Relax It’s Sunday

Another week down and I am still walking upright.  Things are looking good.  I enjoyed posting a few more blogs on here, tried two new beers, and had a great time with family and friends.  I was fortunate enough to see some old friends, and make some new friends. Easy enough week I guess, full work schedule, coach youth football, walk in a parade, have dinner with amazing people, enjoy a crab feast, and drink about 15 beers and time travel a little.

This week #2 came back to town to prepare for a girls bachelorette party.  #2 signifies a friend of mine that I always said that if my wife wasn’t around she would be my #2.  The wife and I our soul mates by the way.  Either way she met and amazing guy and now lives in San Antonio, but came back to have the bachelorette party.  NO BOYS ALLOWED.  In all it was great to see her again and her future husband.  Great people, the party also lead to a photo of another friend that we haven’t seen in a long time, which was also pretty cool.

Work was work like most weeks, yet I found that letting others fail on purpose is a way to help identify some of their weaknesses.  It can be tough to allow that to happen, I mean who wants to sit back while others are struggling, knowing that you  can fix the issue.  This was tough but exposed problems a their level and mine.  I can now work on addressing an issue with a clearer strategy then before.

Youth football is more of a social experiment than anything else.  The varying personalities that exist in one area is almost over whelming.  I don’t have a son, so I don’t have any stake in the coaching other than I enjoy teaching kids how to play football, while squeezing in some life lessons as well.  Parents by the way are insane, not all just a couple.  The problem, like most situations  is that the voice of the minority out weights the voice of the majority.  The good parents sit back and allow the coaches to do their job which is mainly yell at their kids for them for about an hour and then the parents get to play hero by telling them the did great.  I’m totally cool with that part.  Other parents just don’t know how to let their kids be 7 year olds.  Yes that’s right seven people, not 22 and playing in the NFL.  Give up your dream, and let them live theirs.

Beers, I had some good beers this week.  I’ll write more about those in my DOW post later today.  I FORDHAM ANS FLYING DOGalso got two buddies that love craft beer to send me a list of their personal favorites.  Can’t wait to try some of them out.  Even better #2 introduced me to a local web page where they review local craft beers.  These guys know what thy are talking about.  I was hoping to get into a bottle of rum this week but maybe next week.  I bought a bottle for a friends 40th Birthday, I hope he enojoyed it.

Living in a small town is pretty neat most times.  Growing up I didn’t think I would ever get to enjoy the camaraderie that seemingly only existed on television shows, that small towns present. Fast forward to today and it’s pretty cool.  My oldest had the great fortune of dancing in the annual Peach Festival Parade in our town.  She worked very hard for weeks, and had a great time.  We got there early and left right before the heat got to be to unbearable, and older people began passing out.  News flash, it’s called water, and shade, and not being a hundred standing on asphalt in the sun.  All in all the girls were great, and local politicians got to shake hands and hand out fake smiles.

I rounded out the week with an awesome crab feast hosted by DP Killa.  More on him in the “Miami Heat” blog I wrote earlier in the week.  It was an awesome way to end the week, crabs, (from the Crab Shack in Maryland), beers, friends, and a lot of story telling.  Many of the stories took us back in time anywhere from ten years ago to thirty years ago, it was a fun trip.  The night flew by and in the end the last two standing were DP Killa and myself.  Talking youth football and taking in the realization that neither of us thought we would be living the lives we do.  It has been a long road but it has been a fun ride.

Take it easy and I’ll See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.


Breakfast Egg Roll

This is one that I tried recently and loved it.  Super easy, super delicious.  If one of your buddies isn’t to hung over from the night before tell his ass to get in the kitchen and whip these up.


1 lb.  Bob Evans Breakfast Sausage (Regular or Sage or whatever you like)

1 cup. Flour. (Approx see directions below).

Milk – Approx. 2 cups

Oil – Canola, or whatever you like.  Canola  seems to work great though.

Scrambled Eggs

Cheese, Preferably Cheddar. You can also spice it up a bit.

Additional – Scrapple (If you’re not from Delaware, this is basically a meat brick of awesomeness)

Egg Roll Wrap


First thing first, make yourself a Mimosa, or vodka and OJ, or a bloody Mary to knock the cob webs off and get rid of the hair of the dog.  Now get your ass in the kitchen.

1.Throw that log of breakfast sausage into a frying pan until all the pink is gone.  Use a pan that is deep.

