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DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Holy Shit I had a lot of drinks this week.  From Orange crushes, Jameson and Ginger, to St. Bernarbus Wit, and Brother Thelonious.  A battle of the holy beers, with St. Bernarbus Wit easily coming out on top.  That was a damn good beer.  I’ll try to list all of them in some order but there is a good chance I am going to screw this post up.  The biggest reason is that I am drinking now so we will just go with whatever my fat ass hands can type.

I came into this week having picked up two beers that I would try but being on vacation I clearly have had far more than that.  Shock Top and Cage Radler have been my go to beers so far.  Two easy drinking summer beers.  These are the guys I would knock down while relaxing on the screened in porch here at the rental just talking about how relaxing this is and that we will make it an annual tradition.

Brother Thelonious and St. Bernarbus we two very different beers with the St. Bernarbus coming out on top.  This was a sweet beer and I think that it just fit in a bit better for the setting I was in.  I don’t match my beers with my food but with the good times I am having.  Summer brings out more of the sweeter beers like the Wits.  So in good fashion I will be picking this one up again.  I highly suggest it ro all.


Enjoying Dewey is easy all you have to do is show up and a party is going to break out. Each turn you take there is a place that is offering great drinks and great times.  This week there have been five places that I have enjoyed and I think you will all enjoy them as well.

#1.  This is a no brainer and most reading this are going to say no shit but The Starboard  is one of the greatest bars ever created by the beach gods.  I don’t believe this was built by man it is to mythical and to amazing to have been the creation of a mere mortal.


#2.  Listen if you want to relax, people watch, and enjoy some amazing beers you have to stop into the Dewey Beer Company.  I had three beers from there and bought up some swag, the buzz forced me to do it.  The beers in ranking order from Dewey Beer Company would be #1 Citra Wit #2 Social Kolsch #3 Summer Saison.  All awesome beers.

#3  Que Pasa offers some amazing outdoor seating where kids can go and play and you can eat some awesome wings, or the Mussels with Chorizo.  I enjoyed a wonderful Day Blazer and just chilled.


#4 Surf Side Bar  is a great pit stop for some good drinks and fun times.  On a walk from Dewey Town Hall I popped in just to grab a Sam’s Summer Ale to take the heat off.  They look small from the outside but the bar is deep and the good times are even deeper.


#5  Paradise Grill is off the charts fun.  Look this place is huge, has the best atmosphere for the family.  This place is bayside so it will either take a bit of a drive to get there, or my preferred method a night boat trip where you can dock at the place.  They have plenty of beers decent food and some good bands that play.


This week is slowing down and we are preparing to head into week #2 of this vacation.  Sunday you can catch me day drinking at the The Star Board stop in grab a selfie and a beer.

Never Drink Alone

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

Relax It’s Sunday

Another Great week down.  I had a good time at work this past week, enjoyed meeting some new people, headed out to the beach, and will be going to a brunch today to round out was has been a good week.  The only downfall of this week is that there are so many things and places I want to be that I get mad when I can’t make them all.  I missed the Ales vs. Lagers at Brick Works in Smyrna DeShoot out for Soldiers in Philadelphia, and couldn’t decide which group to hang out with on the beach.  I know tough right.  We decided to hang out with a new group because we love meeting new people.  The wife had a trip to Detroit that was cancelled due to multiple planes having mechanical issues and it was probably good that she never got on one.

After the wifes Detroit trip got cancelled she was able to attend her work BBQ where IMG_3697they had some awesome food including crabs from BNB Seafood that were delicous.  This week I also had a work BBQ but didn’t get to enjoy the same level off food.  We stayed traditional with just burgers and dogs.  I love getting together with co-workers even though if half of us a faking the enjoyment of each others company.  Stop you know it’s true everyone talks about how good it is to see everyone, then you split into your groups of people you actually like, then you talk shit on each other, then someone says when the hell are we getting out of here, then at the end you hug everyone and talk about how good it was to see them again.  I don’t care I enjoy hanging out and having a good time, plus I actually like everyone there.

