’s Sunday

Wow what a good week.  I have an unhealthy love for the summer time.  21 June marked the official beginning of summer and the unofficial beginning of good times.  We ensured that we started the weekend a little early, like Thursday night.  DP and his family came by the house, we had a great night out Friday night with an unexpected couple, met a cool Uber driver, and went to a birthday party on Saturday were I agreed to by my kid a four-wheeler.  I don’t know what I was thinking on that last part.  Nothing really notable for the work week do it being pretty quiet.

Thursday was an unexpected night were DP and the family stopped by.  DP brought over some Kona Beer’s and a sixer of Troegs Sunshine Pils.  We sat in the garage and BS’d for a while.  It’s always nice to just sit and enjoy the night with family.  We talked about the everything from highschool, to getting old.  It’s funny to look back and realize how long we have known each other.  We also confirmed out future plans of learning to play the bag pipes, getting motorcycle licenses, and we are going to fly single engine planes.  We have strong ambitions to become the most interesting people ever.

Friday night we went out to Chesapeake Inn and had a blast with a couple we don’t usually hang out with.  That of course will now change considering the amount of fun we had, it’s nice to form new friendships.  The night was filled with laughs, dancing, drinking, and just a flat out awesome time.  I did manage to time travel a bit, but did wake up in my bed.  I also had mystery vomit that took a couple of hours to locate.  It went undetected so long that I thought I made it up in my head.  My 8-year-old was the lucky winner to find it.

After brushing of the cob webs and throwing down a bloody mary, Saturday was off to a hot start.   We went over to a friend’s house who was having a birthday party for there six year old.  This was perfect because we could take the kids over and let them get wore out playing and going down the giant inflatable water slide.  Saturday turned into the day that I agreed to purchase a lot of things.  First I believe that I am going into business of renting our giant inflatable slides, and I am buying a four-wheeler for my 8-year-old.  This caused my wife to give me one of those looks.  Yeah that look that you’re doing right now, don’t judge me it sounded good when I agree to it.

Sunday is clean up day.  I decided to stay home and do some cleaning while the wife is heading out to Chesapeake Inn for a Ladies day brunch thingy.  I really didn’t know what else to call it but it’s brunch and Mimosa’s so she should have a good time.  Later today we have a meeting for Little Pro Football as DP, Adam, and myself get ready to start another season of coaching the kids.  For DP and myself we are heading into our third season now and we hope to be the favorites this year.  It is exciting watching these kids grow.  My fall should be jam-packed with football and Rylee wants to play soccer again.

All in all another great week down and some more memories created.  New friendships cemented and old ones just continue to grow.  Summer time is off and running and we going to spend it chasing good times.  Take today to sit back and reflect on a great week that was.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.


DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Well this week I don’t come to you with a specific drink.  This week I bring a venue that is awesome and the good time we had with an unexpected couple.  This week we hopped on a chance to have dinner and drinks with a couple that we don’t normally hang out with.  We all follow each other on social media but have never actually had a night out before.  So when they said they were heading out for dinner we jumped at the chance to catch up with them for dinner and drinks.

It was about 6 when our UBER driver pulled up to take us to Chesapeake Inn.  The driver, Na’Sha, who just happens to live a block away. pulled up in front of the house to take us out.  I love UBER because you get to meet really interesting people.  Na’Sha, a mother of three, who is a nurse out of Philadelphia was also working a creating a healthy brand of baby food.  She drove the UBER for her side hustle to pay for everything that goes into trying to create the line of baby food.  I love hearing about people who are willing to work so hard.  During our drive we also found out that her middle child and our oldest were in the same class together in school.  We did and up convincing her that her and her husband should go to Chesapeake Inn this weekend.  The world gets really small when you start to talk to people.

We got to Chesapeake Inn around 630 and moved up to the bar to order drinks and wait on the other couple.  They were running late because there babysitter was stuck in traffic.  So me and the wife sat and chatted for a bit.  The weather was a perfect and the tiki bar was packed full of people.  The wife order an Orange Crush and I got a Sam Adams Summer Ale.  The Orange Crush is one those perfect summer drinks.  After two rounds of that we decided to get a table as the other couple got closer to their arrival.

