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It’s Gonna Be OK Sixer Fans

If 76er fans are worried about the start so far this season they shouldn’t be.   I originally posted that this team could be the 7th seed this year and I still think that.  They have had a tough start but to their defense every team ,except the Pistons who they beat,  were in the playoffs last year.  Not only were they in the playoffs but they all made it to the Semis or better.  That is a tough start for any team.   Stay with them, this season is going to get real fun real soon.

Washington – Conference Semis

Boston – Conference Finals

Toronto – Conference Semis

Houston – Conference Semis

And So it Begins

The Sixers will start their season this year which officially ends the Process and now they can start winning games.  This team will be exciting to watch especially if JO JO,  Joel Embiid, can stay healthy and play 50 or more games.  With his ability and energy he can carry the team almost on his own but putting all that with Ben Simmons who is a near 7 foot point guard and you have something very special.  Ben Simmons may be able to record more triples doubles in his rookie season then Oscar Robertson’s 26 in his rookie season of 60-61.  Crazy, I know, but the guy is huge and loves going inside plus he passes the ball like a point guard.  Hid downfall is that he doesn’t have a consistent outside shot, but that won’t matter much when he is driving to the hoop against 6’2″ in guards.  Markelle Fultz is the unknown in this group.  It is going to take a few games for him to find his place in this offense.  The good thing is that the pressure is on JO JO and Ben Simmons, more Joel then Simmons.

Be ready for a fun season full of drama and action.  Embiid could quickly be the most popular player in the NBA with his outgoing personality and amazing ability.  This team will at a minimum be the 7 seed for the playoffs and coach Brown will finally be allowed to win some basketball games.  I feel bad for that guy because he put his career on hold for the process, and now he gets to finally show how good a coach he truly is.


The Sixers will win between 45 and 50 games this season

Ben Simmons wins Rookie of the Year

Ben Simmons breaks rookie record for triple doubles

Joel imposes his will on the entire league, and every on e is confused out how a man his size can shoot from anywhere.

Brett Brown is vindicated as a really good coach and not a puppet.

OH yeah and the 2018-2019 Free Agents start looking at Philadelphia as a place to play and win.

76ers Draft 2017

I have been waiting what feels like forever to have some form of good basketball back in Philadelphia.  We had a glimmer of hope last year before they shut down the roster.  This draft could be where the Sixers actually get a player that will play right out of of the gate.  That’s right, no weird injuries, no overseas contract, just hard basketball and excitement back in Philly.

The draft this year is loaded with talent and at number three spot the 76ers will have the chance to hopefully draft and impact player in Josh Jackson out of Kansas.   This guy has a good all around game, is patient, and has good size.  He has some ability to pass the rock as well.  He has a Lebron type of game play (This is not the next Lebron James – he is a once a generation player) and can do a lot on the floor.  At 6-8 he just continues to add size to an already large lineup with Ben Simmons Ben Simmons at 6-10 and Joel Embiid at 7-0.  The down fall the Sixers may get into a situation where there is to much young talent and not enough basketballs to go around.  Unselfish game play will be a must in the city of Brotherly love.

If the Sixers get beat and Jackson goes at #2 to the Lakers I only hope that they don’t take Lonzo Ball.  I am not saying this because I think his dad is crazy but everything is indicating that Ben Simmons is going to be your point guard.  So why would you draft another point guard unless you are going to move Simmons to the three (SF).  If you don’t get Jackson at three then the next logical pick should be Malik Monk.  Monk is widely considered the best pure shooter in this draft.  His 6-3 height is a little small at the #2 (SG) spot but with Ben Simmons being 6-10 he should draw larger defenders.  In either scenario the combination of Simmons and either Monk or Jackson is going to generate some awesome basketball.  The key to a playoff run is going to be the Health of Joel Embiid.

In the later rounds the Sixers should either package the picks to try and get a veteran on the team to help guide all this young talent or if they don’t package picks then it’s all about continuing to add shooters to the bench.  The Sixers are coming into a great spot where the can begin to get good and have an chance to add some amazing free agents in the next couple of years.  This all hinges on them staying healthy and being contenders.