We rounded out the week by heading to our safe place, the Beach.  We enjoyed hanging IMG_3714our with a different crowd, meeting some new people, seeing some people that we haven’t seen in a while, and just had a great time.  I drank some awesome beers  and the wife tried to reacreate the drink she had a Chesapeake Inn the last week.  It was good but not the same.  I knew I was settled in for the day once the fishing pole was in the water, kids in the sand, and the music rocking out.  We left the house around 645 in the morning to beat any traffic that might develope along the way.  This was a good strategy becuase we got there around 8 am.  We spent the day talking to as many people as we could, drank some good drinks, and cemented some new friendships.

Today we are heading down to Grain H2O to enjoy some brunch.  I stopped there the other day after to check it out and ran in to two people I didn’t think would be there.  I sat down next to an empty plate when I found the my buddy was there doing some work for the company he owns.  As we sat there and talked about the upcoming weekend I ran into a coworker who has a greater passions for beer than myself.  Chance meetings are always cool.  He was there with a buddy just enjoying a good afternoon sitting on the deck overlooking the marina.  If you get a chance try Cucumber Crush by 10 Barrel.   If you catch us out there stop by and chat for a bit.  We love company.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July Weekend – Enjoy some freedom, fire works, and fun.



DOW (Drinks of the Week)

This week we picked up a couple of 6 packs and headed to the Beach.  There’s nothing like packing up the Jeep and driving onto the drive on beach.  The regular beach is nice but it doesn’t even compare to the fun that you can have on the drive on.  You can bring everything you need out there, like grills, good times, Cornhole, (which is not a weird sexual move), fishing poles, a couch,  and everything else you could fit inside your jeep or truck.  If your not a fan of the ocean and the beach you can stop reading now.  Sorry for that outburst but it’s anti American to not like the beach.  The kids love it down there and could spend every moment hanging out and meeting new frineds.  Each time we go down the wife and I convince ourselves that we are going to get a beach house. Well maybe next time.

When I am on the Beach I enjoy lighter beers that don’t come off so heavy.  This week I went with Brooklyn Summer Ale and Two Roads Ol’Factory  to compliment the hot day.  Both were great picks and went perfect with the hot day and great company.  There was a mixed crowd of about twenty or more people. We got on the beach around 8 am it was cool and windy but the perfect morning to be out there.  We quickly set up the Block Rocker and got settled in for the day.  As  others showed up the grills got pulled out and everything from breakfast to brunch was being cooked up right there on the beach.  What a perfect morning.

I didn’t want to crack a beer to early but F#$% it we were on the beach.  I grabbed the Two Roads and used the bottle opener on my Jeep License plate to open it up.  The beer was a little shook up from the ride down and it money shot all over the back of the Jeep like a bad porno.  Rookie.  Bottle in hand it was down the old hatch with this lightly colored elixir.  DELICIOUS and as the temperature rose they just kept getting better.

Once I polished off the Two Roads it was onto the Brooklyn Summer Ale which is a great beer to take on the beach.  The only down fall is that it doesn’t make you feel like Jenny from the Block.  But it did make me dance a little.   This is a great summer time ale and would be good either on the Beach, back yard BBQ, or a city block party.

If you come across either one of these beers I would encourage you, no wait, you must drink these outside with friends.  These beers are not to be wasted while you sit inside and watch movies about other people having good times.  Grab a sixer of these and go make some memories.

FullSizeRender (12)

We will be taking our talents to Grain H2O at the Summit Marina for brunch.  If you are feeling up to and catch us there grab a selfie and drink.  Would love you here your story.

Never Drink alone

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Relax It’s Sunday

Wow what a good week.  I have an unhealthy love for the summer time.  21 June marked the official beginning of summer and the unofficial beginning of good times.  We ensured that we started the weekend a little early, like Thursday night.  DP and his family came by the house, we had a great night out Friday night with an unexpected couple, met a cool Uber driver, and went to a birthday party on Saturday were I agreed to by my kid a four-wheeler.  I don’t know what I was thinking on that last part.  Nothing really notable for the work week do it being pretty quiet.