Mike and Tina arrived around 730.  We were on our third drinks at this point and had scarfed down some delicious crab dip.  It took all of about two minutes to realize that we were going to have a good night.  Nikki ordered a drink that was some fruity concoction IMG_3671of fruit, vodka, and amazing.  I stuck with the Summer ales and I can no longer recall what Mike and Tina got.  We all ordered sushi, yeah sushi, it was F#$%^&* Amazing.  Nikki got the Hairy Mexican and I got the TNT Roll.  Mike and Tina destroyed what look like ten rolls.  We sat and talked about so many different things it was really awesome.  You would have thought that we had all been hanging out like this for years  with the conversations being so natural.  Not once was there and uncomfortable pause where we would all have to stare at each other.  After dinner it was to the dance floor.

I think it was 80’s night and there was band playing whose lead singer was a little fella who really believed that he was bigger than he was, it was cute watching him sing like a big boy.  I decided to move onto Jack and Diet and dance at the senior citizen party that was taking place on the dance floor.  I felt like the flash when he is running at light speed and everyone else is slowly moving around him.  About ten minutes into this I began  to feel the effects of the time traveler.  We all danced and had a great time so I have been told.  I tried to order an UBER but my brain and hands were talking two different languages.  Mike was kind enough to get one for all of us.  It was at this point that I entered a new dimension and before I knew it I woke up in my bed.  Once again a succesful time travel session.

I woke up Saturday morning not knowing if I got sick our not.  There wasn’t any evidence of this taking place but my body felt as if it got sick.  I spent most of the morning searching for the evidence like I was searching for murderous clues.  The wife couldn’t confirm my getting sick and I began to believe that it was all made in my head.  Then the wife hears my oldest say “Mommy what is all over your sink.”  Vindicated and a bit disgusted.  At some point during the night I stumbled into the bathroom and got sick in the wife’s sink.  My bad, I got some Clorox wipes and cleaned up my nasty little mess.  I headed back downs stairs and poured a bloody Mary using Sucker Punch Bloody Mary Mix,  Bay Vodka, and some sun and I was back on my feet.


Take a chance at hanging out with a couple that you haven’t hung out with before.  This helped start what I believe to be a fun new friendship.  We are overly surprised and happy with the outcome of last night and can’t wait to hang out again.   Surround yourself with fun people and go have a good time.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

Relax it’s Sunday

It’s a special Sunday today because it’s Fathers Day.  So sit back have some beer, tell some dad jokes, and enjoy a great day.  Hopefully the weather is great wherever you are and you can do some awesome stuff.  I am back from being off the grid for two weeks and ready to get back to work.  I enjoyed a good two weeks doing some dude type stuff and being around some really good guys.  Like Vegas thought these stories will stay where we left them.

Today I am heading over to my buddy Sean’s to enjoy some sweet family time and some awesome food.  Sean is notorious for his meat, once it’s in your mouth it’s all over.  I am preparing my body now for the potential food coma that is coming.  The night will surely end with great food, kids playing in the yard, and the adults sitting by the fire and telling awesome stories.  I can’t wait.

Going to Sean’s place is great because I missed my families reunion on Saturday.  It sucks but it was late by the time I got home and I really just wanted to be with the girls.  My oldest had a huge dance recital that I missed and I wanted to hear all about it.  Super proud of her, she is growing up way to fast.  My youngest didn’t skip a beat, she kissed me and then pushed me aside so she could finish coloring and making up an imaginary story in her head.  So cute.  Love these girls.

The wife and I sat outback and enjoyed an awesome night having a few drinks and catching up things that I missed over the last two weeks.  The girls stayed inside and played while we enjoyed each others company.  While sitting out back we talked about more things than I can remember at this point.  It was a perfect night.

I can’t wait to see what the day brings and the stories that we will talk about.  I can’t wait for the stories to send me back in time and remember moments that we tend to forget.   Take some time to sit with your family and enjoy the day.  For the Dads out there do what you like it’s your day.

Happy Fathers Day to All.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

I was able to enjoy some new beers this past week.  I found my self in an area where a IMG_3624brewery just so happened to be.  We gathered up some fellow travelers and headed over to Troegs in Pennsylvania.  What an awesome place to go and enjoy some brews.  You can sit outside and enjoy some great views or go inside where there is plenty of space and they have created an environment that makes you want to socialize.  Besides the beer the food was awesome also.

I started with placing my food order, pork belly with jalapeno baked beans and french fries with spicy ketchup.  Holy shit this was good, plus the portions are just the right size.  The pork belly come in a small cast iron pan sitting on top of the baked beans.  If you have never had pork belly it is basically bacon on steroids.  If you don’t like beer, which is just Un-American, then go and enjoy the food.