2.  Don’t drain the meat, take that cup of flour and begin spreading it all over the sausage in the pan.  Keep stirring the meat until it takes on a dry look and all the grease is gone.  It may not take a full cup of flour to get to that point.  You shouldn’t really see any extreme white from the flour.

3.  Once you have done the flour magic trick, start pouring your milk (whole works best) into the meat mixture,  the combination of the flour heat and milk will give you a nice thick gravy.  The longer it sits the thicker it gets.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  sorry my immature side kicked in.

4.  Once you have it to the texture you like set it aside.  Take a drink from you favorite adult beverage, you are probably working up a thirst doing all this work while everyone else is lying around or still sleeping,  I mean it is noon for christ sake.

5.  Scramble up some eggs.  If I need to explain to you how to do this your f’ed go to a restaurant.

6. Break out the ole frying pan throw in some canola oil, or if you prefer a different type use it.  I like to use a cast iron pan, but a normal pan will work also.

7.  While your pan is getting nice a hot, grab those egg roll wraps and begin filling them with some sausage gravy a little scrambled egg and some cheese.  If you have scrapple or bacon put that in there also.  I mean christ your hungover and getting drunk again by this point, so f$%# that diet.

8.  Fold the ends in first on your egg roll, then take the corner closest to you and fold it over top to start the roll.  Take the end facing away from you and wet it with a little water, this will help it stick together.

9.  After you roll a couple your oil should be nice and hot.  Not so much that it looks like it could turn you into two face though.  If it is popping and snapping all over the counter tops, turn it down crazy.

10.  Now plop those egg rolls in until they turn golden brown, flip em and get the other side looking better than college coed in a tanning booth.

11.  Take them out put them on a paper towel with a plate underneath, let them cool a bit.

12.  Eat the shit out these.  Your Welcome.

Remeber cooking is awesome and fun, and gets everyone together.  Share reciepes if you want.  SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE – Thee Time Traveler.

The Miami Heat

Just a short time ago 5 dudes were unleashed on the city of Miami, Florida.  We were there to celebrate the fact that we were losing another bro to marriage.  The group of individuals that I can now live vicariously through is getting smaller and smaller.  Almost everyone I know is married now.  The gentlemen of this foray were all married expect the obvious bachelor.  True names will be omitted from this to protect the innocent, not that I will tell you anything really good any way.  The bachelor of this group was the Great Khal, the Lebanese Lion, beast, what ever you want to call him, it doesn’t matter you can’t physically stop him anyway.  DP Killa, the man who has more split personalities then the joker himself.  He can be loud, a dancing bear, who actually moves well for a man of his size, he also a cuddler, and generally a man who doesn’t sleep, until it’s time to sleep so good luck getting him up.  Teflon, nothing sticks, tall and smooth, the legend, you want to be Teflon, not sure why it just feels right. ScareCat was the new guy and great friend to the Khal, and then rounding out the group was this sexy bastard, theetimetrvlr himself.IMG_3790

This trip began like most trips in that we began drinking around 5 in the morning just to ensure that there wouldn’t be an pre-flight jitters by anyone. We all met at the Great Khal’s house where we would par-take in the nectar of the gods.  Once we threw a few down we loaded into the steel chariot and off we were to the airport.  Once we all got checked in the obvious thing to do was hit the bar.


Left to right, The Great Khal, ScareCat, Teflon, DP Killa, and TheeTimeTRVLR

Proceeding the early morning festivities we hopped on the plane and headed off to the glorious state of Florida.  We were all very excited to get out hit the beach, bars, and more importantly the drinks.

The flight didn’t take long considering that I was already about five drinks in, that’s including two Jack and Coke’s on the plane ride in.  It was early afternoon and we arrived in our Spring Wonderland.  The temperature felt perfect, this may have been from the fact that I was already buzzed pretty good, but whatever.  We gathered up our luggage found an Uber and hit the ground running.  It took about 30 minutes for us to get to our hotel in Miami, we dropped our luggage off at the desk and went looking for a shitty bar to start drinking again.  It didn’t take long to come across the “Sandbar”, about two blocks north of our hotel.  Cheap drinks, and sand on the floor inside the joint.  The crowd was great and inviting, perhaps it had something to do with it being St. Patrick’s Day weekend, all the more reason to drink until I couldn’t see straightSandbar