Thursday was an unexpected night were DP and the family stopped by.  DP brought over some Kona Beer’s and a sixer of Troegs Sunshine Pils.  We sat in the garage and BS’d for a while.  It’s always nice to just sit and enjoy the night with family.  We talked about the everything from highschool, to getting old.  It’s funny to look back and realize how long we have known each other.  We also confirmed out future plans of learning to play the bag pipes, getting motorcycle licenses, and we are going to fly single engine planes.  We have strong ambitions to become the most interesting people ever.

Friday night we went out to Chesapeake Inn and had a blast with a couple we don’t usually hang out with.  That of course will now change considering the amount of fun we had, it’s nice to form new friendships.  The night was filled with laughs, dancing, drinking, and just a flat out awesome time.  I did manage to time travel a bit, but did wake up in my bed.  I also had mystery vomit that took a couple of hours to locate.  It went undetected so long that I thought I made it up in my head.  My 8-year-old was the lucky winner to find it.

After brushing of the cob webs and throwing down a bloody mary, Saturday was off to a hot start.   We went over to a friend’s house who was having a birthday party for there six year old.  This was perfect because we could take the kids over and let them get wore out playing and going down the giant inflatable water slide.  Saturday turned into the day that I agreed to purchase a lot of things.  First I believe that I am going into business of renting our giant inflatable slides, and I am buying a four-wheeler for my 8-year-old.  This caused my wife to give me one of those looks.  Yeah that look that you’re doing right now, don’t judge me it sounded good when I agree to it.

Sunday is clean up day.  I decided to stay home and do some cleaning while the wife is heading out to Chesapeake Inn for a Ladies day brunch thingy.  I really didn’t know what else to call it but it’s brunch and Mimosa’s so she should have a good time.  Later today we have a meeting for Little Pro Football as DP, Adam, and myself get ready to start another season of coaching the kids.  For DP and myself we are heading into our third season now and we hope to be the favorites this year.  It is exciting watching these kids grow.  My fall should be jam-packed with football and Rylee wants to play soccer again.

All in all another great week down and some more memories created.  New friendships cemented and old ones just continue to grow.  Summer time is off and running and we going to spend it chasing good times.  Take today to sit back and reflect on a great week that was.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.


DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Well this week I don’t come to you with a specific drink.  This week I bring a venue that is awesome and the good time we had with an unexpected couple.  This week we hopped on a chance to have dinner and drinks with a couple that we don’t normally hang out with.  We all follow each other on social media but have never actually had a night out before.  So when they said they were heading out for dinner we jumped at the chance to catch up with them for dinner and drinks.

It was about 6 when our UBER driver pulled up to take us to Chesapeake Inn.  The driver, Na’Sha, who just happens to live a block away. pulled up in front of the house to take us out.  I love UBER because you get to meet really interesting people.  Na’Sha, a mother of three, who is a nurse out of Philadelphia was also working a creating a healthy brand of baby food.  She drove the UBER for her side hustle to pay for everything that goes into trying to create the line of baby food.  I love hearing about people who are willing to work so hard.  During our drive we also found out that her middle child and our oldest were in the same class together in school.  We did and up convincing her that her and her husband should go to Chesapeake Inn this weekend.  The world gets really small when you start to talk to people.

We got to Chesapeake Inn around 630 and moved up to the bar to order drinks and wait on the other couple.  They were running late because there babysitter was stuck in traffic.  So me and the wife sat and chatted for a bit.  The weather was a perfect and the tiki bar was packed full of people.  The wife order an Orange Crush and I got a Sam Adams Summer Ale.  The Orange Crush is one those perfect summer drinks.  After two rounds of that we decided to get a table as the other couple got closer to their arrival.

Mike and Tina arrived around 730.  We were on our third drinks at this point and had scarfed down some delicious crab dip.  It took all of about two minutes to realize that we were going to have a good night.  Nikki ordered a drink that was some fruity concoction IMG_3671of fruit, vodka, and amazing.  I stuck with the Summer ales and I can no longer recall what Mike and Tina got.  We all ordered sushi, yeah sushi, it was F#$%^&* Amazing.  Nikki got the Hairy Mexican and I got the TNT Roll.  Mike and Tina destroyed what look like ten rolls.  We sat and talked about so many different things it was really awesome.  You would have thought that we had all been hanging out like this for years  with the conversations being so natural.  Not once was there and uncomfortable pause where we would all have to stare at each other.  After dinner it was to the dance floor.

I think it was 80’s night and there was band playing whose lead singer was a little fella who really believed that he was bigger than he was, it was cute watching him sing like a big boy.  I decided to move onto Jack and Diet and dance at the senior citizen party that was taking place on the dance floor.  I felt like the flash when he is running at light speed and everyone else is slowly moving around him.  About ten minutes into this I began  to feel the effects of the time traveler.  We all danced and had a great time so I have been told.  I tried to order an UBER but my brain and hands were talking two different languages.  Mike was kind enough to get one for all of us.  It was at this point that I entered a new dimension and before I knew it I woke up in my bed.  Once again a succesful time travel session.

I woke up Saturday morning not knowing if I got sick our not.  There wasn’t any evidence of this taking place but my body felt as if it got sick.  I spent most of the morning searching for the evidence like I was searching for murderous clues.  The wife couldn’t confirm my getting sick and I began to believe that it was all made in my head.  Then the wife hears my oldest say “Mommy what is all over your sink.”  Vindicated and a bit disgusted.  At some point during the night I stumbled into the bathroom and got sick in the wife’s sink.  My bad, I got some Clorox wipes and cleaned up my nasty little mess.  I headed back downs stairs and poured a bloody Mary using Sucker Punch Bloody Mary Mix,  Bay Vodka, and some sun and I was back on my feet.


Take a chance at hanging out with a couple that you haven’t hung out with before.  This helped start what I believe to be a fun new friendship.  We are overly surprised and happy with the outcome of last night and can’t wait to hang out again.   Surround yourself with fun people and go have a good time.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

We started off the weekend with a variety pack from Yards Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company.  These are two great companies that make some really good beers.  These packs were picked up to help kick off a great weekend of hanging out with some great people and remembering why we have this weekend to celebrate.  It’s Memorial Day weekend and we pay tribute to those who defended the freedoms that we get to celebrate this weekend.  I know I will take a moment to pause and thank them in my own way.

I enjoyed these brews in the following Order:

  1.  New Belgium Juicy Watermelon – Great Summer beer that isn’t overly sweet.
  2.  New Belgium Fat Tire – This is a great Amber Ale and drinkable all year around.
  3.  New Belgium Citradelic – Another good summer beer
  4.  Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale
  5.  Yards Brawler
  6.  New Belgium Voodoo Ranger
  7.  Yards Love Stout
  8.  Yards IPA

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Friday was a day of cleaning around the house.  This started off with the right intentions but turned into us sitting and drinking on the deck.  The wife stuck to her wine and I drank the beers.  We brought the Block Rocker on the deck, this is an awesome blue tooth speaker, and listened to music and talked.  The weather was nice so it was great to sit outside and just enjoy the day.  The kids played inside and outside all day.  We stayed outside until about 8 or 9 when the temperature dropped to a point that it was more comfortable inside.  I really need to add a fire pit to the back yard.

Saturday we went to a buddy’s house and basically got tanked.  Yeah I time traveled.  I wasIMG_3457 drinking something called Joey Z’s Juice.  I don’t know how many I had but it sent me to the outer limits of time and space.  I woke up Sunday morning thinking I was in my own bed.  Guess what I wasn’t, nope, and the best part is I don’t remember how I got to the bed I was in.   Long story short is that I got drunk enough to fall asleep at a table and someone had the grand idea to take me back home.  That was a great move, the wife would soon follow.

Sunday was a day on the boat.  We headed out to hit the high seas or just the bay.  Event though the weather was a bit over cast we still made a day of it.  Beers, music, and non stop Corn Hole.  The are wax nice and not packed at all.  The area was not packed and everyone just hung out.  We made burgers and dogs on the boat.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed a relaxing day without wi-fi.  These kids all seem to love the beach and playing with virtually anyone.

This week we made some new friends, and met up with some old ones.  If you ever find yourself at Joey Z’s stay the hell away from his juice.  It will surely make you time travel or fall asleep during daylight hours because you can’t handle the good stuff.  As far as the beers go for this week pick up a case or two of both the Yards and New Belgium, you wont be disappointed.

See you in the Future


DOW (Drinks of the Week)

So after a long week of trying to solve issues that I can’t control it was nice to finally get to a point where I could relax and get down on some beers.  Saturday night was a great night, where DP and I just sat and chatted for hours.  We did this while drinking a combination of beers.  Two came from The Crooked Hammock in Lewes, Delaware and the other was Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale.

The Crooked Hammock Brewery

The Crooked Hammock is an amazing place to go eat, drink, and just relax.  They have found a way to create basically the coolest back yard setting for it’s guest with picnic tables, fire pit, play set, and plenty of good times.   I don’t know how they get people out of there.  I would definitely go there with a group and just enjoy a nice early summer day.

crooked Hammock

DP was in that area on Friday so he picked up two Growlers for us to sit back and enjoy.  D got Shoobie Belgian Blonde Ale, that neither of us particularly enjoyed.  It almost had a burnt nutty kinda of taste.  Now this didn’t stop us from drinking it though.  We sat in his 4 season room with two Growlers on the table and plenty of stories to recall.  My Growler was a Belgian Tripel called the Kornheiser  and was really good.

Sweet Water Brewing Company

SweetWater 420

Based off of suggestions this week I picked up Sweet Waters 420 Extra Pale Ale.  I don’t normally go for Pale Ales but this one was pretty good.  I think it worked only because of the fish on the bottle.  I expected it to taste like a salty fish, but was actually happy once the smooth flavor hit my mouth.  This may be all made up because I had just finished 64 ounces of Belgian Triple.  I didn’t time travel but I could hear the engines firing up.

I’ll take any suggestions you may have.  I got a list of craft beers I will be looking for.


See you I the Future – Thee Time Traveler


This week I enjoyed three new beers, two by the same company and one that I only picked up because I like the way the can looked.  Two were from Nesahminy Creek Brewing Company, and one from 10 Barrel Brewing company.  I enjoyed these the only way I knew how and that was on my deck.

It was Friday night and the night was perfect, no wind 70 plus degrees and not a single bug to bother us.  We started on the deck around 6pm and enjoyed the next few hours just sitting, drinking, and talking about times past and times to come.  I think we managed to plan three more vacations, which we may only actually take one.  I can tell you that the night seemed to drag on which was fine by me, because like I said it was a beautiful night.  We knew that we had to go to bed early because of an early soccer tournament the next day, but we were willing to risk running a little behind just to have this relaxing moment.

I’ll tell you that as a parent there are few times when you can take a deep breath and relax in the silence of your partner.  There were moments where we didn’t say much but knew exactly what the other one was saying.

I know that this hasn’t talked about the beer that much and that’s only because they were GREAT!  I know this because one I didn’t have to dump any of them out and two because I just kept refilling my cup.


Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

I went to my local liquor store in search of some new brews to try.  I was rummaging through the craft beer area when a great bug fella wearing a tank top told me about the beer tasting up front.  Well Shit man tell me no more I said, and off I went.  Standing there was a bro serving delicious elixirs for free.  He explained then in terms I don’t understnad but I did manage to get him to pour them in those plastic shot glasses and yes I did try all seven.  Each one I shook my head in aggreance with the distcription that he gave me.  No sir I don’t taste the coconut on the back, and I sure as shit don’t smell any notes.  I didn’t care much for the stouts or IPA’s that they had, only because that’s not my style of beer, but the Hefeweizen was good and the Tripel Belgian was good.  You know I got a sixer of each.  Now that my mouth was feeling great I went back in search of some more beer.

10 Barrel Brewing Company:

10 Barrel Pub Brew comes in as basic a can as you can make it, nothing fancy just black and white.  The beer was a lager, and please don’t be mistaken by the basic design, the lager was delicious.  I won’t tell you its the best I have ever had but I will say it’s a great beer especially after a long day, or just a normal day, or because it’s 10 Am and you don’t want to be judeged, so fuck off it’s my liver.   Screw it I am having another.  This is a good beer just to keep in that garage fridge, I would tell you that it’s a good go to beer.  I plan on putting some more in their this week.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold one.  You don’t need a reason you only need company.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

DOW (Drinks of the Week) The Ireland Edition

The DOW will be about the  various beers and stills that I had during our recent trip to Dublin.  We visited many different Pubs and met some pretty awesome people.  The Emerald Isle has so much to offer but the pub culture is truly an Amazing time.  I’ll Give you a run down of the Pubs we visited and the drinks I had there.  Some will have links to see them, and some don’t have websites



This was a place we stopped in a couple of mornings and found that it was a good way to start the day.  Rose the bartender was a nice lady who knew everyone that came into the Pub.  She was also very helpful with places to see and maybe some places not to see.  On back to back mornings we stopped in and the wife got a Jameson and Ginger Ale, and I got a pint of Guinness.  Nothing to fancy or crazy but it was the atmosphere that was great.


L. Mulligan Grocer


Probably our favorite bar, the bartenders were great and chatted with us on different occasions.  My wife’s favorite was Harry “Prince Harry” the English lad working an Irish bar.  There was Gary who we talked to on several occasions.  I would try  a few different drinks at L. Mulligans.  The first was the BOG HOPPER Dirty Chick, followed by Bloody Elles, and a whiskey called Writers Tears.  The last few came of a list of mystery beers.  All were decent drinks and only added to the good times we had there.  Also you have to try the Scotch Eggs, and the Burger, they are excellent.  Needless to say I had a lot of different drinks at this place.

Oscars Cafe and Bar

Located in Smithfield Square this place was a bit more trendy and offered a great spot to stop and grab brunch.   You wouldn’t sit there all day drinking but the indoor and outdoor seating offered a place to relax and enjoy the day.  If you are in to people watching as much as I am this is the place to go to.  The Square is host to a wide variety of people that are walking about.  The food is delicious as well.  The Wife got a veggie burger with chips (French Fries), and got a regular burger with sweet potato chips.  The beer at this place was the Galway Hooker, and Irish Pale Ale.  Usually not my cup of tea but not bad with the burger.  The square was alive with festivities celebrating the Easter Rising, this was to celebrate the Irish rebellion in 1916, so we sat and people watched for a bit before heading out to enjoy the Rest of our day. The best part of the Square is that you never know who you will run into.


Brazen Head – The Oldest Pub in Ireland est. 1198

Side Brazen

From the front the pub looks as if it will be tiny, but once you get through the threshold you find some great indoor and outdoor seating areas.  We choose indoor and boy did we choose right.  The history of this bar can be seen all around but one of the cooler things is that the bar had dollar bills from all over the world taped and tacked to the walls, also there were patches from various first responders, law enforcement and military.  Very cool, each bill was someones story and each patch was someones life.  Gary the bartender, (different from the other Gary) was very helpful in giving us some tour suggestions.  The drinks were simple here just Jameson and Ginger Ale.

O’Sheas Merchant

Closer to the action and down the street from Brazen Head O’Shea’s was a lot like L. Mulligans and the food was good.  Here I got a tall glass of Hop House 13, which is a plane lager that is made by Guinness.  This was a good beer that and goes down easy.  Caroline the bartender was friendly like most places, and suggested the fish and chips for the wife.  The fish was great, I myself got a Panini with roast beef and cheese.  Both meals came with plenty of chips also.

The Next few Bars I won’t go to deep into not because we didn’t like them but because we were in full Pub Hopping Mode and didn’t stay that long at any of them.  Just wanted to pop in, grab a beer, and hustle to the next one.

Peadar Kearney’s Pub


Smaller on the inside and is named of the man who wrote the National Anthem for Ireland.

The Temple Bar


Very Trendy bar with a lot of tourists running a muck like most of the bars in the TEMPLE BAR area.  Yes there is an actual Temple Bar that resides in the area of TEMPLE BAR.  This is confusing I know, try being a bit tipsy and trying to figure out if there is an actual temple bar. The bar is big and offers good drinks, not as much hospitality, because it is so busy, there is some live music, and for the most part is a  very fun place, especially if you can get a place to sit and enjoy it.