So my food was ordered and it was time to order my drinks.  Anytime I go to a new place IMG_3613I look for a sampler of flights.  Troegs offered a summer anthology mix which consisted of there Perpetual IPA, Sunshine Pils, Crimson Pils, and Scratch a Raspberry Gose.   The was bartender suggested to drink it in reverse order from how it is listed.  Good call on his part.  The best of the four for myself was the Sunshine Pils.  The Sunshine has good flavor and is on the lighter side.  With a lower ABV of 4.5 you could definitely stock the garage fridge with this one.  Although I really like the Sunshine Pils my favorite beer of the night was the Cultivator Helles Bock.  This one quickly became the fan favorite as we all sat around talking about the good times we have had in years past.  This was that beer that keeps the conversation going.  By far the best beer I had this week.

Rounding out the week we finished off with a Einstok Icelandic Beer.  After a few of these I felt like a Norse God.  I conquered and laid claim to my neighbor’s yard.  I am not sure if they are going to like the fact that I have pillaged lawn furniture and killed a yard IMG_3647gnome, but of screw it I am basically THOR now.  This beer was surprisingly smooth and had good flavor.  I suggest picking it up and giving it a try, plus the whole viking thing is fun.

Never Drink alone and everyone wants to be a viking until it’s time to do viking shit.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

For DOW this week I bring to you Citra Mantra by Otter Creek Brewing and Lower De Boom by 21st Amendment Brewing.  I picked these based on the fact that I have never had them, and completely of the look of them.  They were both a little funky so I went with my gut.  I would also be surprised by my awesome neighbor Tim with a Megadeth Beer.  I am on a short weekend with a lot to do so I can’t sit and enjoy them to the fullest but I am still going to give them a run.

Citra Mantra

This is a India Style Pills Lager with a bit of citrus flavor in it.  I personally didn’t get much of that.  The taste didn’t blow me away in either the negative or positive.  It was just OK.  This one may actually sit in my fridge for a couple of days.  I may have to find out what this pairs well with.


Lower De Boom

This is actually a Barley Wine.  If you have never had a Barley Wine then you are missing out.  Also strap yourself in because if you have to many you might be able to see sounds.  This don’t sneak up on you, they teleport you to other worlds.  This is the type of drink that makes you fall asleep on the couch with your mouth wide open.  Don’t do that because people may try to use your mouth like a flesh basketball hoop and throw cheese balls in it.  NOT COOL!  As far as this one goes it was like drinking liquid heroin.  It lowered the boom on my taste buds.  I have have had other barleywines and they can be something of an aquired taste.  I would give it a try again, but this one is going to sit in my fridge for a while.


Megadeth is a Belgian Style Saison Ale, I know say no more right.  I was pleasantly surprised at this one.  It is good.  One I really like it because this style of beer is in my wheel house.  I wish I had more.  This beer is definitely going to end up in the fridge more often.  The only issue is that it isn’t always stocked, especially in those smaller liquor stores.  This one went down smoothly and made my mood that much better.


I will be going off the grid for the rest of the week but hopefully the multiverse allows me to slip back into this world to bring you a DOW next week.

If anyone has suggestions for Fathers Day I would greatly appreciate it.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is coming and I have compiled some of my favorite shops from around the web.  This will help especially when he says he doesn’t want anything.  You know that shit isn’t true.  So pony up a couple of dollars and grab some awesome stuff for you Pop.

Alpha Outpost – Themed Boxes for Men

These boxes are awesome and come with some great gear.  Pay for a subscription for a few months and see how he likes it.  The first three boxes are great and then they switch each month after that.  Below are some photos of what I have received.


Bespoke Post – Male Subscription Box

This is a another great subscription box.  You get fewer items but they are of really good quality.  Plus the plan is very user-friendly in that if you don’t like the box for that month you can skip it, or you can add stuff to it.  Their shop is awesome and has some amazing gear from bags to audio to great books.  This site is the one that I would go to for one of those classy dads.


Every Day Carry Items – What he needs

Listen dads will never talk bad about the gifts you give him, but I can tell you he doesn’t want some stuff that he is going to hang in the closet and wear once every three years.  Pops is going to want something functional, something that he can use all the time.  EDC (Everyday Carry) items are the way to go.  Visit the link above and you will find plenty of ideas for him.  Do a little research and compare prices on Amazon and across the web.  Once you pick out a few items drop them in an old wooden crate and nail it shut.  He will love it.

Man Crates – Holy Cow these are Awesome

These themed crates are amazing.  Plus you get to open them with a crow bar.  You can also get gift cards in concrete which your Dad can blast with dynamite or just smash it with a hammer.  A quarter stick of dynamite in the house is not recommended.  I received the Grill Master Crate and the Whiskey Crate.  These boxes came packed and were too much fun to open.

