Relax It’s Sunday

Well it was a another great week and we had some good times.  I don’t normally like to rush time but this week we leave for a two-week vaca to Dewey Beach.  If you know me at all you know I love the beach.  The biggest part of this week was that I had the fortune to take a three-day trip to Niantic, Connecticut this week also.  This is a great little bay town with good food and great people.

The week moved slow in the beginning but has quickly picked up speed as we get closer to our family vacation in Dewey Beach, Delaware.  If you have never been there it is one of the best social beach areas on the east coast.  If you love the beach night life this is the place to go.  There are multiple places to go to have a great time such as  The StarboardBottle and CorkDewey Beer Co. , and the Light House  just name a few.  You will find me at almost every one of those over the next two weeks.  Especially the Starboard on Sunday for Bloody Mary’s.  You if happen to find us down there stop for a drink and a story.

My Three day trip to Niantic was awesome.  There are a few establishments in both Niantic and New London that are fun and have good eats and drinks.  I would start off byIMG_2831 trying The Black Sheep Public House for a drink, a conversation, and some good eats.  After you stop there head out and just enjoy walking around town and getting to know people.  When we stopped in at the Black Shdep we got to talking to bartender and found out that she attended the University Delaware.  I have partied in that town a million times.  The planet is really small when you just stop and talk to people.  While we are hanging out down in Dewey the wife and I get to plan our long weekend in Hollywood Florida in August.  I can’t wait.

If you can find me stop and grab a selfie and tell us your story.  We love meeting new people and having a good time.

Life is short stop worrying about tomorrow – Thee Time Traveler.

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

We traveled to a couple of small towns in Connecticut this week to find some decent places to drink.  These bay towns offer a different view and some different beers.  We traveled to Niantic, CT and New London which are to awesome towns that sit on the Niantic Bay.  The views are great and the people are great also.  This is one of those places you can come to and relax and not have to worry about a busy night life. This isn’t Dewey Beach which is more for partying than relaxing.  The seafood up in Niantic makes it worth the trip also.  Good Bars, Good People, and Good Beers, totally made this trip worth it.

The first bar we visited was the The Black Sheep Public House.  This bar has an old IMG_2833school pub feel to it.  We pulled up to the bar and began a conversation with the bartender.  Low and behold she went to college in Delaware.  It’s unreal how small this world is.  The beer list had some new beers on it and made it difficult to choose from.  I stuck with a local from the area and chose Captains Daughter from Grey Sail Brewing out of Rhode Island.  If you like Double IPA’s then have at it, but I didn’t like the way she felt in my mouth.

Bar #2 was a joint called Fat Boys Kitchen and Bar that overlooked the New London Harbor and had a train that went by about a thousand times in an hour.  This bar and IMG_2841 (1)many other bars are on Bank Street in New London.  This road travels against the water and offers some great views while you enjoy some good food and drinks.  At Fat Boys I went with Smiley Blue Pils from Stevens Point Brewery.  This was an easy drinking Pils and more my taste.  It was nice sitting and drinking and looking out over the harbor.  If you go there I would suggest getting the Fried Cucumber and the Scallop Tacos.  Wow.

Bar# 3 was a little different from the last two but had 50 beers on tap.  Yup 50, and they could make some pretty wild cocktails also.  This bar is more built for the millennials like the guy that was on his laptop at the bar.  Come on bro get a drink and tell a story shithead.  Sorry I am sure he had something really important that couldn’t wait.  So back to me, I decided to stick with something on the lighter side and went with Back East Brewing’s Summer Ale.  This was IMG_2844 (1)a good choice and went down well.  Some of the other beers that were there were Metric Pilsner from Industrial Arts BrewingDog Fish Heads Alternate #5, a sour beer, and many other beers from all over the area.

Beer #, well honestly who the F@#$ is counting.  So I picked up a variety pack from Cisco Brewers.  It’s was just ok, yeah that is probably the best way to describe it as just ok.  The beers weren’t mind-blowing or leave an impact at all.  The Pale Ale was the best one in the pack.

If you ever get a chance head up to Connecticut and have a good time.  There is plenty of beer and plenty of good times to be had by all.

Remember Never Drink Alone

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

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