DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Holy Shit I had a lot of drinks this week.  From Orange crushes, Jameson and Ginger, to St. Bernarbus Wit, and Brother Thelonious.  A battle of the holy beers, with St. Bernarbus Wit easily coming out on top.  That was a damn good beer.  I’ll try to list all of them in some order but there is a good chance I am going to screw this post up.  The biggest reason is that I am drinking now so we will just go with whatever my fat ass hands can type.

I came into this week having picked up two beers that I would try but being on vacation I clearly have had far more than that.  Shock Top and Cage Radler have been my go to beers so far.  Two easy drinking summer beers.  These are the guys I would knock down while relaxing on the screened in porch here at the rental just talking about how relaxing this is and that we will make it an annual tradition.

Brother Thelonious and St. Bernarbus we two very different beers with the St. Bernarbus coming out on top.  This was a sweet beer and I think that it just fit in a bit better for the setting I was in.  I don’t match my beers with my food but with the good times I am having.  Summer brings out more of the sweeter beers like the Wits.  So in good fashion I will be picking this one up again.  I highly suggest it ro all.


Enjoying Dewey is easy all you have to do is show up and a party is going to break out. Each turn you take there is a place that is offering great drinks and great times.  This week there have been five places that I have enjoyed and I think you will all enjoy them as well.

#1.  This is a no brainer and most reading this are going to say no shit but The Starboard  is one of the greatest bars ever created by the beach gods.  I don’t believe this was built by man it is to mythical and to amazing to have been the creation of a mere mortal.


#2.  Listen if you want to relax, people watch, and enjoy some amazing beers you have to stop into the Dewey Beer Company.  I had three beers from there and bought up some swag, the buzz forced me to do it.  The beers in ranking order from Dewey Beer Company would be #1 Citra Wit #2 Social Kolsch #3 Summer Saison.  All awesome beers.

#3  Que Pasa offers some amazing outdoor seating where kids can go and play and you can eat some awesome wings, or the Mussels with Chorizo.  I enjoyed a wonderful Day Blazer and just chilled.


#4 Surf Side Bar  is a great pit stop for some good drinks and fun times.  On a walk from Dewey Town Hall I popped in just to grab a Sam’s Summer Ale to take the heat off.  They look small from the outside but the bar is deep and the good times are even deeper.


#5  Paradise Grill is off the charts fun.  Look this place is huge, has the best atmosphere for the family.  This place is bayside so it will either take a bit of a drive to get there, or my preferred method a night boat trip where you can dock at the place.  They have plenty of beers decent food and some good bands that play.


This week is slowing down and we are preparing to head into week #2 of this vacation.  Sunday you can catch me day drinking at the The Star Board stop in grab a selfie and a beer.

Never Drink Alone

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

We started off the weekend with a variety pack from Yards Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company.  These are two great companies that make some really good beers.  These packs were picked up to help kick off a great weekend of hanging out with some great people and remembering why we have this weekend to celebrate.  It’s Memorial Day weekend and we pay tribute to those who defended the freedoms that we get to celebrate this weekend.  I know I will take a moment to pause and thank them in my own way.

I enjoyed these brews in the following Order:

  1.  New Belgium Juicy Watermelon – Great Summer beer that isn’t overly sweet.
  2.  New Belgium Fat Tire – This is a great Amber Ale and drinkable all year around.
  3.  New Belgium Citradelic – Another good summer beer
  4.  Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale
  5.  Yards Brawler
  6.  New Belgium Voodoo Ranger
  7.  Yards Love Stout
  8.  Yards IPA

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Friday was a day of cleaning around the house.  This started off with the right intentions but turned into us sitting and drinking on the deck.  The wife stuck to her wine and I drank the beers.  We brought the Block Rocker on the deck, this is an awesome blue tooth speaker, and listened to music and talked.  The weather was nice so it was great to sit outside and just enjoy the day.  The kids played inside and outside all day.  We stayed outside until about 8 or 9 when the temperature dropped to a point that it was more comfortable inside.  I really need to add a fire pit to the back yard.

Saturday we went to a buddy’s house and basically got tanked.  Yeah I time traveled.  I wasIMG_3457 drinking something called Joey Z’s Juice.  I don’t know how many I had but it sent me to the outer limits of time and space.  I woke up Sunday morning thinking I was in my own bed.  Guess what I wasn’t, nope, and the best part is I don’t remember how I got to the bed I was in.   Long story short is that I got drunk enough to fall asleep at a table and someone had the grand idea to take me back home.  That was a great move, the wife would soon follow.

Sunday was a day on the boat.  We headed out to hit the high seas or just the bay.  Event though the weather was a bit over cast we still made a day of it.  Beers, music, and non stop Corn Hole.  The are wax nice and not packed at all.  The area was not packed and everyone just hung out.  We made burgers and dogs on the boat.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed a relaxing day without wi-fi.  These kids all seem to love the beach and playing with virtually anyone.

This week we made some new friends, and met up with some old ones.  If you ever find yourself at Joey Z’s stay the hell away from his juice.  It will surely make you time travel or fall asleep during daylight hours because you can’t handle the good stuff.  As far as the beers go for this week pick up a case or two of both the Yards and New Belgium, you wont be disappointed.

See you in the Future