If your Dad is a tactical beast and loves wicked awesome gear then check out the next few links.

Crate Club – Bad Ass Gear for Bad ass Dads

Battle Box – Do you want to hunt Yeti’s.  Hell Yeah you do Battle Box will help you in all situations.

Men of Style

Birch Box – Got your self a dapper daddy, hit up with this low-priced subscription box.

Robb Vice – I have to get my hands on one of these boxes.  The are very eye appealing.

These are just some of the places that I like to shop at and hope that they help you with finding that awesome Dad the perfect Fathers Day gift.




DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Mother of God what have I done to myself.  We went to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia to enjoy the All Star Craft Beer and Wine Festival.  The event has over 100 craft brewers and distillers.  There was more than just beer there, they also had wine and whiskey.  We went with the VIP tickets to get in a little early and have a chance to walk the base paths, get into the dugout, and hang out in the Hall of Fame Club area which featured DJ’s and even more alcohol.

So yeah it started off innocently enough until I got past the front gates.  We got beer immediately, I started with New Belgium Melon Ale that was sweet and delicious.  Once we got a drink we hustled down to the field to walk the base paths and touch home plate. IMG_3363 Following that we were able to go to the dugout and get a couple of good pics.  It’s pretty cool to see the stadium from that perspective.  I have been fortunate enough that I have been able to get on the Eagles Field, Phillies Field, and played lacrosse in the Wells Fargo Center back when it was the F U Center.  Lucky Guy right.

The VIP tickets allowed us to get in an hour earlier and gave us access to the Hall of Fame section of the stadium.  I was drinking beer at a ridiculous pace as if I were the Usain Bolt of drunks fast.  I jumped from line to line finishing one beer after another and found that I was feeling pretty good fast.  The issue was that I still had another 4 hours to go, WTF was I thinking.  F@#$ that it was time to bow up and get it in so I made the only wise choice that was available at the time, get the free bourbon.  I gotcha looking back maybe not my smartest choice but I made a decision and went with it.  See we added a life lesson in here.

Right after I got the bourbon I turned and there was a stand that had Hank Sauce.  What is Hank Sauce you ask, it’s just some slamming hot sauce.  I will admit this was good decision number two.  Right after getting the bourbon I decided that I would try Honey Habanero Sauce.  This shit set my face and mouth on fire.  I tried to act like a tough guy by saying things like “No it’s not that bad, just tickles the tongue a bit.”  Tickles the tongue, fuck that it was like a thousand mini heat ninjas were raging a war on my mouth.  I had to extinguish this fire and the only smart option was Sangria.  I noticed there is a trend of good decisions being made along the drunken journey.

By 3 o’clock i had run through about 20 different beers.  I justified this action based off of the fact that I was drinking from a smaller cup.  Yes, that makes it okay ask any alcoholic.  I got it, thats like saying I didn’t do a lot of cocaine because I used a 1 dollar bill and not a full Benjamin.  Whatever don’t judge me.  The beers were mixed on flavor of all kinds yet there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on the IPA’s and Melon flavored beer.  I think that my favorite beer of the day was Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.  This had a great finish to it and was delicious.  Even the wife enjoyed it and she doesn’t care much for the beers.  She stuck to wine, whiskey, and vodka.

At 3 the crowd grew because the general tickets were coming in so we headed up to the Hall of Fame Club to get a way from some of the crowd.  They had more beer and drinks up there plus DJ’s playing and some food.  You could tell we were in a nicer part of the stadium because it had carpet and didn’t smell like bad decisions.  Around 3:30 we decided it was time to eat so we split a cheese steak and crab fires from Chickie and Petes.  The large quantity of alcohol that I had helped to enhance the flavors of this meal.  I was eating like a king.  Well at least that is how I felt on the inside on the outside I probably looked like a sloppy fat ass scarfing down his last meal before heading out for more pillaging.  The smell of bead decisions was increasing.

Off we went to drink some more and talk to total strangers.  There were some cool people at the event.  We got to talking to this one couple that had recently moved to the area from Atlanta.  They didn’t meet in Atlanta though they met in Philadelphia.  Neither one IMG_3404of them were Eagles or Phillies fans so I wished them the worst and moved on.  We continued to drink and bullshit with people for the next couple of hours and by 6 we decided to move over to Xfinity Live and grab some drinks there while we waited for Dave our driver to pick us up.  No way in hell was I ever going to get behind a wheel after an event like this one.