After we sat and drank our faces off at the Sandbar for a period of time, we went back to the hotel to get our room.  We were staying at the Deauville Beach Resort, which once we got to our room we found that it’s grunginess was perfect for the week that was to ensue.  I am not one hundred percent sure but it did smell like disappoint.  The view wasn’t to bad it overlooked the roof of another building, and the streets, where you could see people walking drunk at all times in search for food to re-energize and go at it again.  Viewing the ocean would have been nice, but I love to people watch as a hobby.  We all decided that we were going to take a nap and then prepare to go out for the night, it was clearly time. Beer 30

One of the places that we went to was a Cuban Restaurant a few blocks North of our hotel.  The place was decent and the food was pretty good.  ScareCat was already feeling pretty good, and decided that he would make the Cuban Restaurant pay for being open when we were ready to feast.  ScareCat explained to the waiter that his English wasn’t very good, it was at that very moment that I knew this dude was alright.  Confused by the Americans poor English, the waiter explained to him that it was okay and that his English was good enough for the both of them.  Once the verbal battle was over ScareCat told the waiter that he wanted the full Dominican Experience.  Yes the Dominican Experience, you can see how this may have confused our waiter, yet we thought he was onto something.  This dude is great.  The waiter stayed with him and was able to real him back in and order something from the Cuban menu that was provided.  After finishing our meals we set out to inspect the rest of the city and let everyone know we were F&%$ Ready.

Since this was a bachelor party the next few hours, days became a blur as I time traveled my way through the events.  I will out of respect for all of you leave some photos for you to attempt to piece some of it together.


Trying to formulate a plan that would not involve hookers and cocaine


The Lebanese Lion Wanted to go Coral Hunting with Tranny’s. They are an elusive group of people.


Cause we’re Brothers


This Dude smelled like lost Dreams





There is something Special  about Closet Pizza


Low and behold we wrecked shop, had a ton to drink, met some awesome people.  None of the trip would have been possible without ScareCat, (Who at one point did resemble Nick Lacey, but on crack).  Teflon loves milk and cookies before a nap, The Great Khal loves marine life, like a captive dolphin being released into the wild love, DP Killa can’t be stopped, and I still remember bits and pieces.  I wish that I could give you guys all the details but that would be against bro code.  I may be in violation just with this story alone.  This was brought to you by………scarecat



DOW’s (Drinks of the Week)

Hopefully each week I’ll be able to present some of my favorite drinks.  I spoke of two already this week that I fully enjoyed.  The first one I’ll talk about is from Blue Earl Brewing Company.  These guys make a lot of different beers and all have great flavors.  They have IPA’s, Stouts, Ales, Lagers, you name it they are trying to make it.  The show the imagination that thrives in the craft beer community.  The beer I enjoyed this past week was the HoneySuckle Rose.  It was a Belgian Blonde that did not disappoint.  The six pack provided just enough punch to get my talking way more then I needed to.  The smooth flavor caused me to turn into a part time philosopher.  This beer was great to enjoy on a hot summer night with friends, music, and good times.  If you ever get to visit Blue Earl you will quickly see that friends, music, and good times is exactly what they are good at.  Great Place Great Beer.BLue Earl

The Second Beer that I took part in was an awesome Summer Ale from Blue Point.  These guys just keep making great beers.  I picked up a six pack of their finest went home and cut the grass.  I quickly realized that cutting the grass in 1000 degree temperatures is stupid, I retreated to my garage kicked my feet up and began throwing down the cold Summer Ale.  This beer is perfect for the summer, and just what I needed.  This was a great choice on my part, and hope to try some of their fall beers that will be coming out soon. IMG_4803

I would like to offer if anyone out there has any great tasting beers that they would like to share, by all means shoot us a message.  I’ll try almost anything, and remember if I don’t like it that doesn’t mean it sucks, I just have a particular pallet.  I have a few buddies that love a wide variety of craft beers and many of their suggestions have panned out.  Hope you guys get out there this week and have a few cold ones.

Relax It’s Sunday

Reflecting on yet another great week is always fun to do.  Looking back at this week I enjoyed some good beers, great friends, and learned some new things about myself.  Sitting back this morning and enjoying my cup of coffee I can only think that this week will be even better.  So here is a recap of some of this weeks stuff.

