Relax it’s Sunday

It’s a special Sunday today because it’s Fathers Day.  So sit back have some beer, tell some dad jokes, and enjoy a great day.  Hopefully the weather is great wherever you are and you can do some awesome stuff.  I am back from being off the grid for two weeks and ready to get back to work.  I enjoyed a good two weeks doing some dude type stuff and being around some really good guys.  Like Vegas thought these stories will stay where we left them.

Today I am heading over to my buddy Sean’s to enjoy some sweet family time and some awesome food.  Sean is notorious for his meat, once it’s in your mouth it’s all over.  I am preparing my body now for the potential food coma that is coming.  The night will surely end with great food, kids playing in the yard, and the adults sitting by the fire and telling awesome stories.  I can’t wait.

Going to Sean’s place is great because I missed my families reunion on Saturday.  It sucks but it was late by the time I got home and I really just wanted to be with the girls.  My oldest had a huge dance recital that I missed and I wanted to hear all about it.  Super proud of her, she is growing up way to fast.  My youngest didn’t skip a beat, she kissed me and then pushed me aside so she could finish coloring and making up an imaginary story in her head.  So cute.  Love these girls.

The wife and I sat outback and enjoyed an awesome night having a few drinks and catching up things that I missed over the last two weeks.  The girls stayed inside and played while we enjoyed each others company.  While sitting out back we talked about more things than I can remember at this point.  It was a perfect night.

I can’t wait to see what the day brings and the stories that we will talk about.  I can’t wait for the stories to send me back in time and remember moments that we tend to forget.   Take some time to sit with your family and enjoy the day.  For the Dads out there do what you like it’s your day.

Happy Fathers Day to All.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is coming and I have compiled some of my favorite shops from around the web.  This will help especially when he says he doesn’t want anything.  You know that shit isn’t true.  So pony up a couple of dollars and grab some awesome stuff for you Pop.

Alpha Outpost – Themed Boxes for Men

These boxes are awesome and come with some great gear.  Pay for a subscription for a few months and see how he likes it.  The first three boxes are great and then they switch each month after that.  Below are some photos of what I have received.


Bespoke Post – Male Subscription Box

This is a another great subscription box.  You get fewer items but they are of really good quality.  Plus the plan is very user-friendly in that if you don’t like the box for that month you can skip it, or you can add stuff to it.  Their shop is awesome and has some amazing gear from bags to audio to great books.  This site is the one that I would go to for one of those classy dads.


Every Day Carry Items – What he needs

Listen dads will never talk bad about the gifts you give him, but I can tell you he doesn’t want some stuff that he is going to hang in the closet and wear once every three years.  Pops is going to want something functional, something that he can use all the time.  EDC (Everyday Carry) items are the way to go.  Visit the link above and you will find plenty of ideas for him.  Do a little research and compare prices on Amazon and across the web.  Once you pick out a few items drop them in an old wooden crate and nail it shut.  He will love it.

Man Crates – Holy Cow these are Awesome

These themed crates are amazing.  Plus you get to open them with a crow bar.  You can also get gift cards in concrete which your Dad can blast with dynamite or just smash it with a hammer.  A quarter stick of dynamite in the house is not recommended.  I received the Grill Master Crate and the Whiskey Crate.  These boxes came packed and were too much fun to open.

If your Dad is a tactical beast and loves wicked awesome gear then check out the next few links.

Crate Club – Bad Ass Gear for Bad ass Dads

Battle Box – Do you want to hunt Yeti’s.  Hell Yeah you do Battle Box will help you in all situations.

Men of Style

Birch Box – Got your self a dapper daddy, hit up with this low-priced subscription box.

Robb Vice – I have to get my hands on one of these boxes.  The are very eye appealing.

These are just some of the places that I like to shop at and hope that they help you with finding that awesome Dad the perfect Fathers Day gift.