Xfinity live was hopping like it always is.  Once at the bar we grabbed a Captain and Coke for the wife and a Jameson and Ginger for myself.  I could start to feel the dimensions shift on me at this point and I knew that the spaceship would be picking me up soon.  Memories at this point begin to fade.  Looking back on the videos that were taken I professed my love for Nachos, slept the entire way home, and made a wonderful dish of half-cooked chicken tenders and potato chips.  I also shot another video were I can no longer operate one of my eyes.  You can see the video on the His Vault Facebook Page.  I managed to time travel from around 6:30 pm until I woke up on my living room floor at 3 am.  I took my ass up stairs and passed out in the bed smiling from the day that I just head.

Citizens Bank All Star Craft Beer Festival is awesome and I plan on making it an annual trip.  Below will be some of the beers that I remember and some that I believe I drank but not to sure.  I can’t tell you what most of them tasted like because they all started to run together.  Now it’s time to get a little hair of the dog.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Left Hand Brewing Company

Terrapin Brewing Company

Dock Street Brewing

Forgotten Boardwalk

Kentucky Ale



Sly Fox Beer

Stone Brewing

Tiki Sangria

Weyerbacher Brewing

High West Whiskey

New Belgium

Dark Horse Wine

Bare Foot Wine

Houser Estate Winery

Sobieski Vodka

Starr Hill Brewery

The Owls Brew

Zyr Vodka

Ballast Point

Boulevard Brewing

Double Nickle Brewing

Moon Dancer Wine

Two Roads Brewing

2SP Brewing

Boulder Beer

Copper Tail Brewing

Flying Fish

Sea Dog Brewing

Six Point Brewing

Green Flash Brewing

Relax it’s Sunday

This morning is glorious!  I love being able to sit out side and reflect on a great week gone by.  Nikki got to West Palm Beach, we won our first and only soccer match this season, and went to Citizens Bank Park for a beer and wine festival.  Nikki will be heading out today to attend the Football Festival for Women at Lincoln Financial Field.  I got her tickets for this event for mother’s day and she couldn’t have been happier.

The wife is awfully lucky to be able to travel for work and she gets to enjoy some nice places from time to time.  This week she ended up in West Palm Beach and Singer Island IMG_2824in Florida.  One of her favorite moments was sitting on the beach late at night with a glass of wine and just listening to the waves crash.  It’s times like that where you can take in a deep breath and enjoy living and realize how good life can be.  She was able to enjoy a couple of bars and restaurants while she was down there and try to convince me that we are going to move to Florida now.  According to her I need to buy a condo in Chicago, Florida, and Dewey Beach.  How the hell am I going to make that happen.

This year our local soccer league needed some coaches so the wife and I volunteered to coach our oldest daughters team.  Yeah your right I don’t shit about soccer.  With that being said it isn’t that hard to coach 8-10 year olds.  Stick to simple things and remember that they will only retain about ten percent of what you are showing them.  I mean, hell they thought the medals they got were fidget spinners.  We lost most games, tied one, and IMG_3347this week we won our last game.  We couldn’t have been happier or more excited for them.  One of our girls even got a hat trick.  The wife took on head coaching responsibilities and did a great job.  She would have rather coached softball but that isn’t what our daughter likes.  Josh was our assistant coach and did a great job helping us out and to be honest coached us more than he coached the kids.  The girls stuck together all season and went out with a win.

So then there was Saturday, oh what a shit show that was.  No really I had an amazing time hanging out at Citizens Bank Park and drinking more beers than I can remember.  Some were good and some just sucked all together.  The best part was that the wifey and I had a great time together.  We got to go on the field, walk the base paths, touch home plate, and take a few photos in the dugout.  So I now have been on the Lincoln Financial Field, played lacrosse at the Wells Fargo Center, and now been on the Phillies Field.   IMG_3363Yesterday’s events included more the 200 beers of which my head feels like a drank all 200.  I did time traveled a bit at the end of the day well maybe more than a bit.  I really wanted some nachos last night and never got them.  I did manage to destroy some chicken tenders and chips, of which I don’t remember.

The wife gets to end the weekend with a bang, heading to Lincoln Financial Field to hang out with some of the players, run drills, win prizes, and have a great time.  The Eagles are holding their second annual Football Festival for Women.  I thought this would be a great mothers day gift and apparently I hit a home run.  She was more than excited when she got the tickets for the event and almost jumped out of here shoes.  It got a lot better when she found out that Zach Ertz was going to be there.  Hope she can grab some autographs for the collection.  This will help kickoff the new season, oh and I got my season tickets of this season also.  Oh what a week.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler