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Drinks of the Week (DOW) Each Week we try to bring you new brews from around the nation. Some weeks come with a small tale of my adventures in time traveling. Other weeks we may bring you some stronger libations, it all depends on how we feel. CHEERS!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Outer Banks NC – Travel Edition

Easter week we decided to go to the Outer Banks for a little family vaca.  Nothing like relaxing and throwing back some great brews by the beach.  For myself it was the first time I had ever been to the Outer Banks and to be honest I can’t wait to get back.  We stayed in Avon and took a day trip to Ocracoke and hung out at Howard’s Pub and 1718 Brewing Company.  The rest of the week contained bad ideas, more beer, and some damn good times.  Onto the Beers!!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Frankenmuth Brewing Company

It’s been a couple of weeks since we dropped a DOW.  Every now and then I have to work in a cleanse to make sure I can keep going during the summer months.  Plus we went on vacation to OBX.  There will be a write up coming soon from that adventure.  This post is from last week when we tried Frankenmuth Brewing Company out of Michigan.  Born in 1862 Frankenmuth has been making beer for damn near ever.  It didn’t start with the Frankenmuth name but settled on the Frankenmuth name in the 80’s.  We try out two of their brews last week, “Lighten Up Francis,” and “Old Detroit.” 

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DOW (Drinks of the Week ) Wyndridge Farm Brewing Company

Nestled in Dallastown, PA you can find Wyndridge Farm and Brewing Company. The Couple running this place turned 77 acres of farmland into one of the nicest places to eat, drink, and enjoy the outdoors.  It’s wild but this couple is doing it all from making hard ciders, craft beers, and what appears to be some damn amazing food.  We have two of their farm-crafted beers this week in, “Barn Dog,” and “Handsome Bull.”  Let’s get some facts and some good conversation.   CHEERS!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Conshohocken Brewing Company

Opening its doors in 2014 to the public Conshohocken Brewing company is making some damn good beers.  This past week we gave three of them a shot, “Winter Madness,” “Blood Money,” and “Type-A.”  I was pumped to try these guys out mainly because of one of my favorite sports radio talk show hosts, Glen Macnow, is a part owner of Conshy Brewing.  Not to get weird about it but the guy has it pretty damn good, he talks sports, drinks beer, likes a good meal, and the list goes on. If I could create a blueprint for things I wanted to accomplish this guy has done it.  I still have time to get moving on some of these things so we will see what happens.  Your right I am jealous and with that let’s talk about the beers.

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) : Bridgeport Brewing Company

We get a chance to try our Oregon’s original craft brewery in Bridgeport Brewing Company but at the same time they have now stopped production and are scheduled to close completely this month.  WTF.  Well, I guess we will try out their brew for the first and last time.  Check out BEERVANA, a beer blogger from the Portland area as he describes the demise of this long-standing brewer.  Enough of the chit chat lets get onto the beers.

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Wawa Coffee Stout

For the Philadelphia area, Wawa is the king of convenient stores.  For many years they have continued to improve on their quality food and service.  Their hoagies (Subs for non-Philly folks) and coffee have been their featured items over the years but they changed the game when they took a shot at making their own beer.   Well, they didn’t really make their own, they joined up with the experts at 2SP Brewing Company to make a Coffee Stout.    

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) : ZIPLINE Brewing Company

Out of Lincoln Nebraska, we bring your Zipline Brewing Company. This brewhouse was founded in 2012 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Once again beer born out of friendship, this group works hard to bring everyone delicious brews.  The lean on English, German, Belgian, and check style and traditions to craft their wonderful elixirs.  These big brains are bringing you big beer and this week we try two of em, “Copper Alt” and “Oatmeal Porter.”  Enough Chit Chat onto the Beer!!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) : O’SO Brewing Company

This week we bring you O’SO Brewing Company which is the second craft brew we have had from the great state of Wisconsin, check out Central Waters review from October 18. Just over 11 years in the business and  O’SO Brewing Company has been rocking out some good brews.  The coolest thing about these guys is the way they support other brewers in Wisconsin.  They have nearly 40 other brews on tap in their taproom.  This husband and wife duo has helped create an awesome brew community in Wisconsin.  Enough of that cute stuff, onto the beers!!! CHEERS!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week ) Hamburg Brewing Company

This past week plenty of beer was needed and needed badly.  We were able to get our hands on two brews from a Western New York brewer in Hamburg Brewing Company.  This week we took the edge off with their “Hoppenstance,” and “OMS” brews.  If your ever in the Buffalo area just travel about twenty minutes south and check out one of the nicest breweries around.  Let’s get on with the Fact’s, CHEERS!!!!!!!