This past Monday I was informed that the youth football team that I help coach may be disbanded due to low enrolments dropping us from 5 teams to 4, and because we are the new guys are team would fold.  Not cool, not cool at all.  Anyone that has ever tried to coach children understands the difficulty and that each step forward is a major impact, and asking the parents and kids to start over with a new coach and players is ridiculous.  In the end it worked out and the league came to its senses and we got to keep the team,  hell yeah GO BUCS!

Had two great beers this week.  The first was Blue Point Summer Ale, (I,ll put a link totheir site down below), which was delicious.  I had finished cutting the grass in what felt like  a Kuwait style heat wave and was dying for something cold and amazing.  This majestic Summer Ale did not disappoint.  After I finished my fourth one sitting in my garage and taking in the rest of the day, I knew that this beer was on my hit list.  I can’t wait to try some of their other beers.  IMG_4803

The Second beer that I had was from a local brew company called Blue Earl Brewing, Link below.  I got a sixer of there Honey Suckle Rose which is a great beer to enjoy with friends on a summer night, and that’s just what I did.  The Honeysuckle is a Belgian Blonde, which by the way is my favorite style of beers.  I ran through a six pack fairly quickly, I do not regret my decision.  BLue Earl

The biggest thing for me this week was taking a chance and starting this blog / website /  whatever this is.  I truly believe that change can only come when you want it, problem is that I was always scared of certain changes.  I think that I am changing my focus and starting do take changes on the things that make me happy and not the things I  am expected to do. So here I am with a site I paid for the site for one year so I guess I better use it.  I am currently about 4 days into it, and having some fun thus far.  I almost fell over when I received my one and only comment.  I appreciate any one that takes the time to look at anything that I have on here.


Good Times Good Friends,  Relax it’s Sunday.



Bourbon Tour

I recently drove, an exhausting 10 hours, out to Kentucky to visit the distilleries peppered throughout the country side.  What I can truly tell you is that it was amazing.  We left the great state of Delaware around 5 in the morning and it took roughly 10-12 hours to get to Bardstown, Ky.  Along the way there was a few thunderstorms that apparently confused the hell out of many of the drivers along our route.  Driving went from casual cruising to an apocalyptic motorcade.  We luckily missed several accidents by mere seconds.  If it werent for my years in the Military I probably would have shit my self several times.

Now that our hearts had settled back down we made it to our hotel in Bardstown, Ky, and settled into the room.  We were going to go out and get some of the fine local food and have a cold one.  Before this was to happen we had to make a determination on which bed I was going to sleep in.  You see the hotel would not provide a cot for me so I was going to have to sleep in the same bed as one of my buddies.  I chose the smaller of the two fellas because these weren’t the largest beds in the world. There is nothing like two grown men sleeping in a twin bed together.  I prayed that I would not spoon him later do to the fact that I am a cuddler, gonna have to be the big spoon in this one.

Off we went to find a local pub to indulge in some food and fine local craft beer.  We stumbled upon a place called “Talbot Tavern”.  The place is old, not like 8 term senator old, but old.  The menu was decent with a lot of comfort food on it, yet it did have a couple of local items that I was intrigued by. IMG_4700 The two dishes that stood out the most were called the “Hot Brown”, this concoction of meat and veggies was something that I was not ready to dive into, only because the name sounded like some kind of weird sexual act.  Not doing it, no sir, not this guy.  The next one was the Kentucky Burgoo.  A spicy stew that made me sweat on impact, coupled this with a local beer that had a touch of bourbon to it, and I was in heaven.  The locals had one me over with their food, and the way the girls all had that southern draw.  Yes sir this was now  a good trip.

After a great night of sleep, no spooning, we were to set out on a journey to find the distilleries that make the best bourbon’s.  As a side note I slept on the very edge of the bed and tried not to move at all.  I did how ever have a terrible dream that caused me to whimper like a cold puppy during the night.  My bed mate did not hear this, which is good, because I believe he would have called my man hood into question.    After we spent the morning eating hotel waffles we piled into my buddies truck and we were off to see Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Heaven Hills, and others.  The tastings alone I figured would be great.  I did not do any research on where we were going because I wanted to leave some element of surprise.  The internet allows you to see everything these days which kinda spoils the fun.