The Old Storehouse


Great place, my kinda joint good beers, and live music as well.  You get some good ole Irish music in this bar.  I like that I could sit at the bar get a pint turn around and watch the performer.

The Auld Dubliner

A bit smaller than the Old Storehouse, but a lively place with a live artist, and plenty of good times.

Bad Bobs


A packed house much like The Temple Bar, but trendy and a good time.

Tommy O’Gara’s –  Sorry thats all I got.

Vat House Bar

Sorry No Photo .  We will blame this on being tired and Slightly Intoxicated.

I did enjoy the Hop House 13 Though
This was the last pub that we tried out.  They had straw hats on the tables that you could wear.  We only stayed for one drink and talked to a bartender whose name was Promise, you can’t make that up, he appeared to be of Persian but was a great guy.

The last two we saved because they aren’t really pubs, yet small pieces of heaven.  The Guinness Storehouse is where you can view Dublin amongst the clouds and the Jameson Distillery Tour is equally amazing.  If you go to Dublin do these tours you will not be disappointed.

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Get you butts over to Dublin and Have a Few

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Before I get started on the drinks I had this week I want to give props to a local Craft Beer Brewer, Blue Earl Brewing.  They took on Delaware’s craft beer heavy weights in the Odessabrewfest.com brew bracket challenge and came out victourious.   One of the younger craft beers in the state, I was happy to see them win the challenge.  The Odessa Brew Fest is an awesome event that bring the community together and you get to enjoy some really awesome beers.  I was a bit tied up with a wedding so I was not able to enjoy, but was able to show some love on social media in support of Blue Earl.  blueearlbrewing.com

This week I threw back a wide variety of drinks.  I picked up another variety pack, had some Troegs, Allagash and enjoyed some Moscow Mules.  Yes you are correct my liver is not happy with me, I also forgot to mention that I went to Iron Hill Brewery in Wilmington and enjoyed some of their beer also.  You say drunk, I say good times.  Judge me I don’t care.

First Group of Beers:  Abita Brewing   Abita.com


First go to the website of these Cajun cats and look at the recipes that they have.  Pretty awesome right, your welsome.   The Party Pack was good and provided a bunch of different flavors.  The bottles were fun and the names fit the beers.  The Purple Haze may have been my favorite in the box, but the Amber was good also.  I didnt’ care too much for the Blueberry but that’s because I don’t like my beers fruity at all, with the exception of a Shock Top, or Blue Moon.  I would pick this up again just because it has such a wide variety that the name Party Pack fits it to a T.  Grab one of these is you have friends coming over that all like different brews and you could probably find on in this box that they would enjoy.

Earlier in the week I had Troegs LaGrave. troegs.com


The LaGrave comes in a 4 pack with a cork in it.  These were good, and I especially enjoyed them outside with some friends.  The only small problem was that the liquor store had them in a fridge and some mold got on the cork.  That didn’t stop me though I popped the cork and enjoy this cold delicious brew.  This may have been the best beer I had all week.

Iron Hill Brewery – ironhillbrewery.com

I love this place.  We spent the evening enjoying great food, friends, and beer for a rehearsal dinner.  If you haven’t been I would suggest stopping in and getting a table outside up stairs.  Great views and on a cool summer night, time just slips away.  I had a couple of their beers, the Vienna Lager, a Pumpkin, and a Belgian.  The Belgian was my favorite followed by the Pumpkin then the Lager.   You’ll notice that I really enjoy Belgians.  Iron Hill makes a good one.

Allagash – allagash.com


This was my last beer for the week.  Me and DP stopped at Cantwells in Oddessa Delaware to finish off a great sunday and a great weekend.  If you haven’t been to Cantwells, well your just wrong.  Either way I had the Allagash Belgian and loved it.  I was only able to put one down but it was well worth it.  The bar tender was cool and made good conversation, and the beer helped end a great week, even though I was falling asleep at the bar.  Yeah I guess I was a little tired.  Pop Pop can only take so much.   cantwells-tavern.com

Well we’ll see what this week brings me. I hope to find some new drinks and some new friends.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler