Eagles Recap

The Eagles were able to pull out a tough divisional game yesterday.  The birds have some things to correct on both sides of the ball.  This was a tough game to watch as far as the defense goes.  Nick Foles looked great and with a couple more games left his timing will improve as the chemistry improves with the wide outs.  The defense was frustrating all day and there is a glaring problem that started with the Seahawks game.  There is time to fix these issues since the birds now have a first round bye.


It is hard to pick apart an offense that dropped over thirty again yet there are some issues that still exist.  The Eagles refuse to run the ball for some reason.  This was  game in which you could have dominated the ground game and kept Eli of the field.  I understand that this was a good game for Foles to sling the rock around a bit but come on.  You have a stable of running backs that you need to use this time of year.  Also when you are inside the 10 or 5 run the damn ball.  Blount is here for a reason and you are not using him.  Foles and his timing will get better over the next few weeks so I am not so concerned with that.  Play calling needs to be better bottom line.


Holy christ this has been tough to watch of the last few weeks.  The Seahawks exposed the Eagles defense and now the last two games teams have been attacking that very weakness.  The issue is that we can’t stop those quick slant routes and the pick plays.  These plays are designed for 5 – 10 yard passes but are turning into big gains, and key third downs for the opposition.  The Seahawks killed us with this, and don’t be mistaken playoff teams are going to go right after it if we don’t fix it.  We had to watch as the Giants picked us apart underneath and then trying to go over top time and time again.  This was coupled with us not blitzing Eli.  The O-Line for the Giants is trash and not going after him more often allowed him to make some easy throws.  Blitzing more may have caused more turnovers.  The Eagles have to get this figured out or the playoff run may not be as great as we want it.


Nick Foles had a great game and the Eagles are going to be hosting Playoff games this year.  They have plenty of time to fix what ales them and get ready for the Super Bowl push.  One more win and you lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Sitting at 12-2 it’s nice to have the best record in football but that record only gets you playoff seeding not the Super Bowl. Keep your eyes on the prize boys.  GO BIRDS.