Eagles vs. Vikings

It’s been a week since that terrible loss for the birds and I am still not over it.  The birds had them beat and let them off the hook.  The defense looked terrible and the secondary looked pedestrian at best.  Hopefully, they have put that behind them and are looking at starting on a new foot this week.

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Valhalla Brewing Company

This week we checked out the New Kids on the Block, not the amazing boy band that rocked my adolescence, but a new brewer from Maryland Valhalla Brewing Company  They are Elkton, Marylands first microbrewery.  They had three brews of their own on tap and also had two other brewers, wine, and mead from Liquid Alchemy.  After a long week at work, it was off to ASGARD to try some new brews. 

Eagles vs. Bucs

Week one was a little scary as the Eagles offense as it took some time to get things rolling.   On the plus side, the Defense looks legit.  This week the Eagles take on the Bucs who had a great week one dropping 48 on the Aint’s.  Nice defense New Orleans!!!  They will need to come back to earth this week since they are going to face what may be the best Defense in the entire NFL this year.