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And So it Begins: UPDATE 7 APRIL 18

So I thought it would be proper to update this since the Sixers just beat the Cavs putting them at 49 Wins for the season.  Below is the article that I wrote at the beginning of the season.  The most glaring to stand out was that I though the Sixers would win between 45-50 games this season.  Now you’ll see that I thought Simmons would break the rookie record for triple doubles.  I may have been off a bit but 2nd most all time for a rookie is pretty damn good.  Also Embiid proved to be the most dominant force on the court.  I will say I screwed up a little by saying they would at least be a 7 seed.  My bad, I didn’t know they would be the 3 or 4 seed.  I can’t get em all right.