Relax It’s Sunday

Coming to you guys a bit late this Sunday because my body is still adjusting to post vacation life.  Being away from home for two weeks means that there is a lot to do around the house, so that’s what we did.  I am now sitting here trying to put something together to reflect on the awesome week that we had.

Sunday Funday at the Starboard lasted about 4 hours for me until I blacked out and had to go home.  That was at about 3 in the afternoon.  I have to thank the Selfie king for that one, he hooked us up with drinks.  They went down real well.  I am pretty sure I saw Elvis.  We ate and drank until I literally couldn’t stand anymore.  I am pretty sure that I saw some other people I know there but can’t recall.

The rest of the week I had to try to work while the wife and kids hung out on the beach.  At night we did plenty from going to Fun Land in Rehoboth, to Papa Grandes, or just hanging on the porch and enjoying each other’s company.   We also sat one night and ate at Jimmys Grill who has one of the best outdoor eating areas around.  The chicken is really good also.

Friday came to fast and we decided to start packing up most everything and preparing to head out early on Saturday.  The plan was great until we began drinking.  It kinda went to shit after that.  The wife invited an old high school buddy over who turned out to be pretty awesome.  We spent the night talking and making each other laugh, well it was more like I was hosting a comedic show with a limited audience.  I was just happy everyone was cool and we could all just have a good time.

Sadly Saturday was the day to leave.  We all said our goodbyes to the beach house and IMG_2986headed off into the rain.  The traffic was light and we got home pretty quickly.  There is nothing like coming home after being away for a bit.  The cat was happy to see us and we off loaded everything pretty quickly.   Once done we began to decompress, and when I say decompress I mean sit on the couch.  I had a football draft to attend for the team I help coach so my nap was to come later.  The wife on the other hand got some well deserved rest.

The wife has already booked the beach house again for next year.  We are excited to start making this a family tradition.  The girls had a great time and we made more memories than we can count.  We were able to make some Long Live Dewey and the good times that have been had there.

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

In the two weeks that I was in Dewey I tried to never go to the same place twice, well except for The Starboard.  You yall know how I feel about that place.  There are enough places to go in Dewey that you don’t have to eat and drink at the same place twice, and if you go up the highway a bit there are even more great joints.  The Delaware Beach community of Dewey, Lewes, and Rehoboth are all great towns with Dewey being the most active as far as night life goes.  It seems like everyone has their own signature drink or a beer made for them.

The one six-pack that I picked up was Groove City from RAR Brewing.  This was a delicious Hefeweizen.  This was a random six-pack that I grabbed.  I like Hefeweizens and this one did not disappoint.  The german style beer went down smoothly and was awesome.  Grab a sixer if you can find one and enjoy.

FullSizeRender (17)

The Crooked Hammock is one of the coolest beach restaurant/brewers you can go to.  Great food, outdoor seating, and plenty of activities to keep the kids busy while you enjoy some great beers.  This may be my second favorite place to go to at the beach.  I IMG_2932think that the only downfall is that the place is too good.  It gets crowded so the waits can be long.  They may need to get bigger but I am sure that wont help them.  It’s part of being awesome everyone wants to be there.  The Two beers that I tried were the Shoobie, and Actively Fishing.  Check them out here BEERS.

A much smaller place but a Dewey Staple is Woody’s Bar and Grill.  They have their own Woody’s Pale Ale that isn’t bad either.  The main reason you want to go there is because of the amazing crab cakes that they have.  Once you get that start drinking those pale ale’s.  This place is tight so get there early and grab a seat at the bar.

My body has been detoxing most of today so that’s why this is late coming out.  The night before we left we decided it would be a great idea to have drinks.  This actually turned out well, I ended up drinking rum straight from the bottle and Absolute Vodka.  This worked great because the people who showed up I had never met before and I was on my comedic A game.  Jerry you have an epic fucking beard bro.

Oh yeah I left out Sunday Day Drinking at the Starboard because I only remember pieces of it.  Here are some of the things I remember.

  1.  I took a Selfie with a crackhead
  2. Elvis was there
  3. I lost about 6 hours
  4. The bloody’s were awesome
  5. The Selfie King got on the Sign
  6. During the Blackout I went and Got pizza from Mama Celeste’s.

Remember Never Drink alone

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.