We drove for about 30 minutes I believe when we came to our first destination, Maker’s Mark.IMG_4713

HOLY MOTHER OF LIQUOR, this place was awesome.   Excitment boner initiated, I was in the mother land of Whiskey.  I could have reached over and kissed my buddy right on his face for bringing my out here.  The tour began going into a building where the process begins, and the tour guide does an amazing job describing how the whiskey is created.  I personally thought that Bourbon was delivered by angles on the back of a Unicorned Pegasus, but apparently I was wrong.  Building after building I was blown away how old and functional everything still was.  I mean these guys still use a 1930’s printing press to create its labels.  Needles to say that I was ready to pull out the credit card and buy a barrel on site, but I did not have the needed 10k plus to do it, or the wifes permission.


We would eventually escape the grasp of Maker’s Mark and move on to the other distilleries in the region, yet none would compare to the whiskey wonderland that we were now departing.  The rest of the day would be spent driving around and partaking in tastings at different places.  Once we returned to our room it was time for a great nighta slumber.  Once again I craddled the side of the bed in fear that our butts might bump each other and I would leap from the bed screaming like a little girl.  To my displeasure we did not, and I slept great.  The drive ahead was going to be long but at least I could fantasize and dream about the tour that I took.  In a few years I will return to gather the bottles from the barrel that has my name on it.  I can’t wait.  Everyone should take the bourbon trail tour.

Here for the Glory

by TheeTimeTRVLR

Who I am and why I’m here?  The question seems easy enough, yet I am still trying to figure it out.  The reason behind starting a blog, and hopefully one day a fully functioning site that interests people, was a simple decision to make.  I like so many different things, and talking to so many different people that I thought that maybe sharing it with people would be great.  I can’t tell you if any of what I write will ever have an impact, or not.  I paid for the domain for one year so I am going to post for one year come hell or high water.

My personal story is pretty simple, and I don’t want to waste a lot of time talking about myself so I will try to some up who I am in just a few easy sentences.  I am some one who grew being raised by a single father without a lot of money, had a good child hood, decent years in my teens, then joined the Army.  Have served many times, and loved every second of it.  Coming into the twilight of my career I look to now do the things I love, and have some fun.  Married with two amazing daughters, cat and a dog.

13330979_10207904970554593_6683099869791479374_nNow for the things that will be posted to this blog, will simply be things that I truly love and enjoy.  I love bourbon, beer, mainly craft, sports, to a unhealthy level, food, and a number of other things.  I hope to entertain, but mainly meet a lot of new individuals and fellow bloggers.  I do not have any visions of grandeur, just looking to have some fun with my spare time rather then playing games on my phone.   If by some chance this turns out to be good, then awesome I will run with it, if not it really hasn’t cost anything other then time, which I was already wasting.  I hope everyone enjoys.

First Look at the New Birds

The Eagles began their new Journey under Coach Doug Pederson Yesterday. Watching this game I can tell you that there was almost nothing to take away from it. Pre-season football is terrible. I now can say that the players don’t much care either. This was evident in the Panthers Ravens game when the teams stopped to watch Michael Phelps win another gold. What I did watch and somewhat enjoyed was just watching the mechanics of the QB Carson Wentz. He looks the part and sounds the part. Post-game interviews showed that he isn’t’ ready to throw his line under the bus yet, let’s see what happens when the sack totals and pick totals start to rise do to in effective play from the line. Gardner looked like he was trying to catch butterflies rather than catch blocks on the o-line last night.

The defense on the other hand seemed to be what people were expecting, again it’s just pre-season and it’s the first game. They were able to fly around and get after the ball a bit, but I don’t believe that the Bucs were really giving there all either. This first game is used to get some of the rust off. Game three should be telling on what the Eagles will kind of  look like. I truly believe that the team you see in pre-season week four and in the regular season week 8 will be very different.




There are a lot of things that people like out there and hopefully I can help guide them into the right direction. I don’t know what everyone’s likes and dislikes are yet I hope that the items listed fall in the category of like.  If not, oh well, I still like the S%^# and that’s that.

The Time Travelers Journals

The moniker of the time traveler came about do to my incredible ability to black out and party for a couple hours, yet some how some way always finding myself to safety and normally in bed.  Depending on the vice that is used normally depends on the length of the travel.  Many times I lose a couple hours and other times I lose a whole night.  I have traveled in many countries, states, and alter states of mind.  I never have become to angry or to annoying but always seem to know when it is time to throw in the towel and lay down.  When I wake from my extreme slumber I always wake up in the future only to be filled in by my amazing wife on the adventures that I took part in during the night before.