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DOW (Drinks of the Week ) Hamburg Brewing Company

This past week plenty of beer was needed and needed badly.  We were able to get our hands on two brews from a Western New York brewer in Hamburg Brewing Company.  This week we took the edge off with their “Hoppenstance,” and “OMS” brews.  If your ever in the Buffalo area just travel about twenty minutes south and check out one of the nicest breweries around.  Let’s get on with the Fact’s, CHEERS!!!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Bronx Brewing Company

This past week we enjoyed a couple of brews from Bronx Brewing Company out of New York.  I was able to get my hands on these via a good buddy that travels to New York a few times a year.  His family has one of those lakeside places that make you jealous.  Sometimes the photos look so great that I am beginning to think the place is made up.  I know one thing though, the beer sure as hell isn’t.  Thanks, Chris, now onto the brews!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Prost Brewing Company

This review is slightly delayed since I have taken a break from my debauchery for a couple of weeks. I had to let the mind and body heal after what I call eating season. That is a period from November to January in which I overindulge in food and drink. Prost happened to be my brew of choice to ring in the new year. I joyfully enjoyed their Kolsch and Dunkel. Here are the facts.

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Iowa Brewing Company

Established in 2016 after years of planning Iowa Brewing Company opened it’ doors.  Born out of tragedy these guys came together to make great beers in a great beer community.  After flooding had destroyed their previous business these guys went to work in creating something awesome.  They could have packed up and left, instead, they joined forces with some great folks and began making good beers.  Enough chit-chat lets look at the FACTS:  CHEERS BOYS!!!!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): CORE Brewing Company

Established in 2010 Core Brewing Company has quickly established it’s self in the craft beer market of Arkansas.  Not only has the joint become a great brewer but they have opened multiple brewpubs called the Core Public House.  Maybe one day I’ll get the courage up to do my own thing, meanwhile, I’ll live vicariously through others.  So here’s to you CORE, Cheers!!!! ONTO THE FACTS:

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Payette Brewing Company

This week we give you Idaho’s largest craft brewery, Payette Brewing Company.  These guys are making beer hand over fist and feature a ton of great brews.  They have plenty of year-round brews and then some limited releases as well.  This week we will be trying out two of their brews “Recoil” and “Rodeo.”